Fridays Boracay

Fridays Boracay

Boracay, Philippines

“If it’s Boracay, it must be, and should always be, Fridays!”
“This has everything I have envisioned for my short staycation.”





TripZilla Loves
  • Beachfront location in Boracay’s Station 1
  • Professional, courteous and attentive staff
  • Tropical, exotic and native style cottages with all modern amenities
  • Freshwater swimming pool
  • Fast WIFI services available throughout the resort

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“The perfect island hideaway in the Philippines’ finest beach destination, Boracay”

After an exhausting week at work, we thought we deserve to pamper ourselves with a quick weekend getaway. And so, we booked a flight to our favourite beach destination, Boracay! We then searched for numerous accommodation options on the island and came across a highly-rated hotel named “Fridays”. The hotel seemed newly opened with gorgeous photos of tropical cabins with modern facilities, but to our surprise, it has been around for more than three decades! It was a complete no-brainer, we simply had to check this place out! We immediately booked our weekend with Fridays, and it was a decision that we were immensely glad we made.

“Fridays is perfectly positioned in the premier Station 1 in the beautiful White Beach of Boracay.”

Fridays is perfectly positioned in the premier Station 1 in the beautiful White Beach of Boracay. Its location made it an easy choice for laid-back tourists, travelling barkadas, and honeymooners who want to experience a romantic island getaway. To add to its natural charm, Fridays is also popular for its beachfront in-house restaurant and bars that will make any dining experience breathtaking.

This was not our first trip to Boracay, but thanks to the unique experience that Fridays brought us, we felt like we haven’t set foot on this island before. Are we coming back to Boracay? Definitely. Are we going to book with Fridays again? No doubt.`

“All rooms are distinctly native with Filipino styling – quaint yet with modern conveniences.”

Superior Room

Although this is Fridays’ most affordable room, it still lives up to its name. Experience superior amenities in your own private villa. It is mostly made up of wood and composed of native furnishing so, upon entering, it felt like our home away from home. Plus, the room is just a few steps from the beach. This is definitely worth more than what we paid for! This is where we spent our first night, and we must say that we were touched by the warm reception of the resort staff. Also, the welcome fruit basket did a huge favour to our diet!

Superior Beachview

A bit bigger than the Superior Room, the Superior Beachview gives you a full sea view of the beautiful Boracay shores in your own private veranda. Our favourite part? The hammock in the veranda where we spent most of our time talking, sipping a few drinks, and enjoying the heat of the sun.

Deluxe Room

Since we wanted a room that is more accessible to the resort’s swimming pool and courtyard, we finally settled down in their Deluxe Room. Compared to the Superior rooms, the Deluxe Room gives you a more modern vibe, but still preserves the traditional Filipino home atmosphere.

Premier Room

A day before we had to leave Boracay, two of our friends joined us. Since we wanted to be in the same room, we decided to upgrade to a Premier Room. The Premier Room features a king-sized bed and two single beds, perfect for barkadas and families. Although there were four of us, we never felt that the room was too crowded. After a long day at the beach, we were surprised to come back to a squeaky clean room with a box of chocolate truffles in our bed! We thought that we entered a different room but apparently, they give out homemade chocolates for their turn-down services. Good job, Fridays!

Premier Beachview

If you want a room that is very close to the beach, then the Premier Beachview is for you! We were lucky enough to have a preview of the room as we were searching for options. This room is very similar to the Premier Room except that it gives you the best view of the Boracay skyline.

Premier Suite

Now, this is where it gets fancy! Located on a hilltop, this four-person bedroom gives you a partial view of the sea. This room is almost triple the size of the less expensive Premier rooms and it also has its own veranda. What we loved most about this suite was their huge bathroom with elegant bath tub facing large floor-to-ceiling windows. Ahh, you can just imagine how relaxing and scenic this suite is!

Premier Suite Upper Level

Out of curiosity, we requested the resort’s manager to have a tour of the most expensive room. Expectedly, it has luxury written all over it. What really amazed us was the suite’s magnificent Cathedral ceilings, giving the entire space that royalty vibe and visually stunning atmosphere. The elegance of this room truly exudes, making us feel like real VIPs.

“Experience absolute leisure with Fridays Boracay’s wide array of facilities and services”

Feast on a sumptuous selection of food at their beachfront restaurant

While there are hundreds of options on where to eat in Boracay, Fridays’ in-house restaurant will provide you with a unique experience! Imagine yourself dining in a restaurant which serves a wide variety of dishes from Filipino and Asian to American, Mediterranean, and European, while enjoying the amazing view of the beach. Take advantage of their dinner buffet and their BBQ Extravaganza buffet every Friday.

For lunch, we ordered a bunch of seafood, but what stood out was the grilled lobster — the meat was tender and grilled to perfection! For snacks, we recommend the Friday Extravaganza Burger because it truly is extravagant and appetising. Fridays also has an in-house pastry chef who serves delectable desserts. Try their creme brulee, and you will thank us later!

Enjoy cocktails while watching the sunset

What better way to enjoy Fridays’ beachfront location than to watch the sunset while enjoying Fridays’ signature cocktails? The Beach Bar offers some of the region’s best cocktails at affordable prices. After a long day of swimming at the beach, we decided to watch the famous Boracay sunset. We observed some guests sipping cocktails while lounging at the beachfront and decided to follow suit. Luckily, we still made it to their happy hour which lasts from 3 to 6pm! We ordered six different cocktails and it was probably some of the best we’ve ever tasted. Must-try: the Go-Coconut cocktail and Frozen Margarita!

Spend Fridays with Fridays!

Fridays is named as such for a reason. Every Friday, they cook up several activities to entertain their guests — cultural shows, fire dances, and the famous BBQ extravaganza buffet! Fortunately, we arrived in Boracay on a Friday. We went to the activity area just to witness the fire dance, and of course, enjoy the barbeque, because we initially thought that we will be bored with the cultural show. But to our surprise, we were amazed by the showmanship of the dancers. They featured several traditional Filipino dances, music and costumes. We got in on the action and joined the dancers while they did the Tinikling, a Filipino dance wherein performers avoid getting hit by bamboo poles struck against each other. They handed out certificates and small souvenirs just for participating, even if the bamboo poles got us!

The name “Fridays” came from a classic book

We were under the impression that the place was named “Fridays” because of our favourite day of the week. We were so confident about it until one foreign guest we met during the trip bet against our “obvious” guess. Alas, the manager confirmed that we were indeed wrong. The name came from the 18th-century classic book written by Daniel Defoe. Have you ever heard the story of Robinson Crusoe? He was a castaway who was shipwrecked on a lost island, where he met a native he named “Friday”. The young man became Crusoe’s companion and assistant. This is the main goal of the Fridays Boracay – to be your companion and assistant during your vacation.

Fridays is one of the pioneer resorts in Boracay

Established their first two cottages in 1982, Fridays Boracay was a witness to how the island has developed into the booming tourist destination that it has become today. Fridays Boracay was one of the first few establishments who believed in the potential of Boracay to become a world-class destination. Despite its age, Fridays has kept up with the times and is still at par with their newer counterparts, still making it a top choice for accommodations in the island. We were surprised to know that the resort will be turning 35 this year because none of their rooms and facilities looks too old, and their amenities are still up-to-date.

Fridays has a mini-library of books donated by guests

Some tourists enjoy reading a good book whilst lounging around the shores of the beach feeling the sand between their toes. If this description fits you, but aren’t excited about the extra weight of the books you will be bringing, then worry not! Fridays has a variety of books in their mini-library that will satisfy your bookworm alter-ego. Most of the books here are donated by previous guests who wanted to leave their mark on the island. We did get to enjoy some of the books in their reading area. However, due to time constraints, we settled with skimming and scanning over the notes that the former owners left for future readers. Too bad, we weren’t aware of this before we came. We could have left a part of us on the island. Maybe next time!

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You can get to Boracay via two airports: Caticlan or Kalibo. Guests travelling via Caticlan can avail of the free airport-hotel transfer which is perfect for a hassle-free vacation. However, if in case you miss the free transfer, you can take a short tricycle ride or walk to the Caticlan Jetty Port and board a boat to Boracay island. If you are travelling via Kalibo, take a two-hour van or bus to the Caticlan Jetty Port.

The boat from mainland Caticlan will dock either in Cagban or Tambisaan Port. From there, you can rent a tricycle going to Fridays Boracay.

Hailed several times as the best island in the world, Boracay has become a highly sought-after destination for many tourists. The island boasts of its pristine beaches, water activities and vibrant nightlife. This makes Boracay a fitting destination for different kinds of travellers.

Far from the night scene, Fridays’ location in Station 1 makes it a place for relaxation, perfect for lazy beachgoers. But don’t worry! The party atmosphere of Stations 2 and 3 is just a quick stroll along the shores of the premier Boracay White Beach.

If you want to enjoy the shore without much interruption, book a boat trip and explore the 11 other beaches of the island, which are mostly tourist-free. If hiking fits your interest, take a power walk to the highest point on the island, Mt. Luho. Here, you will see a grand view of the island from the best perspective.

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