Sneak Peek: Exclusive Look at the Newest Hippest Hotel in Singapore

This boutique hotel is located along the riverfront, so you can take a riverboat right up to the doorstep!

M Social Singapore, the latest addition to the staycay scene in Singapore, recently opened its’ doors on 9 June! We had the privilege to take a sneak peek at this gorgeous boutique hotel – and boy were we pleasantly surprised.

The hotel is located along the riverfront, and we had the option of taking a riverboat right to the doorstep. A giant “WEL(C)HOME” sign greeted us once we stepped into the lobby – call it strange, but we instantly felt right at home.

m social singapore

This might very well be the first hotel in Singapore to employ a self check-in system. Gone were our woes of queuing up or fighting for the attention of two over-worked hotel receptionists; the self check-in was a total breeze! The hotel was surprising us at every turn, and we loved it.

m social singapore
The lobby is complete with a cosy reading corner, perfect for chilling with a book or two.

m social singapore

Adjacent to the lobby is “ Beast and Butterflies ”, a restaurant serving up Asian and Western cuisine.

The bar serves up unique drinks as well, served up in cups that are… well, let’s say, rather extraordinary.

Image credit: (instagram) @x_june_x

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Open bar-tops and communal tables take centre stage here at ‘ Beast and Butterflies ” – the restaurant is all about bringing people together, and highly encourage people to bond over their meals. The vibe is hip (check out the hanging crystal lights), and the decor, exquisite.

The walls are lined with comfy plush sofas, and iPads are strung up on the walls as decoration . Such an interesting concept, we nearly couldn’t believe our eyes!

Add in lamps that totally set the mood, and we were sold. M Social Singapore is, indeed, unlike any other hotel we’ve ever seen.

No surface is left untouched – even the floors are decked out in psychedelic print.

Image credit: (instagram) @sharonthoughts

The rooms are, for lack of a better description, different. Philippe Starck, renowned designer, used his magic touch to create rooms that are not only visually stunning, but incomparably comfortable.

Image credit: M Social Singapore

Image credit: (instagram) @kayekongstyle

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The rooms are all designed loft-style, and offer mezzanine floors. The ‘Bigger’ rooms even come with an outdoor terrace!

Every bit of the room is aesthetically pleasing, and the vanity top is no exception. The white LED border adds a certain quality of class; preening in front of these beauties made us feel pretty much like a superstar.

The corridors, albeit having somewhat of an industrial feel, are quirkily lighted up by a running streak of wavy light. Compare that with the normal run-of-the-mill carpeted hotel corridors!

One thing we loved about the pool was the cute matching teal towels: Needless to say, we spent lots of time just chilling here.

Let’s just say – M Social Singapore has won our hearts. It’s a hotel that has completely, and pleasantly, taken us by surprise. Just take our money now!

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