A Guide to the Best Areas to Stay in Bali

Figuring out where to stay in Bali? Check out this quick guide that covers the pros and cons of each area, including Ubud, Seminyak, Kuta and Legian.

Many people who want to visit Bali tend to think about this tropical island as one uniform entity, a place without much variation or many differences. The opposite, however, is true. Bali is a destination characterised by diversity. There are world-class beaches, agricultural landscapes and mountains, quiet villages and rowdy party towns.

So, depending on your personal preferences, it’s critical to the success of your holiday that you choose your base area well. Do you want to go hiking or would you like to be far removed from the crowds? Perhaps you’re looking to party the nights away and spend your afternoons on the beaches? Whatever your intentions and purpose of your visit, take some time to decide which area in Bali is best for you.

To help you out, we’ve created the following useful overview of the best areas to stay in Bali. All of them are located in the southern half of the island, the region where most tourists tend to go.


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Ubud has everything you could be looking for in a Balinese area, except for a beach. There are backpacker hostels and luxury resorts, art galleries and great restaurants. The area also features beautiful natural attractions.

Who should stay in Ubud?

  • People who want to immerse themselves in the Balinese culture
  • Budget travellers
  • Nature lovers


  • Surrounded by gorgeous nature
  • Described as “the Real Bali”
  • Wide range of activities on offer


  • Subject to torrential rains in the wet season
  • Limited accommodation options

Kuta and Legian

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The Kuta and Legian areas in Bali are where you need to be if you want to party, lie on the beach and do some cheap shopping. It’s known for its nightlife, beaches and surf scene. The beaches are phenomenal, its main streets lined with budget shops, restaurants and bars.

Who should stay in Kuta and Legian?

  • Budget travellers and backpackers
  • Surfers
  • Party-goers


  • A selection of authentic Balinese-owned accommodations
  • Fantastic beach
  • Close to the airport
  • A wealth of retail stores, restaurants, bars and nightclubs


  • Aggressive salespeople
  • Loud tourists
  • Higher crime rate than other areas in Bali


Image credit: The 3B's

Bali’s very first beach resort area, Sanur boasts a laidback seaside vibe. A former fishing village, it lies on the eastern side of Bali’s southern isthmus and has managed to preserve much of its original charm and ambience. 

Who should stay in Sanur?

  • People looking for a quiet charm
  • More mature visitors
  • Travellers who want a European atmosphere
  • Families with young children


  • Quiet and peaceful
  • Great European-style restaurants and boutiques
  • Compact area
  • Paved seaside walkway


  • Lacks the modernity of other areas in Bali
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Seminyak is by no means an authentic Balinese neighbourhood but it offers plenty to travellers. It’s filled with exclusive resorts, renowned restaurants and many excellent hotels.

Who should stay in Seminyak?

  • Expats
  • Style-focused travellers
  • People looking for luxury spa treatments


  • Fantastic shopping
  • Luxury spas and designer stores
  • Nice beach with waves


  • Might feel a bit pretentious
  • Expensive


Image credit: Anne Laban

Near the airport you’ll find Jimbaran, once a wonderfully charming fishing village. The area is well-known for its seafood restaurants complete with tables on the beach. With its relaxed atmosphere, it attracts people who want a laidback beach destination.

Who should stay in Jimbaran?

  • Seafood lovers
  • People looking for a place near the airport


  • A superb food scene
  • Amazing sunsets and cooling Indian Ocean breezes
  • Friendly vibe


  • Some noise from the airport
  • Not any major attractions to speak of
  • Lacks shopping opportunities

Nusa Dua

Image credit: Michael Dawes

Designed by the government to be a tourist enclave, Nusa Dua can hardly be touted as authentic. It’s a closed-off area home to several major resort hotel chains. This safe and clean area is popular among wealthier visitors as well as a location for conferences and meetings.

Who should stay in Nusa Dua?

  • Luxury travellers
  • People looking for a safe and secluded area with tourist facilities
  • Conference attendees
  • Families


  • Safe, clean and comfortable
  • Features all possible amenities


  • Purposely built, no authenticity
  • Expensive

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