8 Resorts in the Philippines that Transport You Into a Totally Different World

Tired of typical getaways? Try these resorts in the Philippines, which not only provide incredible comfort, but unique concepts to make your stay memorable.

For many people, travelling is a chance to enter a different world that brings a sense of refreshment typical getaways don’t usually offer. But what if I told you that you don’t have to go far to get that same experience? More and more, our very own resorts here in the Philippines have upped their game by providing their guests a place where they can not only relax in, but also enjoy a world not necessarily considered a norm in their everyday life.

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1. Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar, Bataan

Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar  has managed to make a lot of noise among many types of travellers these past years, and it’s not hard to see why. It provides a great getaway opportunity outside the city, but more than that, it gives its guests a one-of-a-kind experience of the Philippines during the Spanish colonial era. Either you opt for a day trip or book for a night or two, your stay here is guaranteed to make you admire the rich history and culture of the Philippines.

Rates start at ₱6,500 per night

2. Vitalis Villas, Ilocos Sur

Image credit: Vitalis Villas

Santorini-inspired hotels aren’t new to Philippine tourism. Vitalis Villas is one of those few who have captured the essence and feel of Greek architecture in its vibrant blue and white houses and facilities. Overlooking the Santiago Cove in Ilocos Sur, the resort will give you the vibe of being in a luxury yet comforting Mediterranean escapade.

Rates start at ₱7,920 per night

3. Cintai Corito's Garden, Batangas

Image credit: Cintai Corito's Garden

Batangas has been in every Manilenos getaway itineraries mostly because of its beaches that are accessible by only a few hours from the metropolis. Cintai Corito’s Garden takes away from a romantic and nature-filled Balinese vacation. While it looks good, the place has a touching story to tell its guests that will make one feel a bit of authentic love. It is also home to rare animals in the Philippines like alpacas, spotted deer, mini horses and peacocks.

Rates start at ₱5,999 per night

4. Plantation Bay Resort and Spa, Cebu

Nothing beats the tranquillity brought by the sight of coconut trees surrounding you. This international-class resort is nothing short of tropical and one can truly feel a province life not many have been exposed to growing up. A short drive from Cebu City, Plantation Bay’s village-like setup is only the beginning of how it values true peace for its guests, as electronic devices are prohibited in select facilities.

Rates start at ₱8,180 per night

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5. Subic Bay Venezia Hotel, Zambales

The great European dream may not be something instantly available for many travellers, which is perhaps why many of the Philippines’ more visited resorts have taken the initiative to bring Europe to its guests, just like Subic Bay Venezia Hotel in Subic Bay’s Freeport Zone. This time, it’s about experiencing the romance and finesse of Italy while being close to luxury shopping havens.

Rates start at ₱2,190 per night

6. Saniya Resort and Hotel, Cavite

Located in Salawag in Cavite, this newly established Saniya Resort and Hotel provides a playful environment for all those self-confessed kids at heart. Life-sized cartoon figures including those of the Incredible Hulk, the animals of Madagascar and the quirky characters from Spongebob Squarepants. And if those aren’t fun enough for you, try dipping in their themed pools as well!

Rates start at ₱2,350 per night

7. The Farm at San Benito, Batangas

Image credit: The Farm at San Benito

Wellness is the name of the game at this one-of-a-kind resort in Batangas. Recognised by travellers from all over the world, it features medically-guided detox procedures, yoga retreats and top-notch vegan cuisine that make up the property’s holistic approach to healing. The Farm truly made Mother Nature a friend by making use of an organic garden and rich tropical greens for an exceptionally soothing experience.

Rates start at ₱7,300 per night

8. Inflatable Island at Samba Bluewater Resort, Zambales

Image credit: Inflatable Island

If you’ve been paying attention to the news or your social media pages lately, there’s a high chance you’ve caught a number of posts of this newest craze in Subic Bay called the Inflatable Island. Located inside the premises of Samba Bluewater Resort, it takes guests to a whole new dimension of fun as the biggest floating playground in Asia.

Rates at Samba Bluewater Resort start at ₱1,000 per night

These resorts have managed to bring something new to the table and lucky for us travellers, they also provide exceptional comfort, which is a no-brainer when it comes to choosing an ideal getaway.

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