Best Areas to Stay in Busan: Haeundae, Nampodong & More

Choosing where to stay in Busan can be difficult but fret not – here are the best areas to pick from, plus their pros and cons.

Busan is a city where you can always find something fun to do, whether you are staying for a few hours or a few weeks. The city’s variety is what makes it so difficult to choose one place to stay! To make your decision easier, h ere is a brief list highlighting some of the best areas to stay in Busan, based on interests, attractions, and of course, proximity to the city’s best beaches.


Home to the Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) and one of the largest beaches in Korea, Haeundae is a top destination for travellers visiting Busan. This city by the sea is perfect for families, friends, and solo travellers. In addition to its array of shops and restaurants near the beach, Haeundae is famous for Dongbaekseom Island, historic sites such as the APEC House, and Gwangan Bridge.  

Who should stay in Haeundae?

  • Beach bums
  • Families
  • Travellers of all ages
  • Travellers with any budget


  • The biggest beach in Busan
  • Many spas and bathhouses  
  • Close proximity to attractions such as Dongbaekseom Island


  • Farther away from other parts of the city
  • Can be crowded during the summer


Sasang, in west Busan, is a major transportation hub with connections to the international airport and the intercity bus terminal. Shops and restaurants can be found everywhere in this bustling part of the city, though historic sites and beaches are farther away. Sasang is ideal for travellers just staying overnight, especially before a flight home.

Who should stay in Sasang?

  • Travellers who are looking to travel to other parts of Korea
  • Short-term travelers


  • Bus terminal for easy intercity transportation
  • Close to Gimhae International Airport


  • Farther away from the larger beaches
  • Fewer attractions compared to other parts of the city


Image credit: Jens-Olaf Walter

Shops, restaurants, and cat cafés characterise this district in the heart of the city. Popular with young Koreans and foreigners, Seomyeon has some of the best nightlife in Busan and can be friendly to all budgets. The underground shopping at the Seomyeon subway station offers bargains that cannot be missed, while the Lotte Department Store offers luxury goods for brand-conscious shoppers.

Who should stay in Seomyeon?

  • Young travellers
  • Foodies
  • Shopaholics
  • Travellers with any budget


  • Many options for shopping and restaurants
  • Central location for sightseeing
  • Offers a vibrant city vibe


  • Farther from the beach
  • Crowded
  • Can be loud


Image credit: Ken Eckert

Travellers beware – an extended stay in “Nampo” can be dangerous for your wallet! Luxury brands, cosmetic shops, and delicious street food will keep you entertained for hours. Nampo is also a short walk from Jalgachi Fish Market, Yongdusan Park, and Busan Tower, as well as a bus ride away from beaches like Songdo.

Who should stay in Nampodong?

  • Shopaholics
  • Foodies


  • Great shopping
  • A variety of restaurants
  • Excellent street food
  • Close to Jalgachi Fish Market


  • Must take a bus to get to the beach
  • Can be expensive, especially if you love shopping


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