Here's A List Of Things To Do In Kuala Lumpur International Airport!

Why not stay at the airport hotel?

It’s always a pleasure to visit Malaysia, especially when you begin and end your vacation with a bang. Lucky for you, we’re giving you a list of things to do in Kuala Lumpur airport for you to have the best travel experience! Here’s the most important thing: choose the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA and klia2) as your port of entry and exit. There’s plenty of exciting things to do in Kuala Lumpur airport and more than enough opportunities for you to enjoy and relax as you wait for your flight. 

Want to sleep? They’ve got room for you. Need a shower? You’re covered. Are you hungry? Eat your heart out! You can do all these and more in elegance and convenience thanks to the largest Kuala Lumpur airport yet. If you want to know more about these airport perks, read on!

1. Take it easy with an Aerotel Kuala Lumpur airport staycation

kuala lumpur airport Image credit: Aerotel Kuala Lumpur

Guess what — klia2 features a mall which features a hotel! The Aerotel Kuala Lumpur hotel is bedazzled with oh so wonderful things: four types of luxurious rooms, a charming ambience, their Premium Lounge smelling of mouth-watering cuisine, and the BAR to get a healthy kick of booze. But more of the lounge and bar later. Because if you’re curious about the rooms, you have all the reason to be!

kuala lumpur airport Double Squared | Image credit: Aerotel Kuala Lumpur 

Select a room after your own heart in Aerotel Kuala Lumpur not only to wait out a flight, but to get some real R&R. The Solo Plus, as you can tell, is made for single travellers who value their peace and quiet. The Double Plus is more spacious and can sleep couples looking for memorable stays. On the other hand, Double Squared is a great choice for a group of friends to have slumber parties, and the Family Room should be the first choice of any family who wants to take it easy with a staycation — especially before connecting flights — to regain their strength for the long journey ahead. 

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kuala lumpur airport Solo Plus | Image credit: Aerotel Kuala Lumpur

All these rooms are well-appointed with fluffy bedding, hot showers and amenities, WiFi, and everything else that you’ll find in a world-class hotel outside the Kuala Lumpur airport. But you don’t need to step outside klia2 anymore. You just need to book a room in Aerotel Kuala Lumpur!

So, what to do if you have a long layover in Malaysia and didn’t make reservations? Become a walk-in guest in Aerotel Kuala Lumpur! From 1 July 2019 to 20 September 2019, walk-in guests can avail of the Solu Plus or Double Plus room with a complimentary meal. You can stay as early as 8am and leave as late as 6pm! The best part? Discounted rates are EXCLUSIVELY offered to walk-in guests!


2. Dine, work, and play in the Premium Lounges

things to do in kuala lumpur airport Image credit: Plaza Premium Lounge

Plenty of airports around the world have lounges, but only a few come close to the lounges in KLIA and klia2. Would you believe that there are five premium lounges all in all? Two in KLIA and three in klia2. No more running out of seats or waiting for a vacant spot, because these lounges offer an impressive list of services that you’ll want to try while you’re in the Kuala Lumpur airport. Let’s go over them one by one!


Plaza Premium Lounge

This lounge features food and beverage with vegetarian options, a bar, lounge bay, charging station, and even shower facilities! Seems like everything you could need in a lounge, right? But it gets even better. 

Plaza Premium First

things to do in kuala lumpur airport Image credit: Plaza Premium First

As Malaysia’s flagship airport lounge, passengers of any travel class are welcome in Plaza Premium First. It’s equipped with all the perks of Plaza Premium Lounge. But here’s an added bonus — draught beer. Yup, you can get your hearty share of beer in this cosy and spacious lounge while watching your favourite sports channel on the TV. Don’t forget to try their brewed coffee and exquisite selection of freshly cooked meals, all the while enjoying an impressive view of the airport runway!


Plaza Premium Lounge next to Gate L8, Terminal klia2

While waiting for your flight, be productive. This lounge has comfortable cushioned seating, charging ports, and tables for those travelling on business. In addition, you’ll have access to complimentary WiFi, made-to-order hot food selections, brewed coffee, and other beverages. They have everything you need so no work goes unattended!

Plaza Premium Lounge opposite Aerotel Kuala Lumpur

Klia2 takes things up a notch by providing you with this lounge found in their mall, gateway@klia2. Besides having easy access to a shopping centre, it has all the things a passenger could want such as a nap lounge, shower facilities, food and beverage selection, work stations, and even 24 private resting suites for flexible hours of rest. The best part is that it’s just a stone’s throw away from Aerotel Kuala Lumpur. 

Tip: If you’re travelling to expand your network or celebrate a special occasion with your travel buddies, check out Aerotel BAR! It’s just adjacent to Plaza Premium Lounge, equipped with all the boozy essentials and coffee selection you need. This is also the coolest place to chow down on some snacks as you enjoy the latest entertainment on TV. Now that’s a bonding session made easy!

Plaza Premium Lounge beside Aerotel Kuala Lumpur

Plaza Premium Lounge Image credit: Plaza Premium Lounge

As if things couldn’t get any better, you’ll find this lounge right beside the iconic hotel! It’s equipped with all the benefits all lounges mentioned above have. But this one uniquely features a live-kitchen with a cook-to-order menu for your ultimate gastronomic enjoyment. It also offers one VIP room and meeting facilities that can accommodate 22 people. Talk about bleisure!

3. Grab a bite in Flight Club, KLIA

Flight Club Image credit: Plaza Premium Lounge

Kuala Lumpur airport's Flight Club, found on the Mezzanine Level in KLIA, serves healthy drinks and meals in a charming café-like environment. Though they do have a buffet you can help yourself to, you can also order from their healthy a la carte selections for a lighter yet equally satisfying dining experience. Flight Club puts emphasis on herb and seed ingredients such as rosemary, oregano, chia seeds, and flaxseeds; on top of that, they serve Instagram-worthy plating that makes each dish look simply irresistible!

Plaza Premium Lounge Image credit: Plaza Premium Lounge

Fitness buffs will go crazy over their cold-pressed juices, salads, and pasta. But of course, you can still look forward to heavier options like roast chicken, fries, and beef. Flight Club’s cosy ambience also makes it appealing to travellers who are looking for a quiet place to kill some time or even catch up on some work.

4. Experience the Green Market, Terminal klia2

Green Market Image credit: Plaza Premium Lounge

Health is wealth, and KLIA’s healthy dining options don’t stop at Flight Club. The Green Market in klia2 is your go-to restaurant for a mix of Japanese and Korean cuisine cooked with the freshest vegetables from Cameron Highlands, known for their vegetable farms, in Pahang, Malaysia. Whether you’re ordering from the breakfast or lunch menu, the salads, noodles, bibimbap, and rotisserie chicken are sure to be served with a hefty dose of high-quality greens and nutrient juices!

things to do in kuala lumpur airport Image credit: Plaza Premium Lounge

To make these juices, the chefs in Green Market practice slowly pressing the fresh fruits so as to minimise oxidation. Try the different fruit blends to your heart’s content — from cucumber, celery, lemon, apple, carrot, to beetroot — you’ll be surprised how many fruits can be mixed in one refreshing drink. You can even watch the chefs at work in the restaurant’s open kitchen!

5. Unwind in TheBAR, Terminal klia2

TheBAR Image credit: Plaza Premium Lounge

Keep it fancy and try more of KLIA’s world-class beverages in klia2’s TheBAR at level 3, International Departures near gates P & Q. You have three main stations at your disposal: the Juice Bar, Wine & Beer Bar, and Tapas Bar! TheBAR has its fair share of in-demand alcoholic drinks like Heineken, Pina Colada, Bacardi, Smirnoff, Jack Daniel, so on and so forth! 

things to do in kuala lumpur airport Image credit: Plaza Premium Lounge

If you’d rather stick with healthier alternatives, you can mix and match freshly squeezed fruits like green apple, guava, and orange, or you can go for their Earl Grey, Natural Green, and English Breakfast tea. Don’t you worry, they have comfort food to pair with your drink of choice such as chicken, potatoes, salads, and hotdog sandwiches!

6. Shop in gateway@klia2

gateway@klia2 Image credit: gateway@klia2

It’s hard to believe that a holistic mall can be found inside an airport, but Malaysia makes it happen with gateway@klia2. Whether you’re truly shopping or just window shopping, walking around this huge mall is one satisfying experience. A collection of premium brands and sartorial trends is waiting to be discovered. Then do a beauty addict’s ritual of checking any new skincare and makeup products worth the splurge. There’s even a section for gadgets, optics, lounges, and a traveller’s best friend — currency exchange!

7. Soothe your aching muscles in the spa

kuala lumpur airport wellness spa Image credit: Plaza Premium Lounge

When you have a long flight ahead, a trip to the spa should also be at the top of your to-do list in Kuala Lumpur airport. 

Head to KLIA’s Wellness Spas and remove all that tension from body! They have one branch in KLIA and another in klia2, both accessible to passengers departing on international flights. These spas offer a range of therapeutic services like massage treatments, reflexology, and nail care. 

things to do in kuala lumpur airport Image credit: Plaza Premium Lounge

You can even hop in a private shower and resting suite after your pampering session. There’s no harm in spoiling yourself right before a flight; besides, it’s hard to be this relaxed on your journey in the air. So collect all the zen you can as you sprawl on that massage bed and meditate in the spa’s lounge bay. After all, tranquillity and restfulness are one of Kuala Lumpur airport’s speciality!

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See, there’s a plethora of things to do in Kuala Lumpur Airport — KLIA and klia2, to be exact! But of all these, booking a stay with Aerotel Kuala Lumpur will already give you the biggest bang for your buck. Think of it this way, while you’re staying in Aerotel, you can quickly avail of all the other perks that Kuala Lumpur International Airport has to offer. You need only to step out of your room, because everything else would literally be at your doorstep!

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