13 Hotel Suites in Singapore That Are Seriously Out of This World

Ever wanted to feel like royalty? Here's your chance! Pamper yourself, you deserve it.

Forget all that work stress, it’s time to treat yourself to something amazing! Check into a home away from home, complete with state-of-the-art furnishings and creature comforts we know – and YOU know – you need.

Anything else you want? Just point a finger and it’s done. Here are 14 posh hotel suites perfect for the occasion. A night of luxury is worth splashing out on once in awhile – you can thank us later!

1. Oasia Hotel Novena

posh suites out of this worldImage credit: Oasia Hotel Novena, Singapore

Try to resist jumping on that impossibly soft bed; it feels like pure bliss and you know it. Stretch out between a separate living and bedroom area – there's so much space you won't even know where to begin. Fill up those glasses of bubbly, it’s time to feel like royalty! 

oasia novena singaporeImage credit: Oasia Hotel Novena, Singapore

Pop in an action movie, and feel like the fight is happening right outside your window. Don’t believe us? Let that kickass home theatre system do the talking. Chomp away those late-night hunger pangs with the complimentary snacks and drinks from the mini-bar, those calories will definitely be worth it! After all, what’s a movie marathon without some good old snacks?

oasia novena singaporeImage credit: Oasia Hotel Novena, Singapore

Feel on top of the world as you chill out in the infinity pool, exclusive for club guests only! Relish a few cherished moments of peace; the world belongs to you and you alone. Stroll over to the Living Room, and indulge in the all-you-can-drink cocktail hours. Don’t hold back, trust us when we say the bartender will be more than happy to keep them coming all night!

Upgrade your stay with the exclusive Club Suite, designed by an award-winning Japanese interior designer, Takashi Sugimoto of Super Potato. Prices start from SGD390++ a night, get an additional 5% off by booking directly   HERE:

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2. New Majestic Hotel

new majestic hotel

Okay, what’s it with hotels and bathtubs? Think amazingly warm water, lots of frothy bubbles, and a glass of champagne by your side. Bliss? We think so too. Here at New Majestic, you don’t have to share – bliss out and stretch those legs in your very own tub. Caffeine addicts can even help themselves to some Nespresso or Twinings Tea, all on the house of course! Put some Kenny G on, and let time wash over you. We won’t blame you if you lose track of night and day – those wrinkly hands from the good long soak will very well be worth it.

new majestic hotelImage credit: New Majestic Hotel

Slather on some Kiehl’s body lotion – we know you deserve the best, and only the best. Not enough pampering? Try the rain shower’s hydro massage jets. If all that doesn’t relax you, we don’t know what will. Clamber up the wooden ladder to a big dreamy bed snuggled within a loft. Sweet dreams, Your Royal Highness!

new majestic hotel

You probably won’t even leave your room throughout your stay, but who can blame you? Just look at it, it’s just dropdead gorgeous. Every suite comes with cable/satellite television and a comfy sofa, but hey who needs all that when you’ve got dual bathtubs and an irresistible bed to boot? Have an amazing weekend, mademoiselle. Prices start at SGD 399++, check it out HERE .  Good luck tearing yourself away at the end of your stay!

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3. Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa

Everyone needs – read: needs – a good respite from city life every now and then. Come on, who doesn’t? Forget all your worries, and clear your mind. After all, even Kings and Queens deserve a good break from time to time! Short of booking that plane ticket out of here, why not feel completely removed from the hustle and bustle at Sofitel Singapore Sentosa?

sofitel sentosaImage credit: Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa

This is your chance to completely unwind at a resort. Check out the swaying palm trees outside your window! Rub your legs against the smooth Bali-esque wooden flooring, and run your fingers along the intricate carvings adorning each wall. Forget you’re in Singapore yet?

sofitel sentosaImage credit: Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa

Go for an invigorating soak in the pool, or simply hop over to the neighbouring Tanjong Beach. Get that glorious tan you’ve been dreaming of. Think: bronzed, glowing and resplendent! Now you not only feel like royalty, but even look like it too! Need any help fending off the jealous stares of those around you? Enjoy your moment in the spotlight!

sofitel sentosaImage credit: Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa

Did we mention that this is a resort AND a spa? Go on and get your knots all sorted out! Treat yourself to a luxuriate session of kneading and relaxation – just close your eyes, and let the skilled masseuses take care of you. Why, you just might have found your little slice of heaven right here at Sofitel Singapore Sentosa.

sofitel sentosaImage credit: Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa

Staycation at Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa

4. Ocean Suite at RWS

ocean suites rwsImage credit: rwsentosablog.com

Are you a fan of unconventionality? Here at RWS’ Ocean suites, you not only get two levels all to yourself, but you even get to sleep among the fishes! Say what?! Yup, gaze out at the sharks, turtles and fishes from the comfort of your very own jacuzzi. What’s more, a personalised butler is available round the clock to cater to your every need! Rule the seas with just a point of your finger. Prices start from SGD1400++.

5. St Regis

st regisImage credit: St Regis

Well  the picture’s pretty much self-explanatory – don’t you already feel like royalty just looking at this suite? Wow-ee! Extravagant, classy, resplendent… St Regis’ suites have it all. Just look at that plushy headrest, that velvety sofa, the sky-high ceiling and those large spotless windows! It doesn’t get any more royal than this. Prices start at SGD 369++.

6. One15 Marina

one15 marinaImage credit: One15 Marina

Tasteful and elegant, this two-bedroom suite at One15 Marina will make all your dreams come true. Gaze out over the countless yachts in the marina, champagne glass in one hand and lofty aspirations in the other. Feeling hungry? Skip over to Quayside Isle and literally be spoilt for choice – Greek, Japanese or Indian cuisine, anyone? Prices start from SGD 1600.

7. South Beach Hotel

south beach hotelImage credit: South Beach Hotel

Charge your phones all you Instagram addicts, you’re gonna loooove it here! The hotel is eclectically designed with cutting-edge furniture and quirky architecture, making for an absolutely stunning aesthetic perfect for all your candid ootd shots. With South Beach Hotel’s Presidential Suite, you get a penthouse that looks simply out of this world. I mean, just look at that! It’s perfect for entertaining any of your royal subjects. Check out their Deluxe and Premier suites as well, both of which are equally spectacular. Prices start at SGD450++.

8. The Elizabeth Hotel

the elizabeth hotelImage credit: The Elizabeth Hotel

Don’t say we didn’t warn you – this Executive suite is so spacious it simply makes everywhere else look small. Roll around in your own gigantic living space and bathroom, it’s all yours for a night or two! Refuel with the fully-stocked mini-bar – tiny snacks and bottles never looked so good. Need more? Coming right up! After all, nothing’s too much for a King or Queen. Prices start at SGD307++.

9. Adonis Hotel

the adonis hotelImage credit: Adonis Hotel

Space matters, and in the congested dot that is Singapore, space matters alot. How else will you feel like a King or Queen if you’re cramped up in a tiny room? Here at Adonis Hotel, they’ve got it covered. You want space? You got it! Spread yourself out over an entire floor – yes, an entire floor! – with the breathtakingly beautiful Suite Artist. You get an outdoor bathtub and a mini garden all to yourself! Yes you heard that right, all that is yours and yours alone. Take a long soak whilst feeling on top of the world – there’s really nothing like it! Prices start at SGD218 ++.

10. Hotel 1929

hotel 1929Image credit: Hotel 1929

Indulge in a bath under the stars with Hotel 1929’s Terrace Suites. Sit back and relax in a personal vintage cast-iron tub on your own helplessly romantic rooftop veranda. Doesn’t that sound delightfully exclusive? You bet! Prices start from SGD229++.

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11. Sofitel So Singapore

Image credit: Sofitel So

It definitely doesn’t get any grander than this. Pack your most elegant dress or suit, you’re definitely going to need it! Have some wine, cheese, grapes and chocolate to complete the French affair. Chic and classy is the way to go, and Sofitel So owns it hands down. You’ll definitely feel like a King and Queen over in their Magnifique Suites, with 30% off their best flexible rates. Don’t believe us? Check it out for yourself, prices start from SGD490++.

12. The Westin Singapore

the westinImage credit: The Westin Singapore

Splash out with The Westin’s Harbor View Suite – you only have one life, live it! Check out that stunner of a view – we bet sunsets are amazing from here. Hold extravagant sojourns with all members of your royal court in this whoppingly large suite, and gaze down at all your subjects down below. Prices start from SGD2400++.

13. Marina Bay Sands

marina bay sandsImage credit: Marina Bay Sands

And of course, we save Singapore’s most iconic hotel for last. Who can forget that stunning infinity pool rivalled by no other? Here at Marina Bay Sands’ Marina suite, you even get a sky-high private gym, or your very own billiards room. Talk about exclusivity! What’s more, complete the entire experience with personalised butler service and a private Jacuzzi spa. We don’t know about you, but we feel pretty royal already. Prices start from SGD979++.

Spoilt for choice? Don’t hold back, you know you deserve to feel like a King or a Queen – even if it’s just for a night or two!

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