10 Luxury Resorts in the Philippines for Your Romantic Honeymoon

Tying the knot but you don't have a destination for your honeymoon yet? Let us help you out with this list!

Planning your big wedding day requires a lot of patience because you are sure to encounter several bumps along the way. That is why, most of the time, the honeymoon preparation is neglected and postponed. Worry not! Calm your nerves as I provide you with a list of luxury resorts in the Philippines perfect for your oh-so-romantic honeymoon!

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1. The Bellevue Resort Bohol

Situated at the centre of a serene community in Panglao, The Bellevue Resort Bohol offers an unparalleled view of the Panglao Sea! Imagine you and your partner strolling along the white sandy beaches or enjoying the view of the romantic sunset while dipped in the invigorating infinity pool and sipping your favourite cocktails. Ahh, lovely! Isn’t this your definition of a perfect honeymoon getaway?

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Rates start from ₱8,500 per night

2. Astoria Palawan

Astoria Palawan Image credit: Astoria Palawan

Looking forward to a fun and unique honeymoon experience? Astoria Palawan is most definitely for you! Nestled in one of the most beautiful islands in the world, Astoria is your gateway to the country’s contribution to the New 7 Wonders of the World! Besides the pristine beaches and the exhilarating diving sites, unleash the kids in you with the world-class Palawan Waterpark! If not, take a romantic stroll at the resort’s tranquil gardens.

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Rates start from ₱5,000 per night

3. Red Coconut Beach Hotel

Amid the busy scene of Boracay, Red Coconut Beach Hotel provides you with a sanctuary of relaxation and comfort that no other accommodation in the island can offer! This beachfront resort will give you and your partner access to the vibrant night scenes and the different water adventures in Boracay. The resort promises to make your ordinary honeymoon into a spectacular experience!

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Rates start from ₱4,500 per night

4. Balesin Island Club

Image credit: Balesin Island Club

Famous for its exclusivity, Balesin Island Club in Polillo, Quezon is just a mere 25-minute flight from Manila. If you are willing to spend for its pricey membership fee, you will get access to exclusive, high-end resort amenities that any couple would die for! No wonder celebrities flock this island!

Membership Fee: ₱3,000,000

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5. Amanpulo Resort

Image credit: Amanpulo Resort

If you want a whisper-quiet quality time with your loved one, the Amanpulo Resort in Pamalican Island will suit you best! It is a private island retreat that newlyweds will surely love! The hilltop accommodations will provide the best view of surrounding waters and lush greeneries in the area.

Rates start from US$1,100 (₱55,000) per night

6. Dedon Island Resort

Image credit: Dedon Island Resort

Dedon Island Resort is the ultimate luxury resort in the pristine island of Siargao, the country’s surfing capital. Chosen by Forbes’ Magazine as one of the 25 coolest hotels in the World, Dedon Island will surely give you and your main person a rejuvenating honeymoon like no other! Just one condition though, the resort will require you to have a barefoot state of mind!

Rates start from ₱60,000 per night

7. Huma Island Resort and Spa

With villas right in the middle of the Sulu Sea, Huma Island Resort and Spa in Busuanga, Palawan is a Maldivian-inspired resort that is dubbed as the island of romance and mystery. It assures its guests a personalised experience of exploration and discovery! A resort dubbed as the island of romance? Definitely a honeymoon destination!

Rates start from ₱20,000 per night

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8. The Island Buenavista

Image credit: The Island Buenavista

Do you want to have an island all to yourself? That is now possible with The Island Buenavista in Samal Island! Booking the resort means you are exclusively booking the entire island! It’s just you, your partner and the resort’s courteous staff! If that doesn’t spell VIP, I don’t know what else does.

Rates start from ₱105,000 per night, up to 10 persons

9. Camp Netanya Resort & Spa

It is probably every newlywed’s dream to have their honeymoon in Greece, but sometimes logistical limitations wouldn’t allow. Don’t worry! Camp Netanya Resort & Spa offers a Grecian atmosphere without leaving the country! Your gateway to Santorini is just a few hours away from Manila!

Rates start from ₱5,000 per night

10. Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort

Want to wake up to the breathtaking island views of the Bohol Sea? Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort is what you need! You and your partner will experience a tranquil and romantic getaway in villas specifically designed for newlyweds, aptly named as the Honeymoon Villa. Trust us, it is named as such for a reason!

Rates start from ₱12,000 per night

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Since you have a lifelong honeymoon ahead of you, these resorts will definitely start you on the right foot! Happy marriage!

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