W Singapore - Sentosa Cove

A glamorous yet quirky retreat tucked away in a cosy corner of Sentosa Cove.
W Singapore - Sentosa Cove
“...that's what I adore most about W Hotel - it's the unique taste in design and music that you can't find at any other hotels for sure.”





TripZilla Loves
  • Exclusive location in Sentosa Cove
  • Quirky details in the hotel’s facilities, architecture & decor
  • Drop dead gorgeous views of the Marina from your balcony
  • 24-hour pool with a partially-submerged bar and underwater piped music
  • Free rental of scooters to explore the surroundings

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The Hotel

“Whatever, Whenever, As Long as It’s Legal”

The W brand is widely known around the world. It offers an escape for people looking for a respite from the humdrum of usual life, and offers a rabbit-hole through which travellers can escape to a world of wonder, eccentricity; a world where anything and everything (as long as it’s legal!) is possible.

We here at TripZilla like to chase after the extraordinary, and we found that at W Singapore.

Maybe it’s something in the air, but we felt different once we walked in. At W Singapore, you become one of the rich and the famous; you become a superstar! We strutted our stuff on the red carpet (lights, camera, action!) that extends all the way from the lobby to the pool, and took lots of OOTDs with the LED wall that’s modeled after the one in Times Square.

The lobby presents a juxtaposition of modernity against nature; with structures resembling cogon grass and hidden hippos found all around the hotel. More on that in the Fun Facts section!

If stairs aren’t your thing, a cool glass elevator brings you from the entrance right up to the lobby/check-in area.

The lobby is hip, modern and young – it’s never quiet, not even for a minute! Need to make a call but can’t hear yourself or your thoughts? We stuck our heads into one of these sound-proof pods called Whisper Booths, and voila! Our very own private phone cubicle. We also loved that there was lots of natural light which made the atmosphere bright and cheery.


vivid interiors, state-of-the-art technology and dreamy amenities

Fabulous Room

The room overlooks a simply spectacular view of the WET® Pool and the Marina. Come on, just look at that view, you’re not going to get that anywhere else! We spent a good hour or two curled up on the balcony sofas with a magazine and a glass of wine. Also, no need to stake out a good sunset spot – we watched the skies turn into a fiery orange and red right from our balcony.

Warm hues of orange give way to a deep purple - way to set the mood, W Singapore!

W Singapore is also known to have the fluffiest beds in town, and rightly so! The W Signature Bed is so big and so soft; if anything ever felt like a cloud, this bed takes the cake.

Bathtubs call for only two things: Lots of bubbles and champagne. Turn on the warm water, and it's paradise in a tub.

Wonderful Room

Did we mention that each room is decked out with a state-of-the-art Bose sound system? Sweet! The floor-to-ceiling windows let in lots of natural light, and the bathtub? Let’s just say we had a hard time even leaving the room!

Spectacular Room

Feast your eyes on spectacular ocean views right from the comfort of your room. Our eyes nearly popped when we saw the panoramic view – all this was ours? Really, all ours? *dreamy-eyed*

Away Room

Imagine this: Your very own outdoor terrace and plunge pool. We know, we almost couldn’t believe our eyes! Pair this with an exclusive entrance from the AWAY® Spa, and we were in heaven.

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Spectacular Away Room

True to its name, this room is nothing short of spectacular! Sprawl out in sheer comfort; we wanted space, and space is exactly what we got. This room comes with its own wooden terrace and plunge pool as well – pure bliss!

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Marvelous Suite

Sometimes, the bathtubs make all the difference. And here at the Marvellous Suite, there is one big bubbilicious bathtub! Our favourite thing to do was just to immerse ourselves in lots of bubbles, pop a bottle of champagne, and take in the stunning views.

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Away Suite

Have all the privacy you want with your very own private plunge pool – we took lots of groovy selfies and OOTDS far away from the prying public eye. This suite is so incredibly self-contained, we had everything we needed and more!

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Fantastic Suite

Sometimes there’s nothing better than kicking back on a Saturday night and watching the latest blockbuster on TV. Here at the Fantastic suite, we could choose between LED TVs in both the living room and the bedroom, complete with an open bar for a beer or two! Perfect for a stay-in movie night.

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WOW Suite

We heard so much about the quirkiness of W Singapore, and boy were we delighted to check this room out. The room definitely didn’t disappoint – a pumpkin shaped hanging lamp and the radial patterned rug? We felt exactly like Alice in Wonderland!

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Extreme WOW Suite

Splash out in luxury, and be completely swept off your feet at the Extreme WOW Suite. We know our first reaction was – what else? – “WOW!” Besides sweeping ocean views, we gleefully uncovered a jacuzzi, a 6-seater dining table, a balcony with a large plunge pool, and more! Excuse us while we twirl around in sheer delight.

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Things To Do

“Throw away the mundane and indulge in the unconventional”

Be Spoilt For Choice at 'the kitchen table'

We literally didn’t know where to begin at this buffet. There were so many dishes, and even a noodle station! The highlight of the buffet: The SEAFOOD! That spread. That freshness. And all you can eat? Yums!

The desserts were… for lack of a better expression, Mamma mia, man were those good! Visually appealing, check. Small portions so we don’t get too full? Check. Tastes divine, check check check!

Discover More

Sink Your Teeth Into A Juicy Steak at 'SKIRT'

SKIRT is reputed to be one of the best restaurants in Singapore, and boy does it turn the heat up with its succulent steaks and seafood. It’s one of the few restaurants in Singapore that serves Beef Wellington, a chunk of tender meat encased within fluffy puff pastry. Meat-lovers, or anyone who’s a fan of meat, find your little slice of heaven right here.

Chill Out at WOOBAR

Situated at the lobby, WOOBAR is inviting and absolutely tempting both in the day and at night! In the day, indulge in an afternoon tea from 3-5pm daily. At night, let loose with gigantic cocktail bombs and pumping music to set the mood!

Every Friday, join in WOOBAR as it celebrates TGIF3 FREE FLOW FRIDAYS, where the sky’s the limit and those shots just keep on coming. It’s a perfect way to spend the afternoon/night! Or pop by mid-week for Ladies Night/Heel Before Me every Wednesday! And if live music is your thing, WOOBAR has got SRSLY live music sessions every Saturday!

See & Be Seen at the Pool: WET® Pool

Ah, the pool at W Singapore is known nation-wide to be one of the biggest, one of the hippest – seriously, this is the pool that everyone wants to be at!

The pool is open 24 hours, and hosts an ‘Endless Summer Pool Party’ every month! Join in the crowd as they celebrate being young with electric energy that’s infectious beyond compare. Groove to beats churned out by the resident DJ as you laze in the pool amidst floats of every colour. Chill at the pool bar, which even lights up at night!

Work Out at the Gym: FIT @ W

Like the pool, the gym is open 24 hours! If you’re insomniacs like us, trust us when we say a 2am session at the treadmill followed by a night dip is nothing short of refreshing. Also, revel in the tranquil of the night – there’s no one around, and the night belongs to you and you alone.

If you’re up for it, register for their outdoor Strala Yoga sessions as well.

Relax at the Spa: AWAY® Spa @ W

Here at W Singapore’s AWAY® Spa, the main imperative is for you to just “get away from it all”.

We had a truly relaxing time in the vitality pools, steam room, sauna, and experiential showers. We really liked the infrared saunas and the tropical showers. Be sure to try out the ‘Caribbean Thunderstorm’ setting – more on that at the fun facts section!

Work Hard at WIRED (Business Facilities)

Being the workaholics we are, we absolutely delighted in free access to the WIRED Business Centre. It’s decked out with two workstations, a binding and laminating machine, as well as packing and shipping services! Perfect for all our writing needs.

TripZilla Fun Facts

Fun Fact #1
Design of SKIRT Restaurant

Typical of any steak restaurants, the design of SKIRT revolves around – yep, you guessed it – the cow. The cylindrical tubular structures hanging down from the ceiling resemble the cow’s udders, and their lamps are decked out in cow leather.

Fun Fact #2

Hippos around the hotel

True to its’ nature theme, there are various hidden hippos hidden all around the hotel! Spot some on the handles at the entrance, as well at the base of the lobby’s DJ booth. How many more are you able to spot during your stay?

Fun Fact #3

Different room lightings to get you in the mood

Looking for an escape, a flirty time, or flashing lights for your runway debut? The room comes with different mood lightings to suit your every whim and fancy. We had a mighty good time toggling between the different settings; here at W Singapore they really think of everything.

Fun Fact #4

“Caribbean Thunderstorm” Spa function

We found this experiential shower to be super cool. Choose from settings such as ‘Tropical Rain’, ‘Cold Mist’, or even a ‘Carribean Storm’. We were curious to see what the ‘Caribbean Storm’ would be like, and we were definitely not disappointed. The storm comes with flashing lights (like lightning), and booming sounds (like thunder). Needless to say, the pouring ‘rain’ served up a good massage!


“With a setting right at the playground of the rich and famous, this W property’s Sentosa Cove location not only creates an atmosphere perfect for a hideaway but also one that is thankfully not touristy.”

Hotel Review: W Singapore – Sentosa Cove
I Wander

“Set in lush greenery and coastal setting, you feel so much away from home.”

Birthday weekend at W Hotel, Sentosa Cove Singapore
A Juggling Mom

“...that's what I adore most about W Hotel - it's the unique taste in design and music that you can't find at any other hotels for sure.”

Best Staycation of the Year: W Hotel Singapore
Eunice Annabel

“just the perfect location to lay back, relax and soak up all the sunshine!”

W Singapore Sentosa Cove 3D2N Staycation


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The Area

“W Singapore Sentosa Cove is tucked away in a corner of Sentosa Island, making it the perfect retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life. Disconnect and remove yourself from the usual modern trappings at this modern oasis.”

Things To Do Around the Area

Quayside Isle
Enjoy a lazy brunch at a stretch of cafes and restaurants that serve up typical brunch fare, as well as a variety of cuisines. Choose to dine indoors or alfresco alongside the dazzling Marina!
Stroll along the Marina

The marina is dotted with luxurious yachts and stunning views aplenty. Take a leisurely stroll anytime of the day, and imagine going for a spin out on the waters. Hey, a girl can dream right?

Chilling by the sea

There’s nothing quite like listening to the therapeutic sound of waves lapping up against the shore. Chill on the breakwaters next to the turquoise ocean, and take in that distinct smell of salt water. Ah, don’t we all just love the sea?

Spotting the Southern Islands

Did you know that there are actually a cluster of islands off the shores of Singapore that you can visit? Try to spot Lazarus Island, Sisters’ Islands, St John’s Island and so on.

Explore the rest of Sentosa Cove

W Singapore offers complimentary scooters for rent, as well as rental of ninebots for SGD48 nett per half an hour. Rent either and go exploring the rest of Sentosa Cove! The houses here are jawdroppingly majestic, and will blow your mind.


W Singapore Sentosa Cove
21 Ocean Way
Singapore 098374
Tel: (65) 6808 7288

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Check-in Time: 3pm
Check-out Time: 12pm
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