5 Ski Resorts Around Pyeongchang That You Must Visit

Planning to stick around in Pyeongchang for the Winter Olympics? Don’t miss out on these top ski resorts around Pyeongchang!

Winter is here and so is the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics! With gorgeous snow-capped peaks around, it is no surprise that many visitors (including the Olympic Committee) have chosen South Korea as their winter playground. With each snow park containing at least half a dozen varying slopes to try out, you will be scrambling to don your skis and kick off your white winter experience in Korea!

Here are five snowy landscapes in and around Pyeongchang to catch the games or to try some fun snow activities that you mustn't miss out in South Korea this winter!

1. Alpensia Ski Resort

Image credit: Jen's Wanderstories

The impressive view of the Daegwallyeong mountain pass in Pyeongchang will automatically draw you to Alpensia Resort. This huge snow park can accommodate up to 3,000 people and is currently the main venue for athletes during the 2018 Winter Olympics. Surrounded by the serene mountainous landscapes, you will get to feast your eyes as well as indulge in leisure and sports activities throughout your stay!

Image credit: Jen's Wanderstories

The park’s peak has a total of six slopes for different types of activities, including those for long-distance sledding, skiing or snowboarding! The difficulty levels for the slopes range from beginner and intermediate to advanced perfect for both novice players and professional athletes too!

The fun does not stop by the end of the day as the park's ski lifts operate until 10pm. So while you’re there, be sure to not miss out on the beautiful night view of the Daegwallyeong mountain pass!


Lift Rates - 54,000 KRW per adult
Ski Rental (Morning Pass) - 25,000 KRW per adult
Board Rental (Morning Pass) - 27,000 KRW per adult

Accommodations: Intercontinental Hotel, Holiday-Inn Hotel, Holiday-Inn Suite

Website: www.alpensiaresort.co.kr

2. Yongpyong Resort

Image credit: Yongpyong Resort

Pyeongchang’s Baekdudaegan mountain range holds a gem — Yongpyong Resort — which is also dubbed the “Alps of Korea”. As the biggest ski and snowboard resort in South Korea, the resort is another host site for the 2018 Winter Olympics. The vast resort not only offers services for winter games but also a golf course, waterpark, arcade games area, sauna, swimming pool and gondolas among others!

Image credit: Yongpyong Resort

The Yongpyong park offers an extensive variety of 28 slopes, ranging from beginner to professional and even extreme levels of difficulty! When visiting the park, be sure not to miss the most popular slope — the Rainbow Slope. The Rainbow slope is the highest, towering at 1,210 m and it takes 20 minutes to get to the top! The Rainbow Paradise on the other hand prides itself in being the longest at 5,600m. If you are still a beginner at winter sports, head down to the Megagreen slope — the most popular with beginners since it stands at only 700m and has a gentle slant. Whichever slope you choose, you can be sure that you're bound for a thrilling ride!


Lift (Day Pass) - 76,000 KRW per adult
Ski Rental (Day Pass) - 33,000 KRW per adult
Board Rental (Day Pass) - 33,000 KRW per adult

Accommodations: Dragon Valley Hotel, Yongpyong Resort Villa Condo

Website: www.yongpyong.co.kr

3. Phoenix Park Ski Resort

Image credit: Phoneix Park

Only a 2-hour drive away from Seoul is yet another host venue for the 2018 Winter Olympics — Phoenix Park Ski Resort. Strategically placed at the foot of Mount Taegi, visitors of this ski resort will not only get to partake in fun snow activities but also take in the amazing view of the natural mountainous landscape while doing so! If you aren’t down to play in the snow, the resort also has Blue Canyon, an indoor water park, for you to splash in!

Image credit: Phoneix Park

Ski, sled or snowboard down 21 varieties of courses accommodating to different levels of expertise, from beginner to expert and park level. If you are up for a thrill ride, do keep a lookout for trickier slopes, such as the snowboard park, half pipe, table top, round quarter and rails! The Phoenix Park, known for its valley-style slopes and quality snow, is also perfect for beginners who do not want to over exert themselves at trickier descents.


Lift Rates (Morning Pass) - 58,000 KRW per adult
Ski Rental - 26,000 KRW per adult
Board Rental - 26,000 KRW per adult

Accommodations: Phoenix Hotel, Phoenix Pyeongchang Condo

Website: www.phoenixhnr.co.kr

4. High 1 Ski Resort

Image credit: High1

Located in Jeongseon, High1 Ski Resort is one of the newest resorts in the area. Famous for snow that's of "fluffy-like" quality, this snow park is known to be ideal for beginners trying out at winter sports since falling wouldn’t be too painful when landing in a soft snow bed! 

pyeongchang ski resorts Image credit: High1

The slopes in this park are pretty long range with the highest slope at an altitude of 1,345m. The park offers many beginner-friendly slopes, including a 4.2km gentle-sloping course, which is very ideal for novices! Apart from gentle slopes and fluffy snow, High1 Ski Resort is also an all-inclusive resort that provide facilities that are completely accessible for people with disabilities and special needs too!


Lift Rates (Morning Pass) - 62,000 KRW per adult
Ski Rental (Morning Pass) - 24,000 KRW per adult
Board Rental (Morning Pass) - 26,000 KRW per adult

Accommodations: Kangwonland Hotel, Convention Hotel, High1 Hotel, Mountain Condominium, Valley Condominium, Hill Condominium

Website: www.high1.com

5. Welli Hilli Park

pyeongchang ski resorts Image credit: Weili Hilli Park

Located in Hoengseong, right next to Pyeongchang, Welli Hilli Park is a popular destination amongst skiers and snowboarders alike. Known for its vast size, top-notch facilities and certified safety, this spot definitely packs a punch when catering to visitors with different needs! Cut through beautiful white snowfields as you ski your way down!

pyeongchang ski resorts Image credit: Weili Hilli Park

Designed by a Canadian architect and certified by Federation of International Ski Association, this remarkable snow park consists of 20 ski routes for people with varying degrees of skills, from beginners to experts. This park also holds a sledding slope and specialised terrain courses for advanced players and professionals, including C-box, X-box, and wall box for snowboarders!


Lift Rates (Morning Pass) - 60,000 KRW per adult
Ski Rental - 27,000 KRW per adult
Board Rental - 29,000 KRW per adult 

Accommodations: Welli Hilli Park Resort Condominium, Youth Hostel

Website: www.wellihillipark.com

So, there you go! Five ideal locations in or near Pyeongchang to try your hand at winter sports. Who knows? You may even surprise yourself with your skills! Needless to say, with the ongoing 2018 Winter Olympics happening in Pyeongchang, these spots are going to incredibly popular with domestic and international tourists. So, arm yourself with necessary information and tips before venturing out into the sea of fellow sports enthusiasts!

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