10 Hotels in the Philippines with Unique Features You Won't Find Anywhere Else

Your next one-of-a-kind getaway in the Philippines awaits here!

One of the most dreadful things to think about is the fact that after everything on your travel itinerary has been booked according to plan, you left out one important factor: accommodation.

Whenever and wherever we want to go – unless we want to have a slice of an extreme adventure, of course – the most likely item to be found on top of our list will be the roof over our heads, right? And thinking you are still in the process of randomly skimming through which hotels you are going to rest your weary head after a gruelling travel, we are making things easier for you. And oh! These hotels are not just your usual ones. They are packed with unusual features for all of you adventure seekers out there.

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Here is the list of the one-of-a-kind hotels you just can’t find anywhere else.

1. Hue Hotels and Resorts Puerto Princesa

Is Puerto Princesa, Palawan, the next item on your travel list but haven’t decided on where to stay there just yet? Fret no more! Hue Hotels and Resorts Puerto Princesa is just waiting for travellers like you.

Hue Hotels and Resorts Puerto Princesa is founded on just two things – comfort and affordability. To start things off, it is your home away from home: cosy, clean, affordable, serene, and yes, very relaxing.

Hue Hotels and Resorts Puerto Princesa Deluxe Room | Image credit: Hue Hotels and Resorts Puerto Princesa

Aside from that, what makes this hotel worth staying is its unique feature that can surely soothe your weary soul – an avant-garde swimming pool! Yes, it is not just your ordinary pool. Instead of just the usual monotone pool floor, it is embellished with a multi-coloured, three-dimensional tile design that never fails to amaze anyone who comes near it. To say that this pool is mesmerising is an utter understatement. In addition, it is but one of the few in-house hotel pools in the country with an amazing view of the exuberant city as its backdrop, even underwater! You heard that right! The extended pool deck is designed to let you see the beautiful city, and especially at sunset, while you are dipping into the pool’s cool waters.

Not only that, the hotel in general, has an inviting, state-of-the-art architecture that will truly make your day after a long day’s journey. To know more about this unique hotel, read Hue Hotels and Resorts Puerto Princesa on TripZillaSTAYS.

Rates start from: ₱3,800 per night

2. Canvas Boutique Hotel

Image credit: Canvas Boutique Hotel

This is another amazing hotel located in Puerto Princesa, Palawan. The beauty of this place, unlike other large hotels, lies within its rooms and not on the outside.

The awe-inspiring beauty of Canvas Boutique Hotel starts the moment you set your foot on its lobby. There, you will be greeted by the elegant light fixtures which borrow its allure from nature: the equally wonderful stalactite formations from no other than the stunning Underground River.

Premier Room | Image credit: Canvas Boutique Hotel

In addition, each room in this hotel has a unique slice of the rich culture of Palawan depicted on the wall paintings done by Palawan’s distinctive artists, including AG Sano, a well-known muralist and global warming activist. Everything in this hotel is definitely a piece of art.

Rates start from: ₱3,000 per night

3. Crown Regency Hotel & Towers

Are you ready for the most amazing adventure of your life yet? Brace yourself for the Sky Experience Adventure!

Crown Regency Hotel & Towers located at the heart of Cebu City offers not only a top-tier hotel service but an adventure of your lifetime as well. It sits adjacent to Fuente-Osmeña Circle, one of the most famous venues in Cebu.

Superior Room | Image credit: Crown Regency Hotel & Towers

At first glance, there is nothing so special about this place, but hold still until you reach the 37th floor of Tower 1. Here, you will be treated with the most spectacular view of the city through its Sky Walk, a 126.55-metre high transparent platform designed for, yes, you guessed it right, a sky walk! Enjoy a 360-degree view of the city while tethered on the secured rigging just above you by a secured harness, giving you a literal feeling of being on top of the world.

Edge Coaster | Image credit: Crown Regency Hotel & Towers

And if that is still not enough, you can also try the Edge Coaster. It is again a one-of-a-kind adventure ride, wherein you can experience the spectacular view of the city while seated and strapped on a specialized chair that can be tilted at a 55-degree angle. That is basically looking down from the edge of a 40-storey building. These amazing hotel adventures are open Mondays through Fridays from 2pm to 12 midnight.

Rates start from: ₱3,800 per night

4. Plantation Bay Resort and Spa

Another hotel in Cebu that is nothing short of being unique is Plantation Bay Resort and Spa. It is one of the few accommodations in the world surrounded by lagoons. If that is still not distinctive enough, wait until you experience the real fun of paddle boarding and kayaking in the calm, clean waters of the freshwater lagoons. On top of these, the resort also offers a unique wading pool complete with a bar. Now top that! That is literally ordering your favourite coolers while sitting on bar stools submerged under the pool’s water.

Water's Edge Room| Image credit: Plantation Bay Resort and Spa

That is not all, of course. The hotel also has world-class rooms, restaurants, and amenities that cater to your wildest definition of a nightlife. If you want more spice to your travel experience in Cebu, Plantation Bay Resort and Spa is where you want to go.

Rates start from: US$160++ (₱8,200) per night

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5. Ocean Suites Boutique Hotel

When we hear the word ‘hotel,’ we immediately think of thick-walled, high-rise structures. But Ocean Suites Boutique Hotel in Tagbilaran, Bohol, defies this definition. What gives this waterfront hotel distinction is its floor-to-ceiling glass panels. This is the quintessential place for those of you who love an unobstructed view of the vast ocean. Furthermore, this is a perfect place for you if you love watching the dolphins from their natural habitat.

Premiere Ocean Suites | Image credit: Ocean Suites Boutique Hotel

Rates start from: ₱2,500 per night

6. The Bayleaf Intramuros

Image credit: The Bayleaf Intramuros

Are you looking to retire after a hard day in the most relaxing way possible? Welcome to The Bayleaf Intramuros. This hotel is aptly situated within the historical walled city of Intramuros. Enjoy their vibrant-coloured rooms, each one different from the other. The place is perfect for those who love sightseeing and history embedded right inside the city’s walls. The hotel is a fitting compliment to the city’s colourful past.

Executive Suites | Image credit: The Bayleaf Intramuros

The most interesting feature of this place, though, is its unique Sky Deck resto. As the name suggests, you can dine and wine along with other guests while silently observing from a bird’s eye view the spirited goings-on on the city streets below. That is in itself is a relaxation with a twist!

Rates start from: ₱ 3,220 per night

7. Hotel H2O

Image credit: Hotel H2O

It seems that the Philippines never runs out of awesomeness, and Hotel H2O is the total embodiment of this.

If you love the feeling of being underwater, then this is the perfect place for you. Situated just beside the Manila Ocean Park, Hotel H2O lives by its name. The hotel features aquarium-like rooms teeming with a myriad of underwater creatures. Staying there lets you have a glimpse of what’s life underwater like from the comfort of your own room.

It also offers other unique room views as well, such as the stunning view of the alluring Manila Bay, especially during sunset. What more can you ask for?

Aqua Room | Image credit: Hotel H2O

So if you are looking for a unique way to relax, Hotel H2O is the perfect place for you.

Rates start from: ₱4,000 per night

8. The Lighthouse Marina Resort

True to its name, The Lighthouse Marina Resort in Subic Bay is a lighthouse-capped three-storey hotel. It is an ideal getaway for sailing aficionados. The hotel’s verandas provide stunning views of both the ocean and the ever-lush mountains of Zambales. Also, the privacy and serenity of the place is a perfect venue for special occasions.

Rates start from: ₱6,000 per night

9. Hotel Luna

Image credit: Hotel Luna

What’s so special about Hotel Luna? First off, it is the one and only museum hotel in the country! In other words, you can have a two-fold enjoyment for the price of one. The hotel is a colonial four-storey structure lavished with vintage and opulent amenities all rolled into one.

King Deluxe Room | Image credit: Hotel Luna

What’s more? You can also have a taste of the city’s past through the numerous artefacts, such as paintings, sculptures, and priceless artworks, which includes paintings from the national artist Juan Luna himself.

Rates start from: ₱4,900 per night

10. Domicillo Design Hotel

Image credit: Domicillo Design Hotel

Domicillo Design Hotel in Tagaytay might be the smallest hotel in this list with only eight rooms, but this doesn’t mean that it does not make the cut for being unique. From its architectural design all the way down to its handicrafts and furniture, all of them were made by the Philippines’ well-known all-star craftsmen like handicraft maker Rene Alcala, furniture expert Milo Naval, world-renowned designer Kenneth Cobonpue, Budji Layug and Royal Pineda of the Budji+Royal Architecture Design, Ann Pamintuan, Eric Paras, Maricris Brias, and Tess Pasola.

True to its concept, Domicillo is not just your ordinary hotel. It is also some sort of a one-stop-shop if you want to have a first-hand feel of these maestros’ creations, because everything in Domicillo is a masterpiece.

Premier Room | Image credit: Domicillo Design Hotel

But the priceless beauty of this humble abode comes through its jaw-dropping view of the wonderful Taal Lake and Volcano.

Rates start from: ₱6,500++ per night

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There you have it, folks! We hope this humble list will help you pick your next grand stay in the Philippines. For more hotel recommendations, do visit TripZillaSTAYS.

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