Red Coconut Beach Hotel

Red Coconut Beach Hotel

Boracay, Philippines

“Why not Red Coconut?”
“The front desk staff were so efficient that checking in and out were both a breeze.”





TripZilla Loves
  • Beachfront location
  • 24/7 Boracay beach live camera streaming
  • Beachfront swimming pool
  • In-house restaurant facing the White Beach
  • Free Wi-Fi access
  • Friendly and courteous staff

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The Hotel

After our hectic and tedious work week, we decided to have a spontaneous trip to our favourite getaway destination, Boracay! It was a break we badly needed, and the travel we’ve always wanted. As it was our second trip to Boracay as a group, we opted to stay where we have stayed before, Red Coconut Beach Hotel! It was a no-brainer choice, actually.

As usual, our stay at this unique hotel was an experience in itself. We didn’t really have to leave the resort to unwind. We literally had our own party venue in the hotel! Red Coconut Beach Hotel will always be our hotel of choice. Not only does it satisfy our party cravings, it also provides a haven for relaxation and comfort, perfect after a stress-filled week!

And not to mention, the hospitality that this hotel is famous for. From the moment they gave us their complimentary welcome drinks, up until they assisted us back to the airport, Red Coconut has nothing else but your comfort in mind. Kudos!

A distinctively top-notch beachfront resort
in the middle of Boracay’s happenings

The Rooms

Rustic yet equipped with modern facilities, the rooms and suites
guarantee guests a well-deserved holiday

Classic Room

During our first stay in Red Coconut a couple of years ago, we chose the Classic Room. The room was spacious and comfortably accommodated us. It featured a living area where we spent most of our time chatting and catching up with our personal lives outside work. It was also perfect for our late night laughing sessions while watching our favourite TV shows. We highly recommend this room type for those who are on a budget but would still like to experience luxury and comfort.

Deluxe Poolside Room

Since we wanted to be closer to the swimming pool area, we chose the Deluxe Poolside Room for our latest stay. It was amazing that the pool was just a few steps from our room! We can, literally, just change to our swimsuit and plunge right in! Although the room wasn’t as spacious as the Classic Room, the veranda with outdoor sitting area makes up for it. This was our favourite part of this room!

Deluxe Main Room

During our stay, we were lucky enough to meet the hotel manager. Upon knowing that we were repeat customers, he agreed to the tour we jokingly asked from him. Our first stop was the Deluxe Main Room, located in the main building of the hotel. Like the Deluxe Poolside, this room has a balcony which allowed us to have a partial view of the beautiful White Beach. It was breathtaking. The next time we will stay here, we will probably book this room.

Premier Beachview

Next stop was the Premier Beachview. We liked the view from the Deluxe Main Room but nothing beats the view of the White Beach that this room’s balcony provides. It was so stunning that we didn’t bother to whip out our phones and take Instagram shots because we wanted to be in that moment. It’s not every day that you get a grand view of the beautiful nature. The room is very spacious and can accommodate up to three persons.

Executive Room

The Executive Room will make you feel like an executive, indeed! The room is well-lit and professionally decorated giving it a balance of modern and traditional vibe. The two Queen-sized beds are just perfect for a small family or a group of friends. Our favourite part of the room? The very enticing bathtub. The moment we saw it, we wanted to strip off our clothes and just dip right it.

Family Room

Appropriately named, the Family Room is your best choice when you intend to travel with the entire family. With its two Queen-sized beds coupled with two additional single beds, the room can accommodate up to seven people without compromising space and comfort. The Family Room also has a living area that is equipped with satellite TV! We wished we brought our families when we checked this room.

Suite Room

If in the future, one of us will get married, we will definitely book the Suite Room for our honeymoon! This accommodation has its own private jacuzzi and a balcony that allows a generous view of the romantic sunset of Boracay. And, the King-sized bed is so huge and comfy, we’d surely make unforgettable couple memories here.

Presidential Suite

While the other resort accommodations have luxury written all over them, this is where we actually felt like VIPs! The ambience of the room gave us goosebumps! Imagine having your jacuzzi inside a private bedroom, separate from the living room and dining area. You can invite your friends inside your room without compromising privacy. And the best part, they have a large balcony facing the White Beach, which is perfect for sunbathing and afternoon cocktail sipping with friends.

Things To Do

You don’t have to go far to enjoy Boracay’s best offerings.
Red Coconut’s in-house facilities will already make your stay worthwhile!

Satisfy your party cravings at the Coco Bar

Since we needed to de-stress, it was inevitable that alcohol and partying were part of the remedy. Good thing we didn’t waste our time – we went straight to Coco Bar after we arrived late in the afternoon. It happens that Coco Bar has a happy hour from 4pm to 8pm where drinks are at a more reasonable price! In the afternoon, the place is not packed and the ambience of the bar is very relaxing. However, since Coco Bar is one of the most popular bars in the entire island, it can get really crowded at night, which is actually a good thing for partygoers like us! We met several foreign and local friends just by randomly talking to strangers. It might be the alcohol or the bar’s atmosphere, but everyone seems to be very friendly! A bit of a warning though, their signature cocktail, “The Brain Train”, will be the best thing that you will ever order in this bar, and it is very addictive. Insider Tip: Hotel guests get 10% discount on some items.

Feast in the delectable offerings of the Red Coconut Restaurant

Who can resist the sumptuous array of local and international dishes from the in-house restaurant’s menu? I know we weren’t able to! And not to mention, the restaurant is on the beachfront, where you have an amazing view of the sea. We always started our day at the Red Coconut with the appetising free buffet breakfast, serving food such as bacon, longganisa, various cereals and fresh fruits. Chefs are also ready to prepare omelettes and waffles for you. During our first stay at Red Coconut, we opted to dine outside for lunch and dinner because we wanted to taste what Boracay has to offer. But this time, we didn’t really have the energy to roam around. We just wanted to chill at the hotel so we decided to eat lunch at the Red Coconut Restaurant for the first time. It was a good decision because with the wide variety of choices on the menu and the great tasting food, we had no reasons to dine outside anymore! The food was inexpensive and with the grand view of the White Beach while eating, it became priceless! Insider Tip: Their French crepes are to die for!

Get your coffee and sweet fix at the Coco Cafe

Our afternoon breaks at the office are often spent drinking coffee at a nearby cafe. Since we didn’t want to have withdrawal symptoms from our caffeine addiction, we still went on with our routine while we were in Boracay! Thank God for Coco Cafe! Not only do they serve the best coffee in the island, but they also have delectable cakes, sandwiches, cocktails, and the famous halo-halo! With the perfect ambience and location, this was probably our favourite chill-out place in the entire hotel! Insider Tip: Try their specialty, Cococcino, and you’ll thank us later.

Fun Facts

Red Coconut is one of the
pioneer accommodations in
Boracay Island

Established in 1999, Red Coconut was one of the first hotels in the island that catered to tourists, long before the commercialisation Boracay is experiencing right now. Almost two decades after, Red Coconut is still maintaining its position as a prime choice for accommodation in the wide variety of options currently present in the island. In all fairness, when we found out that Red Coconut has been existing for almost 20 years, we were shocked. Because of the mix of well-maintained contemporary and traditional amenities, you will not think that it is as old as we are! The resort does not look its age. Kudos to the management and staff!


Even the owners are
unsure why Red Coconut is
named such

We talked to the General Manager and asked him about the origin of the name “Red Coconut”, which sounded bizarre because coconuts are mostly green. He told us that even the owners do not have a concrete explanation why it was named such. All they know is that they saw a red coconut on the site where the hotel now lies. But one thing is for sure, with our experience here in this hotel, we can definitely say that it is appropriately named! Like the red coconut, this hotel is a rare breed that can perfectly blend comfort and leisure ensuring that their guests will have the best stay in the island!


This is the first hotel in
Boracay that streams
Boracay beach live 24/7

Feeling like Big Brother? Or you just want to laze around in your room while viewing the beautiful sunset outside? Red Coconut Hotel has got it covered! With its 12-megapixel high definition camera, wide angle lens, and full streaming abilities, it will give you the perfect view of the beautiful White Beach. Most of the time, before we leave to lounge at the shore, we always check the live streaming just to make sure that it wasn’t too crowded, or it wasn’t too hot. Very helpful especially if you are a lazy bum like us!



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Necessary Travel Information

You can get to Boracay via two airports: Caticlan or Kalibo. In Caticlan, you can take a short tricycle ride or walk to the Caticlan Jetty Port and board a boat to Boracay island. If you are travelling via Kalibo, take a two-hour van or bus to the Caticlan Jetty Port.

The boat from mainland Caticlan will dock either in Cagban or Tambisaan Port. From there, you can rent a tricycle going to Red Coconut Hotel Boracay in Station 2.

The Area

Conveniently located in the centre of the island in Station 2, Red Coconut Beach Hotel will give you access to Boracay’s vibrant night scene, D’Mall, D’Talipapa, and the different adventures being offered in the island such as ATV rides, parasailing, banana boat riding, helmet diving and so much more!

You can also learn windsurfing with the professionals in Bulabog Beach, a five-minute stroll away from the famous White Beach. Just make sure the weather is conducive!

When in Boracay, you can explore the different beaches in the island by booking an Island Tour. This will introduce you to the lesser-known counterparts of the White Beach where the shores are as beautiful yet less commercialised.

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