Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Purchase Hotel Vouchers for a Staycation in the Philippines

‘Tis the season for giving and we’ve got the perfect gift idea for your loved ones!

Over six months into the COVID-19 pandemic, we now grapple with the disheartening reality that 2020 is ending with cancelled year-end getaways and spoiled vacation plans. You’re emotionally drained, a tad paranoid, and restless with wanderlust — a confusing combination, we get you. They say this phenomenon is associated with pandemic fatigue; the battle against it is perhaps the best reason to map out a staycation in the Philippines!

staycation philippines

If you’re feeling this way, we’re sure your loved ones are in a similar slump. Why not purchase hotel vouchers and give the gift of a sumptuous staycation this Christmas to people you hold near and dear? ‘Tis the season for giving, and a staycation sounds just like the balm that will soothe everyone’s pandemic-related aches and woes. 


For as low as ₱2,021.00 net per hotel room voucher, you can already give yourself and others the precious gift of a much-needed staycation in the Philippines.

No worries about changing dates! Enjoy unlimited rebooking within the stay period from 1 Jan 2021 to 31 Dec 2021 in the following Summit Hotels & Resorts properties with the Summit Hotels and Resorts Biggest Holiday Sale: Summit Ridge Tagaytay, Summit Circle Cebu, Summit Galleria Cebu, Summit Hotel Greenhills, Summit Hotel Magnolia, and Summit Hotel Tacloban.

Hurry — vouchers are on sale from 11 to 13 Dec 2020 only. 

Purchase multiple vouchers within the promo period and enjoy bigger discounts!


We’d understand if you need further prodding, though. A staycation in the new and better normal is unexplored territory for most, but we assure you it’s as safe and relaxing as it was before. Here’s why hotel vouchers for a dreamy staycation in the Philippines is the best present you could ever give yourself and others this season!

1. Staycations (and gifts!) are good for your mental health

staycation swimming Image credit: Haly Phelps

If you’ve been staying in Metro Manila, then that means you’ve been under community quarantine for about eight months now. More than half a year — imagine that. Several regions and countries experienced similar restrictions, so this is something quite relatable.

How are you feeling these days? Tired of hearing about the COVID-19 pandemic? Itching to go out and stretch your legs? Are you considering seeing your friends again? Fret not, you aren’t alone.

Experts say pandemic fatigue happens naturally because COVID-19 brought about sudden restrictions that are far from the norms we’re used to. Simply put, we’re all starting to feel very restrained and all this pent up frustration is bound to find a way out of our system.

The important thing when experiencing pandemic fatigue is first, to accept it. Second, you must remind yourself not to become complacent as restrictions are eased! We are reminded now more than ever to be diligent in following COVID-19 safety protocols! Yet that doesn’t mean we’ve lost all sense of normalcy forever. Remember, life must go on, too.

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Chase away pandemic blues with gift-giving, or the future stay-in vacay you deserve

Consider this: To purchase hotel vouchers for a sure staycation is to give yourself something to look forward to soon. It allows you to secure the out-of-home rest and recreation you’ve been aching for. But at the same time, hotel vouchers give enough leeway and flexibility to prepare for an excursion that you’ll be scheduling even months from now.

In the same vein, giving a gift as special as hotel vouchers for a staycation in the Philippines is just as therapeutic! Studies show that gift-giving boosts our mood, and allows us to make meaningful connections with those we care about. After months (and counting!) of community quarantine, there’s nothing more heartwarming than making connections amid social distancing.

Treating yourself and others to a staycation is a slow but sure introduction of sorts into a holistically better normal, too — one that takes into consideration leisure and work-life balance. Because whether you are ready or not, cities will continue to open up to prepare for post-pandemic recovery. Will you be foolish and careless? Are you prone to bouts of debilitating paranoia? Wouldn’t it be nice to responsibly embrace the new normal instead?

So go ahead, purchase those hotel vouchers for a staycation in the Philippines to combat pandemic-related blues. You’ll find that a safe and secure change of scenery might just be the thing you need to perk up!

If you’ve been feeling quite restless at home, then it might be the perfect time to start looking through staycation promos. And if you’re looking for great gift ideas, the search is over.


2. Hotels are now better equipped for safe staycations in the new normal

While we shouldn’t be afraid of a new and better normal, we can’t let our guard down either! Safety must be stressed when it comes to moving about just as COVID-19 restrictions are eased worldwide. You should know that the Philippines doesn’t lag behind as far as COVID-19 preparedness is concerned! Here, hotels are now better equipped to accommodate staycations that keep in mind travellers’ wellness and health.

Hospitality giant Summit Hotels and Resorts is a prime example. Following guidelines rolled out by the World Health Organization (WHO), Department of Health (DOH), and Department of Tourism (DOT), Summit Hotels and Resorts has developed their very own Circle of Clean. 

Elevate your hygiene and cleanliness standards

Simply put, the Circle of Clean is an elevated standard of hygiene and cleanliness based on the new normal protocols. From pre-arrival to departure, the Circle of Clean takes into consideration every guest’s safety and convenience for a worry-free stay. Here’s what a staycation in the Philippines with Summit Hotels and Resorts’ will look like, thanks to its Circle of Clean:


  • Pre-book your staycation in the Philippines via the Summit Hotels and Resorts website.
  • Secure your booking and easy check-in through hassle-free pre-payment options.
  • Submit your health declaration online prior to arrival.
  • Get acquainted with Circle of Clean protocols through a personalised welcome email. You might already know most of these: physical distancing, mask-and-face shield wearing in shared public spaces (aside from dining), temperature checks, routine sanitisation and disinfection, among others.


  • Feel secure with luggage and keycard disinfection upon arrival. You will notice that all hotel and resort staff will be in personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • Speaking of disinfection, everything is provided to ensure a squeaky clean stay. Foot dips and alcohol-based sanitisation products are strategically placed in all entrances and exits — use them!
  • Let an assigned Circle of Clean ambassador warmly greet you and prep you about COVID-19 protocols so that you remain at ease all throughout your entire staycation.
  • Familiarise yourself with physical distancing markers.

During your staycation in the Philippines

  • Think of the Circle of Clean as a constant companion during your getaway. These protocols will be present in all staycation experiences with Summit Hotels and Resorts: public leisure, dining, and even behind closed doors in the comforts of your room.
  • Aside from physical distancing and routine disinfection, you will notice regular misting in all public areas.
  • Your room will always bear a Circle of Clean door seal after it is tidied up and disinfected by hotel staff in full PPE.
  • Inside, you will find your Circle of Clean hygiene kits, as well as instructions on how staff will go about garbage disposal and laundry collection in the new normal.
  • When dining, expect scrumptious pre-packed meal sets that abide by the same world-class culinary standards offered by Summit Hotels and Resorts.


  • Go through the same sanitation steps you experienced upon arrival, leaving with the peace of mind that you also help make the property a safe place for future guests.
  • Shortly after departure, receive a thank you email with reminders to extend the Circle of Clean wherever you go.

The Circle of Clean cleary promotes a culture of care, which is most important during the pandemic. By looking after yourself, you also help make others’ staycation in the Philippines a safe and worry-free getaway.

As far as Christmas presents are concerned, nothing radiates care more than gifting someone with the chance to safely destress through a staycation. So how about it?


3. Staycations in the Philippines make way for work & play

When the pandemic hit and community quarantine was declared across the country, more people started to work remotely. The lines between work life and home life began to blur. While we may have a better grasp of how to attain optimal work-life balance in the new normal, there are just times when we have to roll our sleeves up and multitask to the best of our ability.

Perhaps what makes staycations in the Philippines great for professionals on the go is that most hotels let you work and play. Striking a balance between accommodations that let you destress and amenities that let you stay focused and connected, Summit Hotels and Resorts offers staycations for every type of getaway in mind. 

This is why hotel vouchers for Summit properties are the best gift you can give to those who continue to hustle even amid the pandemic. If you want to get a self-care present or a reward for getting through 2020, vouchers for a staycation are a good idea, too!

Opt for a longer staycation that’s as relaxing as it is productive

An all-out staycation with Summit Hotels and Resorts is an absolute treat; make sure you check out all amenities. Just remember to keep your distance and disinfect our hands regularly! 

Getting work done at all Summit properties is a breezy affair, too, thanks to fail-safe internet connectivity, business centres, and meeting rooms. Its sister hospitality brand, Go Hotels, even offers a Working-On-The-Go package, which gives guests unlimited access to private offices as cushy as Summit Hotels and Resorts accommodations.

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Some properties under the Summit Hotels and Resorts group may also serve as your temporary home, either for long stays or while quarantining prior to travelling around the country for leisure. What’s more, Summit Hotels and Resorts offers special discounts for one-month stays in their prime properties, which you’ll read more about below!

4. Take your pick from dreamy destinations across the country

When it comes to staycations, choosing the property is just as important as the location! Why, you may ask? It’s all about accessibility! You can never go wrong with a staycation that’s also just a stone’s throw away from nearby attractions and sights — just in case you decide to check out what’s in the neighbourhood. That way, you enjoy your getaway whether you choose to hole up in your cosy yet luxe accommodations, or when you’re out and about.

With Summit Hotels and Resorts location options, you’ll be spoilt for choice! This added flexibility makes hotel vouchers the ideal present for those who have yet to pencil in their holidays.

Tip: Pre-book your staycation in the Philippines during Summit Hotels and Resorts’ special voucher sale to enjoy additional discounts! Not quite decided where to go yet? Read through your options below to drum up excitement for your Philippine escapade. P.S. All of these Summit properties offer special rates and perks for long staycations (one month or longer) — don’t miss out!

All we want for Christmas is a staycation in the Philippines!

With Summit Hotels and Resorts Biggest Holiday Sale, you may purchase hotel vouchers and receive freebies for bulk buys, so you get to give away a staycation and treat yourself to one, too!

What’s more, enjoy unlimited rebooking within the stay period from 1 Jan 2021 to 31 Dec 2021 in the following Summit Hotels & Resorts properties: Summit Ridge Tagaytay, Summit Circle Cebu, Summit Galleria Cebu, Summit Hotel Greenhills, Summit Hotel Magnolia, and Summit Hotel Tacloban.

Hurry — vouchers are on sale from 11 to 13 Dec 2020. Book here today!

Chill out in Tagaytay

For breezy weather and scenic views just an hour’s drive away from Manila, Tagaytay doesn't disappoint. The city is known for cooler temperatures as well as a photogenic vista adorned by Taal Volcano and its crater lake!

Make any staycation in the Philippines more memorable with hotel vouchers for Summit Ridge Tagaytay. The property boasts of a perch that overlooks Taal Volcano. Plus, guests get to enjoy relaxing amenities such as an infinity pool and spa.

For active fun, reserve a few hours at the badminton and basketball courts or maybe sweat it out at the resort gym. Reward yourself with yummy treats at the in-house café, or quickly pop over Robinsons Tagaytay — a shopping mall just a few steps away.


Fall in love with Cebu

Summit Circle Cebu Summit Circle Cebu | Image credit: Summit Hotels and Resorts

Simmer down in Cebu and look forward to a myriad of things to do. The province is home to historical sites, sunny beaches, and a culinary scene that satisfies all cravings! Remember, Cebu is where you'll find the country’s best lechon , so make room for several servings during your vacay.

For a true taste of Summit Hotels and Resorts brand of hospitality, pre-book a stay with its flagship property, Summit Galleria Cebu. Hotel vouchers make pre-booking a piece of cake! Well-appointed quarters will make it difficult for you to leave your plush rooms. Shared spaces and recreational facilities, on the other hand, are kept spick-and-span for guests’ safety.

You’ll be happy to know that Summit Galleria Cebu is situated within a lifestyle complex that gives guests direct access to a mall, several dining options, and plenty of space for fresh air.


If you’d rather get a taste of city life in the capital city (also named Cebu!), Summit Circle Cebu is the best fit for you. It’s just a few minutes from attractions like Taboan Market, Magellan's Cross, and nearby beaches. Staying in is just as fun; relish the property's newly renovated accommodations! The business centre is open for those who want to get some work done, too.


Live the suite life in Tacloban

Travelling to Leyte in Eastern Visayas? Its must-sees are the MacArthur Landing Memorial Park and San Juanico Bridge, the longest bridge in the Philippines! 

Fun fact: Did you know that San Juanico Bridge connects the provinces of Leyte and Samar?

With Summit Hotel Tacloban as your home base, you can rest easy knowing that all your getaway needs will be met — whether you’re staycationing or planning trips from Tacloban proper. Don’t miss artful accents in each suite you book; Summit Hotel Tacloban features interiors that showcase the region’s colourful heritage, from festivals to local products such as basket weaves. Consider gifting hotel vouchers to adventurous friends who are drawn to vibrant culture!


Mellow down in Metro Manila

Summit Hotel Magnolia Summit Hotel Magnolia | Image credit: Summit Hotels and Resorts

Who says you can’t get some well-deserved rest and recreation in the metro? Manila may be the Philippines’ bustling capital, but that doesn’t mean it lacks in the staycation department. If anything, Metro Manila houses the best hotels that serve as havens in a city that never sleeps. The best part? You’ll always be near everything — the airport, malls, museums, restaurants, you name it!

Summit Hotel Magnolia bridges guests to a posh lifestyle centre, Robinsons Magnolia. Here, visitors are guaranteed a hassle-free stay and unparalleled accessibility.


Summit Hotel Greenhills, meanwhile, boasts of being the newest property in the Summit roster. Experience what it’s like to work and play in a city hotel that has everything you need, from personalised service for business travellers to amenities like a fitness gym and an indoor pool with sweeping views of the cityscape.

Either way, both are perfect picks for staycation-loving families who would rather secure plush stays with hotel vouchers perfect for future use!


5. It’s the most wonderful time of the year

Image credit: Sapan Patel

Filipinos will always be the first to say that Christmas in the Philippines begins as soon as the Ber months roll in. COVID-19 may have dampened the festive mood, but nothing can break the Filipino spirit — which absolutely includes our ardent love for the holiday season!

That said, it’s the ideal time to treat yourself to a staycation for the most wonderful time of the year! And it makes perfect sense to gift staycation vouchers to friends and family simply because...

6. We deserve to end 2020 on a high note!

Image credit: Jill Wellington

Yes, despite everything that has happened (and has not happened because of the pandemic), we deserve to end this year hopeful for the next one.

Indeed, 2020 has been a challenging time for the Philippines and the rest of the world. Even long after we’ve won the battle against COVID-19, we’ll still be navigating the new normal that it has introduced.

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Staycationing in the Philippines soon won’t only help you recalibrate for better days ahead; it will also allow Filipinos to restart travel and tourism responsibly and effectively, too.

So go ahead, be part of this circle of care! Purchase hotel vouchers for a prime staycation in the Philippines and plant hope for a brighter, better normal all while planning the getaway that you and your loved ones deserve.

For more information, please visit Summit Hotels and Resorts’ official website , Facebook , and Instagram . Brought to you by Summit Hotels and Resorts.

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