The Bellevue Resort Bohol

The Bellevue Resort Bohol

Bohol, Philippines

“A luxurious sanctuary with the coastal charm of Panglao Island”
“We were ooh-ing and ahh-ing as we walked into our swanky bedroom suite at The Bellevue Resort.”





TripZilla Loves
  • Dedicated service towards guests and the local community
  • Hospitable deaf and mute staff
  • Eco-friendly facilities and amenities
  • Infinity and dive pool for kids and adults

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The Hotel

“A high-class environment-friendly resort with a passion for the community”

The moment we set foot in Tagbilaran Airport, we weren’t sure what to expect. The Bellevue Resort Bohol’s staff did a wonderful job at treating us with such warmth but arriving at the resort was something else. With the perfect mix of blue and green hues, the resort itself made us feel transported elsewhere. It was enough to convince us that we would have a grand time here, and that it would be heartbreaking to leave. True enough, we still can’t stop talking about how incredible and heart-warming our stay was at The Bellevue Resort Bohol up to now.

Hotel Lobby

“With the perfect mix of blue and green hues, the resort itself made us feel transported elsewhere.”

Hotel Restaurant

Beach Front

This first-class resort stands out not just because of its beauty and world-class service but also because of its heart and compassion for social responsibility. It felt good knowing that we stayed in a resort that helps persons with disabilities (we were welcomed and served by deaf and mute personnel) and assists clean and green projects within their community. No surprise they won the prestigious ASEAN Green Hotel Award!

Beach Front


“Enjoy total privacy and comfort in their spacious, elegant rooms”
Superior Twin Room

The Superior Twin Room may be the cheapest and smallest room in the lot but, we swear we never felt undervalued the moment we walked into the room! It’s still very spacious, and as its name suggests, it comes with two twin beds plus a bathtub.

The day hasn’t started for us yet but we were quite sure we were in for an exciting day of sun and sand, and seeing the luxurious bath almost made us drool!

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Superior Twin Room

Deluxe Room

Just in case you wanted to have a little more space to move around like we did, there is also an option to upgrade to the Deluxe Room. We were very happy with the bed choices. Since we were out with friends, we opted to look into the version with two Queen beds. However, if we were to come back here with our significant others, opting for the huge King bed would be the first thing in our minds!

Who wouldn’t want to have THAT much space to cuddle in with your special one, right? Then again, if you’re travelling solo, the huge bed is still perfect!

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Deluxe Room

Deluxe Ocean View Room

You know what made our whole experience in this luxury resort a whole lot better? Waking up in the morning and being greeted by the glorious sunrise and an awesome view of Panglao Island right from our balcony! It’s possible to experience this one without opting for the most expensive rooms.

We absolutely love the ocean views here, plus the standard bathroom with a bathtub sounds like the best complement to our Bohol staycation!

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Deluxe Ocean View Room

Junior Suite

Now, let’s jazz up your stay a little bit more, shall we? Nothing spells luxury like a suite room does and, if you want just that, you can check out the Junior Suite! We were even more delighted to see that there is so much space here — it felt like being at home even though we were miles away. The combination of a King bed, a balcony and a bathtub was perfect for some cuddle time (alone time works well, too).

However, if you are an outgoing person and are expecting guests over (we pretended we did), there’s also the living area for you!

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Junior Suite

Bellevue Suite with Jacuzzi

Here’s the best of the best in luxury rooms here at the Bellevue in Bohol! We were already introduced to the King bed and bathroom with bathtubs, so we were like, meh, what else could be new here? Sure this one also has a balcony with an ocean view but you know what beats all the others? An outdoor Jacuzzi! It wasn’t long before we stepped right in and relaxed our sights to the beautiful view and, ahhh...the rest of our senses. We nearly forgot there was still the rest of the room (and the hotel) to enjoy!

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Bellevue Suite with Jacuzzi

Things To Do

“Explore the world under the sea and experience Bohol’s culture and food like a local”
Local Cuisine + Themed Dinners

There are so many ways to get your fill at this luxury resort in Panglao. Let us count the ways…

First up, we had a huge breakfast at the Lamian Restaurant whose breakfast buffet is open from 7am to 10am. There was so much to do on our first whole day at the resort so we made sure to grab the typical Filipino fare of dried dilis and squid dipped in suka complemented with garlic rice. Does that sound mouthwatering enough? If you’re not so much of a coffee person like us, you can opt to order a thick hot choco made from local tablea, then pair it with ensaymada. Yum!

The day had just started and we were already starving from doing so many activities at the beach. We headed over to the Marea Restaurant and opted to enjoy lunch outside (don’t worry, you can choose to stay in an airconditioned area). We tried to be adventurous with our choices and ordered Ginataang Donsol, Balbacua, Nilarang na Pagi and Seafood Laksa. There were so many options in the menu that it took us a while to figure out which one to eat. We made sure to top off our hearty lunch with the Bellevue Tropical Coconut Pudding, too!

We love all things food but our favourite part about dining in Bellevue Resort is their themed dinner buffets! Thursday is Barrio Fiesta night, Friday is all about seafood while Saturdays are for international cuisines. We were in an island so it was natural to expect a LOT of seafood dishes, and we weren’t disappointed. Among our favourites that night included the grilled squid, shrimp, crabs and fish but we also didn’t stay away from the grilled pork! We weren’t in for a wild night of partying here but after all the activities, the food and a tall glass of halo-halo at dinner, we were so ready to hit the sack. *Hint: Be sure to wear something loose!*

We also had the chance to enjoy a few signature cocktails at the Flujo Bar on another night, which is a great alternative to end your day. And, there’s nothing better than lounging by the pool while looking at the stars after a long day of water activities.

Playground for Kids

Now, this luxury resort isn’t just designed for solo travellers or couples on a romantic getaway. We didn’t get to bring our families this time around but we saw a lot of other guests who did!

We had the chance to check the Bellevue Kids Playroom where kids of all ages can watch movies, play basketball arcade, Playstation, air hockey, table tennis and many more. Okay, let’s be honest, we spent around an hour or more here — it was just such a fun place to play at and be a kid again!

Playground for Adults

While the kids play, the adults won’t get left behind as there are plenty of things to do around the hotel. One of the things that greeted us when we arrived here was the stunning infinity and dive pool. It wasn’t long until we also set our eyes on the 250-metre white sand beach which was only a few steps away from the pool. We made sure to burn all the food we ate and enjoyed Frisbee and soccer by the beach. With so much water in our sights, we can’t resist doing fish feeding, island hopping and even diving! After all our energy has been nearly spent, we took the chance to lounge by the pool with a cocktail in hand before trying out the relaxing massage offered at the Azurea Spa.

Fun Facts

Deaf and mute employees

They currently have five deaf and mute employees in the mix who are getting the same compensation as the other staff. Most of their employees are also trained to communicate in sign language. They were super friendly to us and even taught us a few basic signs. The Bellevue Bohol definitely takes social responsibility up a notch!

Deaf and mute employees

Environment-friendly resort

They believe in good karma which is why they make sure to take eco-friendly approaches in their operations. They use LED lights, recycle their water waste into water for flushing and watering plants, turn their leftover meals into piggery food and sell their non-bios for the LGUs. Not only that, they have started planting corals and mangroves around town and has even ventured into growing organic vegetables in their greenhouse. They surely didn’t bag the ASEAN Green Hotel Award for nothing!

Knowing all these, we felt the sudden responsibility to reduce waste and recycle what we thought were trash like plastic bags and empty bottles of water. If The Bellevue Resort Bohol can, why can’t we?

Environment-friendly resort

Passion for education and the community

There’s still a lot of room for praise for The Bellevue Bohol. Did you know that about 70-80% of its employees are locals? Not only does this luxury accommodation provide employment for the Boholanos, they also make sure to give back to their community. To date, they have built two school houses with additional classrooms, subsidises a preschool, and sponsors scholars from the world-renowned Loboc Children’s Choir.

We got to talk with the local employees about The Bellevue Resort’s effort to help the environment and the community and they have nothing but compliments for the resort. We loved that this place does not just make things luxurious for its guests but also for the people around the property!

Passion for education and the community



Necessary travel Information

There are two major ways to get to Bohol:

Via air – There are several airline companies offering multiple flights from Manila to Tagbilaran City, the capital of Bohol. Travel usually takes around an hour and 15 minutes.

Via sea – You can also reach the Tagbilaran City Port from Dumaguete, Cebu, Manila, Cagayan de Oro and Dipolog.

Give The Bellevue Resort Bohol a heads-up on how you will be arriving in Bohol so they can pick you up and bring you to their beautiful resort.

Travel Information

Things To Do In The Area

Bohol may be a small and conservative place but it certainly does not lack in natural and manmade attractions. One of the most recommended things to do in the island is to visit the stunning Chocolate Hills, which got its name from the colour it turns into during the summer. Don’t miss the chance to say hi to the cute Tarsiers too — it’s one of the smallest primates in the world!

If you are the adventurous type, go ATV riding around the countryside or take a literal Plunge in Danao, where you do a 45-metre free fall before going on a hundred-metre diametre pendulum swing. Cool, huh?

Complete your Bohol getaway with an immersive gastronomic feast at the Loboc River floating restaurant. If you still can’t get enough of food indulgence, feast on Bohol Bee Farm’s organic dishes and tempting ice cream selections with unique flavours. Malunggay ice cream, anyone? We were enjoying The Bellevue Resort Bohol so much — Who wouldn’t? The resort is an attraction in itself — that we ran out of time to do all these activities around Bohol. With that, we can’t wait to be back soon, with our families and significant others this time around! Of course, we’d still choose to stay at this one-of-a-kind resort.

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The Bellevue Resort Bohol
Barangay Doljo Panglao Island, Panglao City,
Bohol, Philippines
Tel: (63) 38 422 2222

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