6 Irresistible Villas in Bali with Swimming Pools to Book for Your Next Vacation

Ever dreamt of staying in a fancy villa in Bali, equipped with a pool? Check out this list of accommodation in Bali that will make you want to fly there now!

For the beach lover, staying in a water bungalow on a beach far from the hustle of city life is the dream for many. For others, however, a non-traditional water bungalow that is closer to natural springs and waterfalls may be the desired getaway. Whatever your choice, Bali is perfect for a quick getaway thanks to cheap flights within the region, warm Balinese who are known to be welcoming, and the unique culture of Bali itself. To help you in planning your Bali vacation, here are the best water bungalows in Bali.

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The Water Garden

Image Credits: The Watergarden

This resort truly lives up to its name. Each villa is surrounded and hidden by lush tropical plants and water, making this a resort where you can truly go back to nature. With koi ponds right at the doorstep, the villa gives you endless opportunities to be in the embrace of nature and serenity. Spend some time in your rooms feeding the koi and enjoying being so close to the water. If you’d like to pull yourself away from your villa, you can also indulge in sunset cruises or even go on a submarine to go right into the ocean.

Nusa Dua

St. Regis Bali

Image Credits: The St. Regis Bali Resorts

Surrounded by lagoons, St. Regis Bali boasts rooms that offer panoramic view of the ocean. Their Strand villas offer direct access to the sea, allowing those who wish to swim convenience. For those who have no desire in entering the open ocean, relaxing by or soaking in the private pool is also an option.

Image Credits: The St. Regis Bali Resorts

With private butler service available, St. Regis Bali offers nothing but an unparalleled experience. Talk about luxury at a beachfront location!


Maya Sanur

Image Credits: Maya Sanur

Though not exactly a bungalow, the rooms and rest spaces in this hotel are surrounded by the resort’s lagoon pool. This is in addition to the stunning views of the sea that the resort enjoys, making the experience rival that of a real water bungalow. Choose the lagoon access rooms, which brings the lagoon pool right to your doorstep, allowing you to enjoy the water without moving more than you have to.

Image Credits: Maya Sanur

Each Beachfront Pool Suite also comes with its own private pool from which you can enjoy the view of the beach.

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The Legian Bali

Image Credits: The Legian Bali

The Legian is conveniently located in Seminyak. With rooms boasting stunning sea views and sounds of water lapping on the beach waking you up every morning, The Legian is definitely the place to stay at when you’re there on your next relaxing holiday.

Image Credits: The Legian Bali

To get closer to the water, you may wish to book The Beach Villa, which has its own infinity pool where you can gaze at the ocean. It also gives you unlimited access to the beach which is perfect for all you beach lovers out there.


Bali Eco Stay Rice Water Bungalows

While Tabanan is a central area, it can still boast some lovely resorts surrounded by water, even if it may not be immediately obvious.

Image Credits: Bali Eco Stay

Bali Eco Stay is located right at the edge of the padi fields of Tabanan, on a mountain top. You can stay in your cabin and listen to the sounds of water from the natural spring, enjoy the views of the water-flooded paddy fields from the villa or go explore the waterfall (which also runs their hydrosystem) nearby. If you insist on living atop water, pick the Spring Water bungalow, which is constructed above a mountain spring.

Image Credits: Bali Eco Stay


Bambu Indah (Udang House)

Image Credits: Bambu Indah

Udang house is built on a shrimp pond and situated right beside the source of the resort’s natural pool. Guests can hear the calming sounds of water at all times. Additionally, it has glass floors for guests to enjoy the view of the pond underneath their feet and observe the shrimps in action right in the comfort of their own room.

Image Credits: Bambu Indah

If you don’t wish to stay all day in your room, Bambu Indah also hosts many activities for guests including village tours and hikes. The hotel’s dedication to both sustainable practices and luxury living makes this a great choice for your stay in Bali.

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