Coron Checklist: 10 Things to Do on Your First Visit

First time in Coron? Complete all these top activities!

I have only gone to Coron once, years ago, and yet its beauty and uniqueness left such an impression on me that I never forgot what I felt when I first visited. I was awed by such a colourful and vibrant marine life, and to have simply relaxed under the clear sapphire sky at a beach or on a boat while the cool breeze kissed my face was more than enough for me to be won over by all that Coron was, and still is — one of the most beautiful beach destinations in the world. But of course there’s a lot more that Coron has to offer, and so many more things to do in this wanderlust-inspiring place.

On your first visit, make sure you tick everything off this list!

1. Go island hopping

coron checklist Image credit: Club Paradise Palawan

A top activity in Coron is definitely island hopping ! Through this, you’ll see more of Coron’s marine biodiversity and its breathtaking sceneries which all look like they literally popped out from a postcard. Dimalanta Island, for example, is known for its teeming flora and corals. Diatoy Island, on the other hand, is a perfect place to take family photos because of the clear blue water, white sand, and lush greenery. There are so many beautiful islands where you can witness the ocean’s wide landscape from different angles.

To make your island hopping trip smooth, grab Club Paradise Palawan’s island hopping tour , where snacks, snorkelling masks, fins, and life jackets are all provided to ensure that you get the best service when exploring these unique and private natural playgrounds.

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2. Explore the underwater world

coron things to do Image credit: Club Paradise Palawan

You do not leave Palawan, let alone Coron, without going underwater to see its beautiful sea creatures. Make sure you snorkel, or better yet, dive to see the coral reefs and fish life that's even more colourful than rainbows and glitters. This is also your chance to encounter the unique Dugong, nature's only herbivorous marine mammal.

coron things to do first visit Image credit: Club Paradise Palawan

A popular snorkelling destination you shouldn’t miss in Coron is Siete Pecados. Tourists have called Siete Pecados a “haven” or “underwater bliss” for the marine biodiversity found beneath its clear waters. This site is teeming with starfish, different fish species, and tropical colourful reefs. Because the water is so clear, you’ll already see the schools of fish from where you’re seated on your boat even without submerging yourself in the water. Sounds awesome and exciting, doesn’t it? It would even be better if you bring an underwater camera to preserve your memories of this beautiful diving spot.

Image credit: Club Paradise Palawan

If you're up for all these underwater adventures, Club Paradise Palawan is a great accommodation that organises water activities such as snorkelling and diving . They even give courses for diving beginners. They'll take you to diving spots like APO Reef where you see Red Tooth Triggers, Banner Fish, and Blue Tooth Tuna, and to Caluit Island where you can see dugongs which are rarely spotted anywhere else.

3. Dive deeper into the WWII Japanese shipwrecks

Image credit: Club Paradise Palawan

You can immerse in a bit of world history in Coron at its seven dive sites famous for sunken Japanese ships that divers from all around the world come to see. These Japanese ships were bombed and sunk by the US Navy in WWII but still remain intact underwater until today. The seven ships are namely, Akitsushima Maru, Irako Maru, Kogyo Maru, Okikawa Maru, Morazan Maru, Tangat/Olympia Maru, and Kyokuzan Maru.

The Kyokuzan Maru shipwreck in Busuanga Island is the farthest of the seven and was one of the last to sink. Because of this, it doesn’t attract as many divers, but it measures nearly 500 feet long and visibility tends to be better here compared to the sunken ships in Coron Bay. There are stories behind each shipwreck, so it would be better to book a scuba diving package .

4. Plunge into Coron’s world-famous lakes and lagoons

Barracuda Lake | Image credit: Club Paradise Palawan

Another thing you shouldn’t bypass is Coron’s lakes and lagoons. Two of its most known lakes are Kayangan Lake and Barracuda Lake. Kayangan Lake is recognized as one of the cleanest lakes in Asia with beautiful limestone hills and stalagmites below the water. In Barracuda Lake, you’ll find a natural swimming pool that’s cloistered by lush limestone cliffs. It’s also one of the world’s unique dives sites because of the water’s temperature shifts.

5. Hike up a summit

coron things to do first visit Image credit: Club Paradise Palawan

You're not limited to water adventures in Coron! You can research peaks which you can climb to get a panoramic view of Coron. Aside from Mt. Tapyas, you can also climb the peak at Dimakya Island. This island is famous for its hiking trail that will give you majestic views of the ocean, beaches, and greenery around the area. Take the challenge and climb to Eagle's Point, the island's highest peak. From there, you will see Club Paradise, Coron's islets, Malpagalen Island, and the most rewarding of all, the breathtaking sunset!

6. Feast on coastal cuisine

Image credit: Club Paradise Palawan

A trip to Coron isn't complete without trying out their fresh seafood and fruits while admiring the view from the beach. Some even go as far and search for restaurants in Coron to have boodle fights. And why not? There's nothing like eating local cuisine from our own natural resources in the original Filipino way, not to mention, in our world-class beach destination. It's a good thing that Club Paradise's Firefish Restaurant offers all these and more. You can even request to have a private dinner by the beachfront, wait till the sun goes down, and have a candlelit dinner. Now that's a night to remember.

7. Ride a sailboat

Image credit: Club Paradise Palawan

Have you ever ridden on a boat, felt the wind against your face as you relaxed into the rhythm of the waves, and wished that the boat ride could just go on and on? Well, you can do that in Coron. You get to see all the amazing islands, rock formations, and observe the beautiful ocean as you sail the day away with your loved ones right beside you. It's not much of a physical activity, but seeing the beauty of nature and the awe-inspiring scenes of Coron will definitely make the experience a sentimental memory.

8. Calauit Safari Park

Image credit: Club Paradise Palawan

The photo reminds you of the African wilderness doesn’t it? Perhaps it’s the closest thing we have so far to the beauty of Africa. And if that’s the case, let’s take what Calauit Safari Park has to offer. Here, you’ll get to see giraffes, zebras, impalas, gazelles, waterbucks, and other amazing animals whose ancestors were brought to the Philippines all the way from Kenya. You’ll have a tour guide to drive you through the safari and teach you all about the sanctuary as you ride in the safari vehicle. Guests are also allowed to touch and feed the animals as part of this rich wildlife experience. Families with small children will surely treasure the opportunity!

9. Rejuvenate your senses at Maquinit Hot Springs

Image credit: Matt Kieffer

Maquinit Hot Spring’s water is fed by volcanic activity, making the water’s temperature range from 102 to 104 °F. This is also one of the world’s few saltwater hot springs. It’s best to visit this hot spring after spending a whole morning or afternoon snorkelling and diving under cold water, or going on a boat ride where the cool breeze sends chills to your skin. You may be a bit scorched at the first dip, but as you begin to relax in the water, you’ll feel all tension in your muscles disappear and your skin adapting to the temperature making it feel warm instead of hot. It’s definitely a therapeutic water experience that’s different from what resorts can give.

10. Sunbathe on a beach

coron things to do first visit Image credit: Club Paradise Palawan

Spoil yourself and spend lazy days at the beach. When we’re on an island, we tend to search for more physical activities, but we forget that there’s so much to enjoy at the beach itself like taking in the scenery, getting a tan, or building sand castles for fun. You can even set up a picnic and find your own spot on the long stretch of Coron’s white sand. Coron’s beach is also the perfect fix for travelling families because it’s a place where parents and children have all the space for interactive activities topped by the refreshing surrounding of nature.

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We all just want an occasional retreat to paradise, which is why we all love Coron, and rightly so. Coron is a gem in the Philippines that can not be replaced. But Coron's personal value goes even deeper when you actually experience the majesty of its beaches and marine life, warm hospitality, and never-ending possible activities. Now it's time to book because you have so much to see! 

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