Romantic Places in the Philippines for Your Pre-Wedding Honeymoon

Officially tying the knot soon? You might want to consider visiting these beautiful places in the Philippines for a romantic pre-wedding honeymoon first.

pre wedding places philippines Image credit: Club Paradise Palawan

If you enjoy reading about millennials, you might have come across articles on how our generation has changed traditions over the years. One of those traditions is perhaps the concept of a honeymoon. No longer is it chained to the idea that honeymoons are done after the wedding. Apparently, there is now such a thing as a pre-wedding honeymoon, which is common practice by younger, newly engaged couples! If you ever find yourself wanting to do this before tying the knot, here are some places we suggest you visit:

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coron Image credit: Allan Ascaño

If you dream to go to the Phi Phi Islands or Ha Long Bay but can’t be bothered to make the journey there, Coron may be more worthy of your time. The rock formations surrounding the islands are the same as that of Thailand’s and Vietnam’s.

But Coron has so much more to offer than its rocky cliffs. It serves as a remarkable diving site, holding at least 12 shipwrecks plus incredible corals and sea life. Even if you and your significant other don’t dive, you can still enjoy other exhilarating sports and activities arranged by resorts like Club Paradise Palawan. They offer activities such as snorkelling, kayaking, and paraw sailing – one particular pastime you don’t see in many Philippine beaches. And if you like to see more of Coron and the surrounding islands, Club Paradise will gladly and eagerly arrange their customised Coron Island Tour and Island Hopping Tour for you.

pre wedding places philippines Image credit: Club Paradise Palawan

Coron also has its own wildlife safari which is home to a few zebras, giraffes, antelope, and a variety of exotic birds that were brought directly from Kenya. An easier way to see the animals is also through Club Paradise’s Caluit Safari Tour, where they’ll bring you to the 3,700 hectare land for the wild experience.

club paradise palawan Image credit: Club Paradise Palawan

But if intimate days excite you more, you can always relax and enjoy a few cocktails by Club Paradise’s pool area, followed by a gastronomical adventure at their Firefish Restaurant where they feature local and international dishes of fresh seafood, tender meats, and juicy fruits. After the previous day’s extreme activities, you’ll want to bring your tired bodies to their Glow Spa where they feature uniquely choreographed techniques that will surely re-energize you.

Image credit: Club Paradise Palawan

Finally, you and your partner can end the day with a stroll on the peaceful shores of Club Paradise Palawan’s 700 metre beachfront. Conveniently located amidst a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, you’ll be sure to see breathtaking beauty on your walk on the beach. More so when you are there in December to February, as the resort’s sands serve as a nesting ground for sea turtles. Not only will you enjoy an idyllic walk with your loved one, but you’ll get a few little surprises here or there once those eggs hatch.

Image credit: Club Paradise Palawan

After enjoying all these and more at Club Paradise Palawan, the best honeymoon destination in Coron, we’re sure you won’t hesitate to host your wedding day here, and of course, bring your families and friends all together for the most romantic day of your life.

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Batanes Image credit: Camz Co

Since Austria might also be a farther goal to reach, why not put Batanes before it instead? Mostly composed of green hills and mountains, this underrated Philippine destination could come close to Julie Andrew’s opening scene in the Sound of Music. But not only is it known for its mountainous terrain, it also boasts some of the most beautiful rocky shores in the Philippines.

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Sitting on the northernmost tip of the country, Batanes can be quite troublesome to reach. And by no means is it inexpensive, considering the fact that it’s only a local flight. But that’s what makes this little province a top pre-wedding vacation spot. Less likely swarmed by tourists, Batanes offers an intimate ambience for young and old couples alike. The only competition you’ll have with sharing the scenic views are the cows scattered across the hills, but even they can add beauty to your pictures.


Tagaytay Image credit: Kai Lehmann

There are a few things to admire about Tagaytay. The first and foremost is that it has a breathtaking view of Taal Lake and Taal Volcano Island, which surrounds the second most active volcano in the Philippines and one of the deadliest in the world. Second is that it has good hiking trails for couples seeking more exciting adventures. Lastly, it has some pretty unique cafes and classy boutique hotels – because seriously, who can say no to those?

The city has more to offer though, with museums, basilicas, and parks under its list of to-do’s. Tagaytay has all kinds of activities for couples searching for different fun. Adrenaline junkies can go on treks or ride horses, while sightseers can go to either the Sky Ranch theme park, People’s Park in the Sky, or Picnic Grove for a better look of the lake. The mellower couples can opt for a visit to Museo Orlina or Puzzle Mansion. And if all else fails, staycationing in a luxurious hotel is still an option for those needing a quiet remedy for the soul. Tagaytay is definitely not short of options.

Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar

Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar Image credit: Crumpylicious Blog

For most of us romantics, Europe always comes to mind when talking about couple getaways. Unfortunately, not many young lovers’ pockets are deep enough for that continent, so they pick places closer to home.

With cobblestone streets, seemingly aged wooden stilt houses and mansions, Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar is a piece of Europe in the Philippines. Situated in Bagac, Bataan, this resort will bring you three centuries back to how our streets looked under Spanish rule.

The resort started construction in 2003 and only opened to the public in 2010, but it’s still growing and developing. Interestingly, the Casas that were reconstructed from houses all over the Philippines were originally built in the 18th century. These bricks, planks, and pieces underwent a meticulous process of dismantling and were brought to be reassembled in Bagac.

For only ₱2,000, the newly engaged can experience a full day’s worth of Spain-Philippine history with much European allure – complete with a walking tour, boat rides, and free lunch. No longer do you need to break a back to be able to afford a pre-wedding Europe trip!

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So, which of these destinations would you tick off your pre-wedding travel list first?

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