Taroko Gorge 太魯閣 - Of Marbles, Sceneries and Trails

Adeline goes to Taroko Gorge, east of Taiwan that is renowned for the abundance of marbles. Here, you will discover the many beautiful trails and sceneries at Silks place Taroko and visit the pagoda near to Xiangde Temple Trail.

Taroko Gorge view from our hotel room at Silks Place Taroko… see the bunch of monkeys

Taroko Gorge is located in the east of Taiwan. It can be reached by High Speed Rail (HSR) to Hualien from Taipei Main Station.

Taroko Gorge and its surrounding area are well known for their abundant supply of marble.

We opted for Silks Place Taroko hotel which has shuttle pick up (at a charge) to and fro from Hualien station, about an hour ride.

Oh boy, the view was magnificent and we were lucky to run into crisp spring weather during our 3 days 2 nights here.

Our double room with Gorge view option


The main reason for choosing this hotel was its prime location close to many beautiful trails.

The hotel also organised day trips and half day trips covering near and far trails – see below.

Overlooking the Silk Place Taroko hotel which is located right in the midst of the Taroko Gorge trails, it is very relaxing to spend two nights away from the hustle and bustle of the city and to be right within the nature but with the comfort of a modern home.

The pagoda on the peak on very nearby Xiangde Temple Trail

We climbed up the pagoda from within…

Sight along the Xiangde Temple Trail

Xiangde temple on the same trail

Our stay included buffet breakfast and also set/buffet dinner options – our first night Chinese dinner set, overall decent food

One of the sights on Baiyang Trail at Taroko Gorge near the hotel

We went down to the river on Shakadang Trail

More misty mountain views amongst the Taroko Gorge

Mother’s Bridge


Cloud sea on mountain top

Second night dinner buffet spread

The dessert spread, great varieties and enticing setting but tasted so so

I’m a dessert addict, this was only half of my hunt

Overlooking the Pacific Ocean on a sunny Spring day – breathtaking!

There were many different blue green hues to the Pacific Ocean due to the different depths

Last day breakfast – his self-made sandwich

Baiyang trail – the dam

The cascading waterfalls

Tunnel with dripping water, pristine clear water running through

An obligatory snapshot of Hualien train station

We made Taroko Gorge our first stop in Taiwan.

Taoyuan Aiport –> Shuttle to Taipei Main Station –> HSR to Hualien –> Hotel shuttle pickup, vice-versa route back to Taipei after two nights here.

Altogether, we explored some trails not all – all nearby the hotel or organised by hotel tour specialists.

We covered Xiangde Temple Trail, Baiyang Trail, Shakadang Trail, Swallow Grotto Trail, and another two which the names eluded me.

There are  hiking tours and cycling tours in a group available to sign up online as well.

A highly recommended nature sight in Taiwan.


Contributed by so.moo.food.

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