9 Resorts in the Philippines to Cure Your Festive Season Hangover

Shake it off!

Can’t get over with the festive season hangover just yet? Believe me, you are not alone. Most of us feel that way, too. After all the partying, buffets, series of all-nighters, who says shaking it off would be easy? I bet what you need is a quiet place where you can unwind and gather all your senses back. Fret not! There are places in the Philippines that could help you get around it in no time.

Check out these stunning resorts in the Philippines and let ‘em rubdown your hangover and say, “I shook it off just like that!”

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1. Flower Island Resort, Palawan

resorts philippines festive season hangover Image credit: Flower Island Resort

When it comes to stunning unspoilt beaches and islands, Palawan will never fail to amaze you. Flower Island Resort located in Taytay, Palawan is yet another of its pristine islands. Untouched coral reefs brimming with marine life abound in the island. You can go snorkelling here at your heart’s content, or you can while away your time hiking or cycling around the island to burn the booze and some extra calories acquired during the lengthy festive season.

2. Infinity Resort & Spa, Puerto Galera, Occidental Mindoro

Rest, recharge, and invigorate. These are the things that you could think of after stepping inside Infinity Resort & Spa in Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro. Unique poolside recliners, amazing infinity pool, and relaxing spa treatments will surely make you cool down in no time.

The resort’s clever architecture and homey ambience exude a peaceful feeling like no other. The overall resort view is no less than spectacular at every angle. Whatever pleases the eyes pleases the senses as well. Let this place help you step out of your holiday hangover in a flash.

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3. Secret Paradise Resort & Turtle Sanctuary, Palawan

Set in a secluded cove in Palawan in between lush tropical forests, Secret Paradise Resort & Turtle Sanctuary will surely give you the peace and quiet that you are longing for after emerging from a lot of shindigs during the festive season. Swimming with exotic sea turtles, kayaking, snorkelling, watching a breathtaking sunset, and having time all for yourself during your stay will definitely prep you for the challenges of the new year.

4. Antulang Beach Resort, Siaton, Negros Oriental

Antulang Beach Resort Image credit: Antulang Beach Resort

Looking for a cool down in a world-class yet relaxing environment? Antulang Beach Resort in Siaton, Negros Oriental is the place to be! The resort has all the amenities for a much-needed relaxation, including heated outdoor jacuzzis perfect for calming the weary nerves. In addition, the resort also has ledges suspended on sheer cliffs that will give you a sweeping view of a seemingly endless sea in front of you. Winding staircases from the ledges will lead you directly down to a long stretch of a secluded white sand beach of Antulang. The beach area is a perfect place to relax with only the constant sound of the waves caressing the shore keeping you company.

5. The Forest Camp Nature Resort, Valencia, Negros Oriental

The Forest Camp Nature Resort in Valencia, Negros Oriental is worth checking out if you want ultimate bliss after a lot of indulgence this past festive season.

Away from the hustle and the bustle of the concrete jungle, this peaceful paradise will let you experience nature at its best. The resort has natural pools, a clean river with refreshingly cold waters rushing down from the mountains, and a one-of-a-kind waterfall. Let nature heal your festive season hangover at Forest Camp Nature Resort.

6. Anika Island Resort, Bantayan, Cebu

Anika Island Resort Image credit: Anika Island Resort

If your idea of relaxation after an indulging festive season is the sand, sea, and sky, you can’t go wrong at Anika Island Resort in Sta. Fe, Bantayan Cebu.

The resort’s peaceful tropical ambience, powdery white sands, and clear blue waters will provide a perfect backdrop for a blissful stay. Gather your senses back through a lot of fun and relaxing activities, such as cycling around the property and hiking. And if you don’t want to do anything, you can just lie down on one of the resort’s many sun loungers for as long as you want. A day at this tropical destination will certainly kick your festive season hangover away.

7. Santiago Bay Garden & Resort, Camotes Island, Cebu

Santiago Bay Garden & Resort in Camotes Island, Cebu is a resort where nature is still at its best. White sand beach, turquoise waters, and lush greeneries keep the resort one of the most beautiful and relaxing places to visit on the island. The hospitality in this place is amazingly high as well due to the friendly staff and cordial locals. You will definitely nurse your tired body back to the optimum level here.

8. Amontay Beach Resort, Nasipit, Agusan del Norte

Amontay Beach Resort Image credit: Amontay Beach Resort

Although Amontay Beach Resort doesn’t have white sands, it doesn’t mean you can’t relax here. First up, the resort has thick greeneries along the beach. The tree-lined seashore provides a cool ambience that could make for a relaxing stay. The colourful Balinese-inspired cabanas along its shores are perfect venues for an all-day relaxation. On top of its beautifully designed swimming pool, the resort also offers fun water rides, which include stand up paddle boarding and aqua bike if you want some open water fun.

9. Del Carmen Beach & Swimming Pool, Lagonglong, Misamis Oriental

Del Carmen Beach & Swimming Pool is not your ordinary beach resort. Aside from the usual swimming pool, the resort has a lot of fun water activities. There you can enjoy the fairly unheard of bubble walk, tremor, and flyboard, while you splash on the resort’s clear blue waters inside their famous water park. They also have native huts and cottages to beat.

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After a long, eventful, and hearty festive season, you need everything to just simmer down. Choose one of these destinations and start the year right!

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