Ambassador Row Hotel Suites by Lanson Place

Ambassador Row Hotel Suites by Lanson Place

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

“An urban oasis in the heart of Kuala Lumpur”

And yes, service is good. I had requested for a baby-cot and the cot was already in the room when we went up to the room.





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The Hotel

Your home away from home in
Kuala Lumpur’s business and leisure district

The Hotel

We always thought that finding a comfortable place that we could call home right in the heart of the bustling Kuala Lumpur’s Golden Triangle was hard to do. But we were proven wrong the moment we stepped into Ambassador Row Hotel Suites’ reception. We knew right there and then that we were in for a great stay.

The hotel’s lobby is iconic. How often do you see a hotel entrance with high ceiling and sitting areas that actually sit on top of an indoor lagoon? The laid-back atmosphere of the hotel, considering that it is located in the middle of Kuala Lumpur’s business district, is remarkable.

Our accommodation provided us with a great level of comfort. The spacious bedrooms, living rooms, en-suite bathrooms, and all other in-room amenities gave us more than what we needed. The up-to-date stylish designs of the Duta Suites and its dedicated Duta Lounge with all its complimentary drinks and snacks provided such a relaxing environment.

The hotel also has a notable restaurant that serves traditional and international cuisines. But if you’re looking for a peaceful outdoor activity, the hotel’s free-form pool also gave us a time to relax after spending hours roaming around the city’s iconic stops. We had a productive time keeping up with our fitness routine at the gym which always ended at the gym’s sauna. And speaking of holistic mind and body invigoration, the Charawon Spa met all our needs.

These and the welcoming staff primed us for a momentous overall experience. If there is one place where you could stay for that one-of-a-kind Kuala Lumpur experience, this is it.

hotel hotel

All the hotel’s 221 designer rooms are built for
the most relaxing stay in the middle of a bustling city

All the hotel’s 221 designer rooms are built for the most relaxing stay in the middle of a bustling city

One-Bedroom Suite

We initially had qualms about what our accommodation had in store for us since we usually book a suite whenever we travel. We ended up booking a one-night stay only with plans to look for other accommodation if bad comes to worse. But when our concierge opened the door for us, what we saw in our One-Bedroom Suite immediately changed our minds.

We were greeted by an upscale apartment-style living space! Our casual yet posh living room was an airy one. The comfy earth-toned sofa, the glass-top wooden centre table, and the wooden classic-styled cabinet complement each other.

And our bedroom? We could say that it had indeed one of the best beds we have ever slept on. Staying in this suite with a living room and bedroom balcony with a city view, what more could we ask for?

Two-Bedroom Suite

We could have settled in our One-Bedroom Suite for the duration of our stay, but who could turn down a no-fuss accommodation upgrade offer? So the next day, we found ourselves in a cosier and more comfortable Two-Bedroom Suite.

We relished everything in our new suite: a more spacious living room, two bedrooms, and yes, more space for each of us to wander around! The wooden furniture and super soft sofas are impeccable. The large TV set hooked to satellite channels in our living room made our indoor stay enjoyable. And since we were social media users, our killer wireless Internet connection made all our online transactions easier for us!

Two-Bedroom Deluxe Suite

The Two-Bedroom Deluxe Suite was an ideal accommodation for a bigger group or family. With two spacious bedrooms, two in-room bathrooms with bathtub, bedroom and living room balconies with idyllic cityscape views, and an equally spacious kitchen, the deluxe suite provides ultimate downtime and privacy.

The soft and homey king and twin sized beds definitely made an impression on us. The privacy we felt while sharing the warmth of the soft linens on top of a comfy bed was unparalleled. Despite the hustle and bustle happening below us on the busy Kuala Lumpur streets, we still felt like we were in our own home, which was amazing.

One-Bedroom Duta Suite

This might be the smallest among the Duta suites but the luxury it evokes was all it took to make up for its size. The suite was luxurious from every angle! We were amazed by how cosy the living room and the adjacent kitchen arrangement was. The whole suite was filled with natural light due to the large bedroom and living room glass doors that open up to give you a panoramic view of the magnificent city. The neutral-coloured draperies and sofas, as well as the dark-stained wood furniture add to the poshness of the whole accommodation.

A huge flat screen TV set with entertainment speakers in the living room and an equally large flat screen TV in the bedroom made the suite even more extraordinary. But the kitchen became our favourite part of the suite. It had all the amenities we needed during our stay.

Two-Bedroom Duta Suite

Aside from the spaciousness of every suite in this hotel, each accommodation also offers unique features such as the posh oversized headboards that made this Two-Bedroom Duta Suite a relaxing place.

The two tall glass panels on one side of the adjoining living room and kitchen area add to the airiness of the entire space. The living room gave us the much-needed comfort – we especially cherished the bonding time we spent there. The pampering brought about by the “monsoon” showers in each of the suite’s in-room bathrooms was also fabulous! We already knew where to stay on our next Kuala Lumpur journey.

Three-Bedroom Duta Suite

Whether you are considering to have a one-night or an extended stay with your family or friends, the Three-Bedroom Duta Suite will be the perfect accommodation for you. Each room of this lovely suite has a unique view of the city.

We liked the extensiveness of the suite’s rooms. Aside from the common living room, one room has its own sitting area where you can comfortably relax while watching your favourite TV shows. However, worthy of note on each of this suite’s room was the well-lit wardrobe cum vanity with a full-length sliding mirror. You don’t usually see something like this in a hotel suite.

Things to do

Wake up to a renewed you every day and
start yet another exciting journey

Wake up to a renewed you every day and start yet another exciting journey

Things to do

Indulge in a gastronomic journey at the Cafe@Lanson Restaurant

Tasting a local cuisine freshly made by expert chefs is a foodie’s best experience. This is what Cafe@Lanson is proud of. Their a la carte menus ranging from traditional Malaysian to international recipes are a must-try.

Things to do

Indulge yourself in a lavish head-to-toe pampering at the Charawon Spa

After spending long hours of leisurely touring around the exciting Kuala Lumpur, there’s no other way to relax your tired body than a tender loving touch of an expert spa staff at the Charawon Spa. An hour of a whole body massage at the spa left us completely invigorated. The special care we received was heavenly as we dozed off in the night without fuss until our early morning alarm went off during our last night at the hotel.

Things to do

Take a relaxing splash at the outdoor free-form pool

We created many good memories at Ambassador Row Hotel Suites’ outdoor free-form pool. The lush greeneries outside the hotel make a great backdrop for a relaxing morning, afternoon, and night swim. The hotel’s pool became our go-to place every night before taking our dinner at the hotel’s restaurant. This prepped us every time for our tranquil Kuala Lumpur evenings.

Fun Facts

Fun Facts


A dedicated lounge for special guests

Fun Facts

The Ambassador Row Hotel Suites has a dedicated lounge called Duta Lounge for its Duta Suites’ guests. What’s more, it is also found in a dedicated non-smoking floor. Duta guests can lounge here all day without worrying about snacks and drinks. The hotel has got it all covered for FREE!


Child-friendly hotel

Fun Facts

At Ambassador Row Hotel Suites, children are given equal importance. Aside from having spacious living areas inside the hotel’s accommodations where the children can run around, the hotel also has a children’s playroom. So, while the parents are taking care of their business, they can be sure that their children can also do what they love doing best – play!


The hotel provides E-concierge service

Fun Facts

Do you want to explore the city’s main attractions without blindingly searching for a reliable information? Don’t worry, the hotel will take care of it for you. The hotel has a comprehensive list of the city’s main hangouts, which include museums, best dining places, tourist spots, and exciting places around the hotel. The friendly and accommodating hotel staff will also provide you with the necessary travel information around the city.



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Necessary Travel Information

Ambassador Row Hotel Suites by Lanson Place is less than an hour drive away from Kuala Lumpur International Airport. The hotel provides shuttle service which you can avail upon booking. If you plan on going there by yourself, you can also take an Uber or taxi from the airport. The hotel has a 24-hour front desk, so you can get to the hotel anytime.

The Area

Ambassador Row Hotel Suites is ideally located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. You can boost your stay at the hotel by visiting the nearby main attractions of the city. The world-famous Petronas Twin Towers is just a 10- to 15-minute walk away from the hotel. At the base of the Petronas Twin Towers is the Suria KLCC, one of the largest shopping complexes in the world. Reward yourself with something from the centre’s fashion shops, watch a movie from one of Suria’s 12 movie theatres, visit an art gallery, and indulge in a scientific journey at the Science Discovery Centre, all at one place.

the area

The hotel is also within the vicinity of the Golden Triangle, Kuala Lumpur’s premier commercial, shopping, and entertainment district. If you love the ambience of a laid-back supermarket, head over to Hock Choon Supermarket. This international supermarket is located just next to Ambassador Row Hotel Suites and has been long catering to the local and expats living within the embassy enclave. For those who want to hang out with a hip crowd, you can go to Lot 10, a shopping mall that offers all things Japanese: from boutiques to gift shops that offer branded apparels, sports gear, and accessories. If, on the other hand, you are into museums, there are two places you can visit near the hotel, the National Museum of Malaysia in Jalan Damansara, and Museum of Islamic Art in Jalan Lembah Perdana.

the area
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