8 Stunning Treehouses in Asia You Can Actually Stay In

What are you waiting for? Go book your treehouse today for a unique getaway.

Have you ever wanted to sleep in a treehouse? Well you can, with these treehouses around Asia that are open for travellers to stay in. There is something special about being high above the ground amidst the canopy, and you won’t regret taking time off your busy schedule for a getaway like this.

1. The Gibbon Experience, Laos

Image Credits: The Gibbon Experience

Image Credits: The Gibbon Experience

The treehouses manned by the Gibbon Experience are amazing. With the treehouses built as far up the forest canopy as possible, visitors will be able to get an amazing view of the forest beneath their feet. And if you're lucky, you will get to see the gibbons from the comfort of your own treehouse!

The Gibbon Experience will have guided hikes conducted by experienced tour guides, and those adventurous enough can try ziplining through the jungle to take truly awe-inspiring views of the rainforests. Simply learn how to use the safety equipment, and head off for your ziplining adventure on your own time.

2. Terra’s Tree House, Malaysia

Image Credits: Terrafarm

Image Credits: Terrafarm

Built on an organic farm, Terra’s Tree House is hidden deep inside the Cameron Highlands. Here, visitors can live right in the jungle and rewind from the hustle that is city life.

Facilities at Terra’s Tree House are basic – electricity runs only from 7.30 pm to 10 pm, and there is no wi-fi available inside the treehouses. However, you’ll still have everything you need: fresh forest air, greenery and great food. Meals are cooked using the organic produce right off the farm, and you can expect a truly holistic rural experience. There is no lack of activities for visitors as well. While staying here, you can hike in the forest or help out with harvesting (and eating) the produce on the attached farm.

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3. Khao Sok Tree House, Thailand

Image Credits: Khao Sok Treehouse

The Khao Sok Treehouses were built with preserving nature in mind, minimising the damage done to trees and the surrounding areas during the construction process. The tree houses here are comfortable, with hot water and air conditioning in select rooms available. Additionally, the treehouse resort provides seats on the balcony so you can reconnect with nature. Khao Sok Tree House also offers two treehouses specifically for birdwatchers.

4. Treehouse Bungalows, Koh Rong Island, Cambodia

Image Credits: Aaron Bradford

The treehouses at Treehouse Bungalows boasts an amazing view of the ocean and the unspoilt beach on the northern coastline of Koh Rong Island. On clear days, you can even see the coast of Sihanoukville right from the comfort of your treehouse.

The facilities offered at Treehouse Bungalows are fairly basic. With only a shower, a bed, a closet and mosquito netting, the treehouses are far away from most of the conveniences of modern life (though you can get air conditioning for an additional payment). The upside is that it doesn’t cost a bomb to stay in one of these treehouses, and you can truly get in touch with nature.

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5. Crazy House, Vietnam

Image Credits: Crazy House

Formerly known as the Hang Nga Villa, the Crazy House in Vietnam is one of the less conventional treehouses listed here. After all, while most treehouses are built on a tree, the Crazy House is built IN a tree (though some parts of said tree have been reinforced by concrete). The Crazy House is delightfully quirky, with staircases shaped like tree stumps and sculptures integrated into the design of the treehouses. This is a must-stay for all art lovers – after all, it isn’t every day that you get to stay in a hotel that combines art into its architecture.

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6. Rabeang Pasak Tree House Resort, Thailand

Image Credits: Rabeang Pasak Chang Mai

The Rabeang Pasak Tree House Resort is located in Chang Mai, Thailand. The treehouses at this resort will not require you to unplug from modern life completely, with hot water available in all houses and wifi available in a few treehouses. However, the best thing about these treehouses is the fact that you get to live amidst nature.

The tree houses in this resort are also conveniently located for exciting outdoor activities of all flavours. From hiking down to enjoy the view of the waterfall near the resort to fishing in the river that runs through the resort, visitors will find no lack of outdoor activities to enjoy.

7. Tranquil Resort, India

Image Credits: Tranquil Resorts

Image Credits: Tranquil Resorts

The resort, which is actually built on a coffee and vanilla plantation, offers an experience that has both the comfort of a resort and the intimacy of a homestay. And the Tranquil Resort also has a treehouse that is available for visitors to live in.

Unlike some of the villas above, the treehouse in the Tranquil Resort offers modern amenities like a TV and DVD player. And you will not have to worry about not having electricity – the treehouse even has its own backup generator to ensure that visitors will be able to enjoy electricity round the clock. Visitors will be able to enjoy sumptuous meals made from produce on the farm and take long walks on trails marked out by the resort. There are also quite a few attractions around the resort, including the Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary, where visitors can try to spot some fantastic wild animals like the elephants, bison and even a tiger should you be lucky.

8. The Tree House Resort, India

Image Credits: The Tree House Resort

For the ultimate in Tree House luxury, you can head down to the Tree House Resort in India. The treehouses available at the Tree Top Jungle Lodge comes equipped with air-conditioning, wifi and televisions so that you will be comfortable even out in the forest.

Of course, the whole idea of going to a treehouse is to reconnect with nature. With that in mind, the resort offers many activities for visitors to get in touch with nature like a jungle safari, bird watching and even a spa set right in the forest for visitors to enjoy.

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So would you ever consider living in a treehouse hotel? Which hotel would you like to go to? Tell us in the comments below.

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