Discover Rural Taiwan: 7 Unique Places to Stay Outside of Taipei

On your next Taiwan trip, ditch the conventional hotels for these unique stays, from quaint farms to themed manors.

When you think of Taiwan, the bustling city of Taipei together with its street food and night markets will be some of the few things that probably come to mind. However, just like any other destination, there is so much more to the country than its capital city.

If you are looking to have a unique holiday, consider staying in some of these unconventional places out of Taipei for your next trip to Taiwan. From unexpectedly beautiful farm stays to beautifully-designed themed stays, these places will be perfect for any holiday, be it a romantic getaway or a family year end trip. Ready?

1. Miaoli Flower Home Leisure Farm 花露休閒農場

Located a two-hour drive away from Taoyuan International Airport is this charming flower farm in Maoli County, Taiwan. While it is a popular local destination for day visits, the Flower Home Leisure Farm is also available for a farm stay and I had the chance to experience this first-hand.

The farm stay experience was far from what I had pictured; its spaciousness, cleanliness, huge bathroom and bathtub made me feel as if I were in a five-star resort. There are only 18 rooms in the property, accommodating up to four persons each, making it extra exclusive and private.

The range of in-room amenities was great too: a complimentary handmade bath bomb for a relaxing soak, in-house essential oil soap and shampoo, traditional tea, and snacks on top of the other basic amenities. At the lobby, you can also request for an aromatherapy foot steam if you feel like it. The stay includes breakfast and if you are staying for two nights or more, dinner will be provided as well.

You can book your stay in Miaoli Flower Home Leisure Farm with CTC Travel’ s 3D2N Taiwan Leisure Farm Free & Easy Package from just S$878. The package includes two breakfasts and two dinners for two guests and return transfers from Taoyuan International Airport. You will also get to try out their DIY activities such as making a tea tree essential oil moisturiser and mosquito repellent.

If you do not have enough time for a farm stay, simply make a day trip instead. A day tour which is inclusive of the foot spa and an educational tour around the farm costs ‎NT$250 per person. Lunch is available but at an additional cost.

The best time to visit the Flower Home Leisure Farm is between November to May when there are various flower festivals happening. In particular, come in November or December and witness the beauty of Christmas flowers – a type of flower exclusive to this farm in the whole of Taiwan!

2. Fuwan Villa 福灣莊園

This was another farm stay that blew me away during my last visit to Taiwan. Located down south near Kaohsiung City is this hidden modern paradise which happens to be a seafood and chocolate farm too!

Fuwan Chocolate farm produces international award-winning chocolate bars. In fact, one particular chocolate bar has won the gold award from the International Institute of Chocolate and Cacao Tasting for five years in a row.

The farm is also famous for its sakura prawn produce and they manage to blend their two best products and create their signature sakura prawn chocolate. Sounds weird? Trust me, it tastes better than it sounds!

Apart from its internationally renowned chocolate and seafood produce, the farm also offers accommodation options for their guests at its own Fuwan Villa. As you can tell, the villa bears no resemblance to the traditional farms you have in mind and is an amazing unconventional stay you need to experience for yourself!

There are many types of villas available, from the ultra-luxurious two person villa with a private pool to a villa for eight people that’s perfect for family gatherings. There are also deluxe rooms, superior rooms and a single room bungalow called the Sunrise Villa.

Like many other farm stays, Fuwan Villa offers a full board package which includes breakfast and dinner for two. You can book your stay in Fuwan Villa with CTC Travel’ s 3D2N Taiwan Leisure Farm Free & Easy Package for S$608 on weekdays, S$668 for a weekday and weekend or S$728 on weekends. Apart from the meals, you will also be entitled to a return transfer from Donggang Dapeng Bus Station.

Here, I learned a lot about the process of preparing cacao beans to make chocolate – from harvesting, fermenting the beans, drying to baking. When you visit, remember to join in the fun of DIY by learning how to create your own sakura prawn chocolates in their workshop.

3. Taiyi Ecological Leisure Farm 台一生態休閒農場

The last farm stay you need to try when in Taiwan is at Taiyi Ecological Leisure Farm. This farm is divided into two parts: a modern resort and vintage single floating cabins over a pond.

I stayed in the cabin and it was definitely a unique experience, from seeing swans swimming around the pond from the balcony to waking up to a beautiful garden just steps away outside. The room itself was very spacious and complete with amenities similar to that of a hotel.  

After enjoying the buffet breakfast, take a stroll around the park with one of the friendly guides and learn more about the garden. The environmentally friendly systems put in place around the property amazed me because of its intricate nature. You might be just as amazed too when you find out about the garden irrigation, the rainwater collecting system for water purification, and the usage of large windows in the dining area to minimise the use of lights.  

Enjoy a two nights stay in this lovely garden cum farm with CTC Travel’ s 3D2N Taiwan Leisure Farm Free & Easy Package for S$408 on weekdays, S$458 on a weekday and a weekend, and S$498 on weekends. Return transfer from Nantou Puli Bus Station will be provided as part of the package, along with daily breakfast and dinner for two.

4. Lake of Heaven (Fairy Lake) Leisure Farm

This farm will charm you with its stunning infinity pool perched atop a mountain with the view of the valley below. Similar to Taiyi Ecological Farm, this accommodation offers private cabins but instead of them sitting on a pond, they are tucked neatly amidst the greenery at the sides of the mountain.

Each cabin is very spacious and private, complete with all the amenities you can find in a typical hotel. If you are looking to have a unique family holiday, some cabins offer two bedrooms and a living room – the perfect space for a family of four!

With CTC Travel’ s 3D2N Taiwan Leisure Farm Free & Easy Package, you can enjoy a two nights stay in these cabins for S$398 on weekdays, S$438 on a weekday and a weekend, and S$478 on weekends. The package includes daily breakfast, one lunch and one dinner for two people and return transfer from Tainan Xinying Train Station.

Aside from the cabin, amazing mountainous view and gorgeous infinity pool, you will also be able to enjoy the farm’s happiness doll DIY and experience the fun of being a farmer with CTC Travel’s package.

5. Shangri-la Hanging Garden & Resort

The Hanging Garden is a wooden cabin themed boutique resort perched on the hillside of a mountain in Cingjing, Nantou. Here, you will get to experience what is frequently cited as one of the must-have experiences in Taiwan: staying in a minsu (民宿), also commonly known as homestay or bed-and-breakfast.

The rooms exude a rustic, old-school feeling and the property itself is so cosy that you will feel as if you are at home…

… except the gorgeous view will remind you otherwise! So what are you waiting for?

Enjoy a two nights stay here with CTC Travel’ s 3D2N Taiwan Leisure Farm Free & Easy Package for S$508 on weekdays, S$558 on a weekday and a weekend, and $618 on weekends. The free and easy tour includes return transfer from Taichung High Speed Rail Station, daily breakfasts and two dinners for two guests.

6. Old England Manor

Another unique place to visit in Cingjing is the Old England Manor. If you have been wanting to visit England but do not wish to spend a fortune for a short getaway, you can consider visiting Taiwan instead!

Also hidden at a mountainside, the Old England Manor will teleport you to a quaint, small English town back in the 18th or 19th century. The property guarantees privacy and while non-staying guests can come to take photos of the exterior, only hotel guests are allowed inside.

The room I stayed in was very English-like with antique decorations flown in from England. Whether you choose to stay in the lofts or the suites, the rooms here give you a minimum 396 square feet of space and can go up to a whopping 2,160 square feet. The cost varies from NT$12,000 (S$540) to NT$36,000 (S$1,620) per night, before tax.

Interesting facilities inside the Old England Manor includes the Shakespeare Conference & Ballroom and the Shakespeare Hall that transforms into an English bar where guests can mingle at night. Wherever you are in the building, you will definitely not feel like you are in Taiwan!

7. Cingjing Xiafei Music Villa

If you are a fan of classical music, perhaps this boutique minsu will interest you. Right from the entrance, you will be greeted by various statues of the giants in classical music like Beethoven and Mozart.

The room itself is tastefully designed and looks like it came out from a Victorian age movie set. The hospitality here is also unrivalled; every guest room will be treated to a small bottle of complimentary wine and handmade pineapple tarts. There is also a small kitchen area where homemade meals are served daily.

This place would be the best option for those who value privacy as outsiders who are not guests of the villa are not allowed on the premises. Rest assured, you will have the best quality time with your family or friends here at Xiaofei Music Villa.

So which one do you like best? Whichever you choose, you can contact CTC Travel and sign up for their 3D2N Taiwan Leisure Farm Free & Easy Package for a fuss-free booking service. I definitely enjoyed my stay in all of these amazing unconventional stays out of Taipei with CTC Travel and would come back for more.

Special thanks to CTC Travel SG who made my trip to all these places in Taiwan possible and beyond comfortable.

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