Barkada Summer Getaways: 10 Hotels in the Philippines with Group Rates

Still planning for that Ultimate Barkada Getaway? Let us help you finalise your itinerary!

School’s out and the only thing that’s stopping you from taking that summer trip with your barkada is the dreaded budget restrictions. Worry not! While it is true that travelling with your friends can get a bit rowdy and expensive, trust us when we say that it is going to be an exciting adventure that will definitely be one for the books. We have scouted the best accommodations that offer group rates in some of the best destinations in the Philippines. You can finally gather your friends and take advantage of the summer season.

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1. The District Boracay

Image credit: The District Boracay

Located at the centre of Boracay’s exceptionally vibrant night scene, The District Boracay is the best option for barkadas who prefer to be within close proximity to where the parties at! The District Boracay is a luxury beachfront resort that also offers quick access to exhilarating water activities in Station 2 to quench your barkada’s thirst for adventure!

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Group rates start at ₱9,900 (Good for 4)

2. Agos Boracay Rooms + Beds

Just a five-minute stroll from Boracay's White Beach and Bulabog Beach, Agos Boracay Rooms + Beds offers a sanctuary like no other! It combines the practicality of a hotel and the homey ambience of a guesthouse. Visitors can take advantage of the wide array of amenities being offered in the hotel. Whether you and your barkada just want to lounge around, chill a little or just enjoy the beautiful Boracay sunset, Agos has a spot for you! Oh, did I mention that they have a breathtaking rooftop sun deck perfect for lazing the afternoon or night away with your group? You surely won't regret staying at this family-run, multi-awarded hotel.

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Group rates start at ₱5,000 (Good for 4)

3. Fridays Boracay

Image credit: Fridays Boracay

Perfectly positioned at the premier Station 1 in White Beach, Fridays Boracay is one of the pioneer resorts in the island. With its more than three decades of blending Filipino hospitality and luxurious amenities, the resort has mastered its craft in providing quality services to its guests. Fridays will ensure that your barkada will be provided with the most tranquil stay on the island!

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Group rates start at ₱11,000 (Good for 4)

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4. Daluyon Beach & Mountain Resort

If you want your next barkada getaway to be a trip to one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature, then Daluyon Beach & Mountain Resort is the accommodation for you! Nestled in Puerto Princesa City, Daluyon offers beachfront accommodations with stunning views of majestic landscapes from your own private villas.

Group rates start at ₱10,000 (Good for 4)

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5. Pearl Farm Beach Resort

Experience the colourful cultures of Mindanao with the heritage-inspired villas of the Pearl Farm Beach Resort in Samal Island. Your barkada will be taken to an epic adventure in this nature-ridden resort, away from the dull monochromes of urban living.

Group rates start at ₱15,000 (Good for 4)

6. Hotel Kimberly Tagaytay

Known for its year-round mountain breezy air, Tagaytay has been a favourite destination for people because of its proximity to the metro. While there are numerous accommodations within the windy city, Hotel Kimberly Tagaytay surely emerges as one of the best. Its elegant rooms are paired with lush sceneries perfect for your barkada getaway without going far.

Group rates start at ₱8,300 (Good for 4)

7. The Legend Villas

Image credit: The Legend Villas

If your friends prefer a staycation in Manila, then The Legend Villas in Mandaluyong City is a perfect fit! The hotel is strategically located along major thoroughfares and is within the perimeter of some of the finest shopping malls in the Metro. Don’t worry, the hustle and bustle of the city life won’t bother you while inside the hotel. You will feel like you are transported into another dimension with its comfort and elegance.

Group rates start at ₱4,200 (Good for 4)

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8. Atmosphere Resorts & Spa

Image credit: Atmosphere Resorts & Spa

Beautifully situated within an old seven-acre coconut plantation on an island near Dumaguete City, Atmosphere Resorts & Spa boasts of its luxurious atmosphere alongside the warm coastal waters of the Philippine Sea. The resort is surrounded by lush greenery and palms richer than that of Hawaii. Relax with your friends away from the city life with the Atmosphere Resorts!

Group rates start at ₱15,000 (Good for 5)

9. Abaca Boutique Resort

Image credit: Abaca Resort Mactan

Just barely an hour away from the Queen City of the South, Abaca Boutique Resort in Mactan is a tropical hideaway like no other. The resort offers tranquillity with its oceanfront amenities and privacy with its deluxe suites. The group accommodations may be a bit pricey, but it sure is worth every penny!

Group rates start at ₱21,900 (Good for 4)

10. The Farm at San Benito

Image credit: The Farm at San Benito

Just a few hours away from Metro Manila, The Farm at San Benito in Batangas offers a holistic experience for you and your barkada. Participate in activities that will ensure utmost relaxation like a yoga and a tour of Mother Nature. The Farm promises to unleash your inner radiance and feel rejuvenated.

Group rates start at ₱22,500 (Good for 4)

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No more excuses! Now that we have laid out the best offers for your barkada, it is time to finalise that itinerary, gather up your group funds, and once and for all prove that summer is best spent with people who matter. Your family, and of course, your friends! Enjoy your summer barkada getaway!

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