8 Luxurious Water Villas in Malaysia For Your Next Vacation

Are you thinking of a getaway or staying in a water villa? Here are eight water villas in Malaysia that you can visit for a fabulous weekend stay.

Malaysia has some gorgeous water villas and they are every bit as beautiful as their counterparts in Maldives. Don’t believe us? You can take a look down below.

Avani Hotels Sepang

Avani HotelsImage credit: Avani Hotels

Avani Hotels Sepang has long been listed as a budget destination for people looking to live in water villas. However, there is definitely no compromise on the quality of the views here.

Avani HotelsImage credit: See-ming Lee

Enjoy amazing sea views from the private balcony of your water villa. Should you desire to get away from the water villa for a while, the resort conducts land trips as well.

Image credit: LWYang

Get an up-close and personal experience with elephants during a full-day tour at Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary. You can also visit a rural Malaysian village to learn about the Malaysian way of life, tour the Malaysian F1 circuit or take a mangrove cruise. With all these options and more, you are in for the vacation of your lives!

Nearest airport: Kuala Lumpur International Airport

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Mabul Water Bungalows

malaysia water villasImage credit: pygmyseahorse

Located in the clear waters off Mabul Island, the Mabul Water Bungalows has been named one of the best dive bases in the world and it is not hard to see why.

The water villas in this resort have beautiful modern interiors. With access to the Internet available can be sure that you are not divorced from the modern world even while you enjoy all the resort has to offer.

Mabul Water BungalowsImage credit: Charles Luk

Go onto the private balcony of your water villa and you will be entranced by the panoramic view of the turquoise ocean your water villa has to offer.

Image credit: Charles Luk

If you look closely, you might even be able to observe the aquatic life below. This is an excellent location for you to dive and take photographs as sea turtles, large groups of colourful fishes and other forms of marine life can be observed in the waters here.

Nearest airport: to Kota Kinabalu International Airport, then fly to Tauwan airport.

Pangkor Laut Resort

Pangkor Laut ResortImage credit: YTL Hotels

This resort is built upon the private island of Pangkor Laut which is 3 miles off the west coast of Malaysia. And to add on to the exclusivity of the Pangkor Laut Resort resort, the entire island is reserved for guests.

Pangkor Laut ResortImage credit: Phalinn Ooi    

You can simply enjoy listening to the waves and feeling the sea breeze on your skin as you relax in your water villa. Or you can even head out into the infinity pool to enjoy dazzling views of the sea. With most of the island still covered in verdant forest, you can even head into the forest for walks during your stay.

Nearest airport: Kuala Lumpur International Airport

Berjaya Langkawi Island Resort

Berjaya Langkawi Island ResortImage credit: Berjaya Resort

Living in a water villa in the Berjaya Resort Langkawi, which is located in the Geopark, will ensure that you get the best of both worlds - with the tropical forest edging the bungalows on one side and stunning views of the open ocean on the other, you will enjoy not one but two dazzling views.

Image credit: Berjaya Resort

You can bring your children to observe some 5000 varieties of fish at Underwater World Langkawi. Want to go into the sea? Take a dive at Pulau Payar Marine Park. The first marine park in Malaysia, Pulau Payar Marine Parks has a wide variety of marine wildlife for the nature lover to observe.

Nearest airport: Langkawi International Airport

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Pom Pom Island Resort and Spa

Pom Pom Island Resort and SpaImage credit: Matt Cottam

The water villas in the Pom Pom Island Resort and Spa are located in the cerulean waters of the Celebes Sea. As Pom Pom Island is a 45 minute boat ride away from Borneo, you will be guaranteed some peace and quiet away from the city.

Image credit: Pom Pom Island Resort and Spa

You can enjoy the exquisite view of sea in comfort from your water villa or partake in the many activities around the island like playing beach volleyball on the pristine beach with your friends. For those who love trekking, the resort also offers a full day trek on Bohaydulong Island nearby.

Nearest airport: Tawau International Aiport

Gayana Eco Resort

The gorgeous Gayana Eco Resort is located on Gaya Island, which is off the coast of Borneo.

Gayana Eco ResortImage credit: Gayana Eco Resort

Once you are in your water villa, take the opportunity to take in the the majestic view of Mt Kinabalu in the distance as you hear the waves crash beneath your feet.

Image credit: Gayana Eco Resort

And you can skip walking to the restaurants while you are here - you will be served breakfast right on your private balcony each day, courtesy of the breakfast boat. If that isn’t the royal treatment, I don’t know what is!

Image credit: Gayana Eco Resort

For some quality R&R, you can take a trip to the spa. The Solace Spa in the Gayana Eco Resort utilises a fusion of Western and Asian treatments that is sure to leave you calm and relaxed.

Image credit: Gayana Eco Resort

Also, this resort conducts various breed and release programs for those who have a keen interest in marine biology. You can observe giant clams spawning if you are lucky, or you can reach your hand to pet starfishes in the “touch tank”.

Nearest airport: Kota Kinabalu International Airport

Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson

The overwater villas at Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson differ from our idea of what an overwater bungalow should look like as they are more modern visually. That said, the water villas here still have marvellous views of the Straits of Malacca.

Lexis Hibiscus Port DicksonImage credit: Lexis Hibiscus

You should choose to stay in the Panorama Pool Villa with a full sea view to enjoy sweeping views of the ocean beyond. Want to look at the sea life beneath you? No problem, there is a glass panel built into the floor of the villa for you to spy fish darting underneath your feet.

Image credit: Lexis Hibiscus

You can also check out museums nearby like the Lukut Fort and Museum and the Armed Forces museum to learn a little more about Malaysia. Stop by the Extreme PD Buggy Trek for a quick go-karting session to add a little excitement to your holiday.

Nearest airport: Kuala Lumpur International Airport

Avillion Port Dickson

Avillion Port DicksonImage credit: Avillion Port Dickson

Modelled after Malaysian fishing villages, Avillion Port Dickson is a picture of serenity.

Image credit: Phalinn Ooi

By fusing traditional architecture and modern amenities, you can relax amidst modern luxuries while also experiencing a slice of Malaysian heritage by staying in a water bungalow in Avillion Port Dickson.

Image credit: Phalinn Ooi

You can get a little closer to the sea by playing some water sports. With Hydro-bikes, Kayaks, Water Bees and Windsurfing equipment available in this resort, you will be spoilt for choice. There are also deckchairs on the beach for the lazy to recline on while enjoying the ocean.

Nearest airport: Kuala Lumpur International Airport

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