9 Artsy Stays in the Philippines that Bring Out the Creative Soul in You

These hotels in the Philippines are sure to awaken your inner artist. Prepare to fall in love!

The Philippines can be literally described as a vibrant and dynamic country. Everywhere you look, the Philippines is alive with colours, lines, and shapes that define the colourful lives of the Filipinos. From vibrantly decorated jeepneys to colourful barrio fiestas, the Filipino creativity never fails to please you.

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And if in case you are thinking that Filipino artistry just stopped there, you are dead wrong. These artsy hotels in the Philippines will surely make your jaws drop. They are concrete testaments to the artistic flares of the Filipinos that will continue to inspire anyone who comes and seeks solace under their roofs.

1. Canvas Boutique Hotel

Canvas Boutique Hotel Image credit: Canvas Boutique Hotel

Located in Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Canvas Boutique Hotel is truly a masterpiece. Stepping into this hotel’s lobby will take you to a whole new art experience. Seeing the lights hanging above the lobby is like stepping inside Palawan’s Underground River. It exactly captures the wonderful stalactites dangling from the roof of the cave itself.

artsy stays philippines Image credit: Canvas Boutique Hotel

All its walls, from the lobby to the rooms, tell a different story of the island through murals, wall paintings that will educate you about the lives of the people living on the island. Even its restaurant, The Painted Table, has a centrepiece buffet table that has a story to tell as well.

Image credit: Canvas Boutique Hotel

When in Palawan, never miss an opportunity for a cosy stay at this hotel. You will certainly get your money’s worth.


Every Friday night, chill out at Canvas Boutique Hotel's restaurant, The Painted Table. From only ₱295 per person, feast on barbeques and drink your favourite cocktail while listening to live acoustic music. Book your stay and take advantage of this offer!

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2. Hotel Luna

Hotel Luna Image credit: Hotel Luna

Tired of the usual modern hotels? I think it’s time to have a unique experience with Hotel Luna in Vigan, Ilocos Sur. It is a four-storey laid-back hotel with a distinctive Spanish-era ambience and is filled with no less than state-of-the-art amenities and pure art awesomeness. It also holds the distinction of being the only museum hotel in the Philippines. Does the name tick a nerve? Yes, because the hotel’s name was taken from one of the greatest Filipino painters of all time named Juan Luna.

Hotel Luna Image credit: Hotel Luna

Aside from being located in one of the country’s well-preserved Hispanic settlements, the hotel also houses some of the prominent Juan Luna artworks as well as paintings from modern artists. If seeing these masterpieces in person won’t bring out the creative souls in you, I don’t know what will.   

Room rates start at ₱4,900++ per night

3. The Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences

The Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences is another art-inspired stay. And, yes, you guessed it right again! The Picasso Boutique in Salcedo Village, Makati City re-lives the life of the world-renowned artist, Pablo Picasso, through the genius of two Filipino design masters, Dominic Galicia and Tina Periquet.

The hotel boasts of stylish design, fascinating works of art, and extraordinary hospitality that you can’t find somewhere else. It is a place where the old meets the new, where art and strong emotions go in harmony with each other. From its innovative structure up to its off-the-wall accommodations, The Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences promises a true seduction of your senses.

Room rates start at ₱4,200++ per night

4. Cocoon Boutique Hotel

Imagine being embraced in the softness and warmth of Mother Nature, a temporary home that bathes you with all the tenderness that you need for ultimate invigoration – that is how it feels when you stay at the Cocoon Boutique Hotel located in Quezon City.

The hotel’s overall concept is inspired by none other than Mother Nature herself. It is a relaxing place that exists according to the non-pervasive rules of nature instead of being indulgent and destructive. In other words, it is a green luxury. That in itself is an art form.

Inside its rooms are floor-to-wall art pieces portraying delicate elements of our ecosystem. It embodies the hotel’s mission to give and to care for nature.

Room rates start at ₱3,900++ per night

5. Domicillo Design Hotel

Domicillo Design Hotel Image credit: Domicillo Design Hotel

Domicillo Design Hotel , as the name suggests, is a well-designed hotel that will truly inspire and squeeze the creative juice in you.

Each of this hotel’s eight rooms has its own special artistic touch owing their magnificence from eight of the Philippines’ foremost modern-day style and design gurus, such as Kenneth Cobonpue, Budji Layug, Tes Pasola, and Rene Alcala, just to name a few. The overall design of the hotel, on the other hand, combines functionality and beauty that offer an unequalled pampering for its guests. And oh, did I mention that Domicillo Design Hotel in Tagaytay has one of the best views of the Taal Lake and volcano there is?

Image credit: Domicillo Design Hotel

Above all else, anyway, the hotel is designed to strike a chord and awaken the artistic spirit of every individual who has sought comfort in the hotel.

Room rates start at ₱6,500++ per night

6. Amelie Hotel Manila

Amelie Hotel Manila Image credit: Amelie Hotel Manila

When you are in Metro Manila and you want to find an artsy stay, Amelie Hotel Manila in Malate is one of the few places to go. The unique combination of the colours red, white, and black, makes the hotel’s art-deco interior look chic.

Amelie Hotel Manila Image credit: Amelie Hotel Manila

Stepping for the first time at this hotel’s lobby is like going inside a surreal art piece that has come to life. The French-inspired icon-style designs adorning its lobby walls and the patterned hand-painted floors reflect the ambience of the old city of Manila. The hotel in general literally encapsulates the old and the new. From the lobby to its accommodations, Hotel Amelie Manila screams comfort and artistic elegance.

Room rates start at ₱3,500++ per night

7. ABC Hotel

ABC Hotel Image credit: ABC Hotel

Looking for a more sophisticated artsy stay? Head on straight to ABC Hotel in Angeles, Pampanga. This multi-awarded luxury hotel and resort offers not just entertainment and fun but arty accommodations as well.

ABC Hotel Image credit: ABC Hotel

The hotel has state-of-the-art amenities, wellness therapy, room furnishings, and a one-of-a-kind swim-up bar that puts a new definition to the word. Lighting, posh draperies, and intricate patterns dominate each room. Unconventionally designed beds, sofas, and single-seaters are all perfect embodiment of art and sophistication.

Room rates start at ₱6,000++ per night

8. Hotel H2O

Hotel H2O Image credit: Hotel H2O

Do you want an underwater experience while comfortably snuggled in your own room? Hotel H2O is the perfect place for you. It is the Philippines’ only aqua-themed hotel located at the Manila Ocean Park Complex in Luneta, Manila. It features artistically designed accommodations and function rooms that make you feel as if you are being one with the marine species surrounding you.

Hotel H2O Image credit: Hotel H2O

The hotel’s design and colour palette are all inspired by traditional Filipino ambience making it one of the most imaginative and relaxing stays in the country.

Room rates start at ₱ 4,000++ per night

9. The Henry Hotel Cebu

The Henry Hotel Cebu Image credit: The Henry Hotel Cebu

If you want unbridled liberty and self-expression during your stay, you will not go wrong at The Henry Hotel Cebu .

The Henry Hotel Cebu Image credit: The Henry Hotel Cebu

Graffitis, 3D art, and mind-blowing wall frames adorn this hotel’s rooms. Aside from being extra spacious compared to current hotel standards, each Henry Hotel room has its own “street” ambience reminiscent of the 80s and 90s. The repurposed woods and classic wall designs breathe a life of elegance, to say the least. Each room also conveys different illusions that will definitely stir your mind into thinking for something positive you cannot even come up outside the confines of this hotel. The stark simplicity and striking art pieces of Henry Hotel are what set this stay truly in a league of its own.

Room rates start at ₱ 5,000++ per night

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Now that you know where to look for the most artistic stays in the Philippines, the next thing you’ve got to do is to select one from the list and plan your trip. Have a great stay!

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