Village Hotel Katong

A cosy Peranakan-influenced enclave tucked amongst rows of shophouses
Village  Hotel Katong
“This astounding beauty of a hotel is nestled in the heart of Katong food haven”

TripZilla Loves
  • The delicious Nonya-inspired buffet at Katong Kitchen
  • The Village Passport, a comprehensive guide of the area, given to every guest upon check-in
  • In-room bathtub in the Peranakan Club
  • Splendid location surrounded by a myriad of shops, restaurants and cafés

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The Hotel

Village Hotel Katong is nestled in the middle of the Joo Chiat neighbourhood, within the historical centre of Katong. Stepping into this side of Singapore felt like a breath of fresh air from the usual towering buildings of our concrete jungle. Here we’re greeted with rows of shophouses that are painted in every colour of the rainbow, their pristine shopfronts twinkling merrily in the sun.

The lobby is flanked by large umbrella-shaped structures that give off a rather elegant flair. We were rather taken aback upon stepping into the hotel; the modernity is a stark juxtaposition to the surrounding area as well as the hotel’s exterior, having us feeling like we had stepped into a whole new world. The interior is large and airy, decked out in shimmering overtones of bronze and gold.

The hotel is a reflection of its culturally rich surroundings, encouraging its guests to #livelikealocalsg and take the chance to explore the surrounding area, even giving out local recipes from a cart stationed in the lobby. How cool is that!

We like how the hotel is situated along the busy street of Katong, yet remaining a bubble of quiet; Village Hotel Katong is the perfect place for an idyllic staycation far removed from the stresses of everyday life. If you’re looking to feel refreshed and recharged, this is the place to be. Village Hotel Katong is also ideal for families, especially with their latest Weekend Throwback Package. More on that later!


Peranakan Club

The Peranakan Club is the crown jewel of Village Hotel Katong, and rightly so. Just look at it! The first thing that caught our eye was the in-room bathtub – the first of its kind that we’ve ever seen. The room is flooded with natural light and the walls are covered in an intricate Peranakan motif. We sank into the bed the minute we stepped in, and found it mighty hard to even drag ourselves off afterwards!

This led to us ordering room service for lunch, which we ordered from a menu designed to look like the front of a shophouse.

While waiting for lunch to arrive, we couldn’t resist taking a quick soak in the bathtub. We loved how we could watch TV during our soak – a big thumbs up for the in-room bathtub!

The room also came with a separate settee that’s large enough to fit both of us. It makes for a great place to relax whilst watching TV, or simply to have some lighthearted conversation.

What stands out besides the in-room bathtub, however, are the elaborate details in the room – the carpet is interwoven with ornate blue and black wavy patterns, and hanging on the wall is a painting done by a seven year old child. We were really impressed by the painting; no way could we have painted anything that comes anywhere near that standard!

If taking long soaks in the bathtub aren’t your thing, the room comes with a standing shower as well that’s accessible through a sliding glass door. There are Peranakan elements infused into every part of the room, and the toilet is no exception. Just imagine brushing your teeth at that picture-perfect sink; brb, taking mental notes for our future home!

Besides the Peranakan Club, guests can also choose to stay in the Club Room. The only difference between the two is the absence of the in-room bathtub in the latter and the Peranakan Club room is slightly more spacious. Both rooms grant their guests exclusive access to the Peranakan Club Lounge, which serves free-flow evening cocktails from 6-8pm and light snacks/refreshments throughout the day. More about that in the ‘Things to Do’ section!

Deluxe Katong

The Deluxe Katong has a cheery vibe to it, its vibrant pink headboard and cushions adding a vibrant pop of colour to the room. The hanging lights resemble lanterns of yesteryear, infusing an element of time-worn nostalgia.

The Deluxe Katong comes without a bathtub, but the aesthetically pleasing bathroom more than makes up for it. We absolutely love the Peranakan motifs that dress up the otherwise usual toilet!

The Superior Room is the smaller counterpart of the Deluxe Katong, but otherwise offers exactly the same experience.

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Junior Suite

The Junior Suite is ideal for families, and comes with either a king-sized bed or two big double beds. We were amazed to find that there is even a walk-in wardrobe – what a way to make a staycation at Village Hotel Katong feel just like home!

The room is decked out in warm yellow overtones, giving off a welcoming and soothing vibe. The Junior Suite had not one, but two balconies, both of which overlooks a panoramic view of the surrounding Joo Chiat and Marine Parade area.

We didn’t manage to stay here this time round, but we’ll definitely be back with our families in tow!

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The suite consists of an en suite kitchenette, as well as a separate living and dining area. It’s just like staying in your very own private apartment! Stretch out all you want; the suite is incredibly spacious, complete with polished parquet flooring and large plush sofas.

Family Room

For families that prefer a cosier set-up, the Family Room looks much like the Deluxe Katong, only bigger and with one king-sized bed or two queen-sized beds. This room is perfect for families with two kids.

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Things To Do

Treat yourself to a
lavish meal at
Katong Kitchen

Despite being surrounded by a dazzling variety of food in the Katong area, the hotel has a hidden dining gem all of its own. The halal-certified Katong Kitchen is a nondescript establishment that offers an impressive spread of International and Peranakan cuisine.

We’re huge seafood lovers, so imagine our delight when we discovered a big seafood table! We could take our pick from snow crabs, prawns, scallops as well as our all-time favourite, OYSTERS.

The Peranakan-inspired selection offers an array of heartwarming food – from Indonesia Gado Gado and a DIY Kueh Pie Tie station to a live Laksa cooking station that serves bowls of aromatic Laksa.

The dessert spread is a feast for the eyes, filled to the brim with Rainbow Kueh, Mango Sticky Rice in shot glasses (we know, how novel is that!) and cute little petite tarts. The highlight of the spread is the hotel’s famous Durian Pengat, which is made fresh daily from actual durian flesh.

We’re not fans of durian so we didn’t try this particular dish, but we’ve heard many rave reviews about it!

One really cool thing is the option to make your own Affogato! An ice-cream booth is tucked away in one corner of the buffet spread, and offers instructions on how to DIY your own creamy bowl of coffee-vanilla goodness. Needless to say, we had lots of fun with this and weren’t able to stop at just one serving!

Buffet breakfast is served here as well, and we especially like how the spread contains both Asian and Western options. Our advice for you is to go slow; you wouldn’t want to fill up too fast without trying a little of everything!

Chill at the Pool +
Work up a sweat at the

The hotel is home to an outdoor swimming pool, which offers a tranquil spot to spend an afternoon. Grab the chance to have a languid float, or build up that sun-kissed look. There are towels and bottles of water provided at the poolside, which we think is a very nice touch.

The gym is located right next to the pool, and contains a large range of equipment suitable for any kind of workout. The best part is that it’s opened round the clock!

Enjoy some peace and quiet at the Peranakan Lounge

Exclusively for Club Room and Suite guests, the Club Lounge is a peaceful refuge where Club Guests can enjoy free-flow evening cocktails from 6-8pm daily, as well as all-day light refreshments. We couldn’t stop running our hands over the various ornaments and Peranakan decor; everything was just so beautiful!

The Club Lounge is a zone where guests can enjoy some peace and quiet. Take a browse through the many magazines on offer, or bring your laptop to surf the Internet.

Fun Facts

Arm yourself with the Village Passport for an exploration of the area

Upon check-in, we were presented with this spiffy little Village Passport. We were astounded to discover the wealth of information within this little booklet – it contained information on what to eat and see in the vicinity of the hotel, as well as a detailed map of the area. This is basically all you need to explore the treasure trove of local experiences that surround the hotel! Check out ‘The Area’ section for more detailed information.

Check yourself in with the self-serve kiosk

We came across a self-serve kiosk at the Village Hotel Katong’s lobby, and couldn’t wait to try it! Checking in via this machine was a breeze, and will allow you to skip the queue during peak hours. Should you be stuck, simply ask any staff for help and they’d be more than willing to extend a helping hand.

Try your hand at dumpling making, beading, cooking and Peranakan History

This is a really fun activity to do; get your hands busy with dumpling making, beading and cooking during a workshop held at Kim Choo. The best part? You’re even able to bring back your own dumpling for lunch! Do note that this is an additional activity, and not one that is included in any of Village Hotel Katong’s staycation packages.

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The Area

There’s just so much to do in the area surrounding the hotel, we guarantee that you won’t be bored! Armed with the Village Passport, we set out to discover what exactly lay in store.

328 Katong Laksa

Having a steaming bowl of Katong Laksa in Katong is basically one of the most quintessential experiences of a staycation at Village Hotel Katong. Pair your bowl with a tangy Otak, some steaming Dim Sum or a refreshing cup of lime juice.

Rumah Bebe

Rumah Bebe resides in a striking turquoise shophouse adorned with intricate flower motifs and sparkling paint designs. The Rumah Bebe history dates back to 1995, selling beaded masterpieces and heritage products. The boutique shophouse also sells various Peranakan-inspired foods, including Beef Rendang, Sambal Buah Keluak, Sugee-Almond Cake and Coconut Candy.

Alibabar the Hawker Bar

Traditional coffee shop by day and bar at night, Alibabar the Hawker Bar is a perennial favourite among those who frequent the Katong area. The place becomes especially crowded during live screenings of football matches!

Chin Mee Chin Confectionery

If you’re yearning for a late morning snack, head to Chin Mee Chin Confectionery for a traditional breakfast of toasted Kaya sandwiches, soft-boiled eggs and silky egg tarts. Do be warned that the goodies often sell out by late afternoon, due to the morning crowds.

Parkway Parade

Located just across the road from Village Hotel Katong lies Parkway Parade, a shopping mall that contains a truckload of shops.

Shop till you drop and refuel at Chicken Up, a popular Korean outlet that serves an Instagram-worthy Watermelon Soju, as well as chicken wings and Bulgogi Fries.

I12 Katong & Katong V

If, however, you’re reluctant to wander too far off from the hotel, journey along a connecting passageway to Katong V.

Stock up on snacks at the NTUC Finest supermarket, or venture a little down the road to I12 Katong, which houses a Golden Village cinema with a Peranakan-inspired interior.

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Village Hotel Katong
25 Marine Parade,
Singapore 449536
Tel: (65) 6344 2200

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Check-out Time: 12pm

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