7 Amazing Glamping Bubbles You Should Stay At Once in Your Life

If you haven’t gone glamping all these years, these amazing glamping bubbles will give you a memorable first-time experience.

Glamping has been making waves across the globe for some time now. Glamping is the best way of having an authentic experience of the most jaw-dropping sceneries a place can offer, especially if you’re spending it in a glamping bubble. These bubbles will let you experience living in a hotel-esque accommodation and a camping tent all at the same time, giving you the best of both worlds. And if you haven’t gone glamping all these years, this new year is the best time to do it.

Go give your new year a boost through these awe-inspiring glamping bubbles around the world.

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1. Buubble Lodge (5 Million Star Hotel), Iceland

Image credit: Bubbles Iceland

Founded by one of Iceland's foremost tour guides, Robert Robertsson, Buubble Lodge turns your dream of seeing the Northern Lights and the midnight sun into reality. This exotic destination in the land of ice and snow just outside Reykjavik, Iceland provides an unhampered view between you and the mesmerising northern skies.

Whether you like to see the famous Northern Lights during winter or you just have to be one with nature during summer, this Five Million Star Hotel's transparent bubbles will provide a perfect spot for you. Your bubble will give you the warmth of your home and the comfort of a hotel, while you spend your time in a dream-like state enjoying the Icelandic wilderness. Buubble Lodge is the closest place to the stars you can get. So, what are you waiting for?

Bubble room rates start at approximately $275 per night.

2. Campera Hotel Burbuja, Ensenada, Mexico

Image credit: Campera Hotel

Mexico's pride, Campera Hotel Burbuja, is an ideal glamping destination if you are into wine and wilderness. Nestled among the vineyards of Ensenada, this eco-friendly glamping destination will leave you stupefied by the Mexican skies at night and gives you a chance to enjoy Valle de Guadalupe's wineries at daytime.

The hotel has both glamping bubbles and suites. The suite gives you more privacy by having its own bathroom. Both accommodations have full-sized beds and luxurious linens that await you.

Bubble room rates start at approximately $180 per night.

3. Aire de Bardenas, Tudela, Spain

Image credit: Aire de Bardenas

When you think of Spain, bullfights and flamencos come to mind almost instantaneously, right? But did you know that Spain also has some of the world's surreal glamping bubbles? Yes, that's right! The Aire de Bardenas in Tudela, Spain has glamping bubbles lifted right out of fantasy books.

Tudela's Mars-like semi-desert gives Aire de Bardenas's bubbles their glamour, and the incredible Bardenas Reales Natural Park provides a stunning view. What's more, the bubbles are fitted with bathrooms, mini-bar, WiFi, and electricity! Also, the hotel has a lot of outdoor activities which include wine tasting and guided park tours.

Bubble room rates start at approximately $310 per night.

4. Forest Dome, Enniskillen, Ireland

glamping bubbles Image credit: Finn Lough Resort

Ireland's mystical forests have been vividly captured in many fairy tale books and movies. They make many of us think of what really is in there that caught the attention of the world's bestsellers and award-winning movie producers. Thanks to Finn Lough Resort, you can now explore and experience the mystique of one of Ireland's magical forests through its glamping bubbles.

Finn Lough's seven head-turner bubbles let you immerse in a fantasy world experience inside and out. On top of providing you with a first-hand magical forest experience, Forest Domes are equipped with modern facilities, such as underfloor heating, four-poster beds with heated mattresses, Ferrari fabrics, and all other five-star hotel amenities. The resort is also complete with a spa and a water sports centre where you can rent kayaks and fishing equipment, as well as an airsoft arena and miles of woodland trails to while away your day after a night of watching a dream-like Irish sky.

Forest Dome room rates start at approximately $250 per night.

5. Nuit-Nature, Combloux, France

Image credit: Nuit Nature

Do you think you've been to the most romantic places on Earth? Wait until you spend a night or two glamping at the Nuit Nature in Combloux, France. Nuit Nature's glamping bubbles offer you a one-of-a-kind romantic experience surrounded by nature high up in the Combloux area overlooking Mont Blanc, France's highest peak in the Alps. The place screams romance!

Nuit Nature's glamping bubbles are completely transparent giving you an unhampered view of the majestic nature around you. The bubbles are fitted with double beds, a posh duvet plus warm blankets during winter, and dining equipment. And for a more romantic stay, you can surprise your partner with food and champagne having delivered right at your doorstep, not to mention your requested soft music to be played exclusively for you! There is no better place to pamper your partner than a stay at a Nuit Nature bubble.

Bubble room rates start at approximately $445 per night.

6. Bubble Lodge, Bois Chéri, Mauritius

Image credit: Bubble Lodge

Most people think of Africa as one of the most unforgiving places on the planet. But that's only half the truth. The other half is that Africa is also a place where you can spend a night or two in the most relaxing and most memorable outdoor experience known to outdoor enthusiasts right now, the Bubble Lodge in Bois Chéri, Mauritius.

The island-nation stays under the radar most of the time, and that's what exactly gives this place its exotic and exciting feel. Bubble Lodge's bubbles will give you an idea how wonderful life in Mauritius is, especially at night. Lush African jungles, formidable mountains, and lots of pristine beaches, all of these you can experience at the Bubble Lodge in Bois Chéri. This place will also let you experience living in a three-bubble suit. Yes, you read it right. This suite has one semi-transparent main bedroom bubble, a fully transparent living room bubble, and an opaque bathroom bubble.

Bubble suite rates start at approximately $365 per night.

7. Maison Bulles, Pont-Saint-Esprit, Gard, France

Image credit: Maison Bulles

The Maison Bulles or “Bubble Houses” in France’s wine country of Pont-Saint-Esprit will give you three things to remember for the rest of your life: a rustic experience, unique accommodation, and a charming adventure.

These bubble houses have the comfort of the usual hotel rooms. To top it all off, these bubbles will give you an unobstructed view of the pretty French sunset, will let you experience sleeping under the stars with nothing between you but the transparent roofs, and let you wake up to another day embraced in the tender care of nature. Each bubble is also equipped with an observation chart and a telescope for a closer look at the stars and the vast skies at night.

If you are looking for an unusual and romance-filled getaway, Maison Bulles is the place to be. Each bubble's transparent cocoon will ultimately give you a feeling of isolation for a carefree nighttime date with the Milky Way.

Bubble room rates start at approximately $170 per night.

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Whether you are going to a forest, a desert, or an ice-packed glamping destination, these glamping bubbles will ensure once-in-a-lifetime experience. And whether you are an adventurous, intrepid, or a timid glamper, each bubble glamping experience will satiate the wanderlust in you.

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