Beats at Buko Bar

Enjoy a spectacular performance while savouring the best of traditional Filipino cuisine. The dinner buffet is priced at PHP 2,100 net per person and served from 6pm to 9pm. Performances take centre stage from 7pm to 7.45pm.


Monday - Luzon Dances

Witness folk dances of the tribes of Northern Luzon, a breadth of motion that celebrates the call of the wild, the freedom of the forest, and the age-old tale of the mountain region’s culture and lore.  


Wednesday - Visayan Dances

Experience the gaiety of Visayan culture in an exuberant display of folk dances that narrate tales of romance, faith and festivity, such as the Sinakiki, Miligoy De Cebu and Kadang-Kadang. 


Friday - Mindanao Dances

Explore the heritage of Mindanao in a flurry of dances reliving the region’s ancient folklore – beautifully inspired by elements of nature such as fire and the movements of animals.  


Saturday - Barrio Fiesta 

Rediscover the warmth, nostalgia and excitement of a barrio (town) fiesta through a pulsating presentation of famed dances that are rooted in pre-colonial beliefs and accented by Western influences. 


Terms and ConditionsPrior reservation is required.

From SGD 56++
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