5 Muslim-Friendly Private Villas in Greece

You can't resist these beautiful Muslim-friendly Greek villas. Go and indulge a little!

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greek villas

If there is one time in your life where you should spend the most cash, I guess it can be on your holidays. Unless you are like me and take 10 holidays a year then you kind of breaking the bank.

However if you are thinking of visiting my beautiful country Greece this year then here is a little inspiration for you. I don’t think I personally need an excuse for booking a luxury villa but some of these places are quite irresistible.

Luxury surrounding you and the beautiful environment of these villas, quite a great way of holidays.  Greece has some of the most amazing history, views, food and people. Despite the economic problems, the country is still beautiful and waiting for you to explore it. For those living in Europe and looking to not travel far yet enjoy luxury and privacy these villas do the trick for me.

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Flights from the UK are cheap and in the summer there are even deals from the US to Greece for less than $600. Perfect excuse for booking a Muslim-friendly holiday.


Santorini must be one of the most iconic islands in Greece, with its beautiful white houses and active volcano. It is one of the most expensive islands in Greece with thousands of tourists visiting each year.

Villa Tramountana

Perfect for families looking for some privacy in this villa. Close to all the activities yet private enough for a relaxing hijab free option for the females of the family.


greek villas

Home to the famous Navagio Beach, Zakynthos is a very popular tourist destination and rightfully so. With plenty of flights from the UK and Europe, beautiful beaches and food, it is on top of the list of those seeking some sun.

Villa Bozonos

greek villas

This is one amazing villa for those within its budget. Perfect for families as it can accommodate up to 10 guests.


The most southern island in Greece, Crete has a distinctive beauty surrounded by olive trees and beautiful beaches. Each part of Crete is quite different, and it feels like you are in a different island.

Agios Nikolas – Daios Cove luxury resort

greek villas

This is a resort property but it has some beautiful private villas. Perfect for those who want the privacy and the conveniences of having breakfast ready and activities within the resort.


You might not have heard of Paros, a small traditional island. It is very popular with Greek tourists and rightfully so in my opinion. Small and intimate, this place is perfect for a few days of relaxing. You can easily catch a ferry to Mykonos and Santorini from there if you want to make your own Greek Island cruise.

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Villa Sullivan


greek villas

I grew up in Corfu so I am definitely biased, but this island is magical. Plenty of history, great cultural influence, lovely beaches and food. Rent a bike and discover the island, it only takes 40 minutes to reach the town from each side.

Villa Edoardo

Villa prices start from £300 per night for up to 6 people.

Halal Food

Halal Food is easier to find in Athens, where there is a larger Muslim community. In the islands, there might be options for local Muslims working and living there but they are not publicly available. I would definitely recommend trying the Greek vegetarian and sea food dishes as they are delicious, and being on the islands, they are the freshest of food you can have.

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Any more ideas for beautiful villas in Greece are certainly welcome.

Happy travels!

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