The St. Regis Singapore

The St. Regis Singapore
“St Regis Singapore definitely put my staycation experience a notch higher, a six-star standard admittedly.”





TripZilla Loves
  • Their signature twist on the Bloody Mary – the Chilli Padi Mary
  • Champagne brunch at Brasserie Les Saveurs
  • Rides in the plush Bentley + 24h Butler Service
  • Complimentary access to Remède Spa wet lounge facilities

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The Hotel

a backdrop of class, luxury and grandeur

Stepping into the St. Regis hotel was like stepping back into the Singapore of yesteryear. Plush curtains, decadent art pieces, lilting music in the background, elaborate floral motifs adorning the floor; St. Regis seemed like a distant dream, one that we couldn’t believe we were about to fulfil.

A stay at the hotel has always seemed unattainable, a long shot reserved only for the affluent. However, last weekend we decided to throw out all the stops and book a staycation there to celebrate our 10th year of friendship!

Bring your staycation to another level with The St. Regis Singapore

The St. Regis is known for opulent architecture and pure unabashed luxury. It’s easy to get carried away with illusions of grandeur – every inch of the hotel is draped with silk, marble and various things of a sparkly nature. The entrance alone is adorned with a high ceiling, topped off with a shimmering chandelier. Long elegant staircases lie around every corner, and ornate paintings grace every wall.

We were in awe everywhere we went; we’ve never seen such extravagant decor, or such plush furnishings. Yet despite all that grandeur, we felt very much at home. We were told that that was St. Regis’ aim, to make their guests feel as if they were being welcomed back home, and that was exactly how we felt. We just couldn’t wait to see what else the hotel had in store!


plush, elegant, and offering the very best in contemporary comforts

We were even able to choose from fifteen – fifteen! – different types of pillows, each more lush than the next.

The Penthouse room is incredibly inviting, what’s with its wall-to-wall floor-to-ceiling windows and hand-painted chinoiserie silk wallpaper.

We especially loved the natural light! The bed is impossibly soft, much like a cloud. We blissfully sank down onto the duvet, with our head resting on the plumped up pillows – we could stay in bed all day!

We looked out the window expecting to see a concrete jungle, but instead we were greeted with a charming panoramic view of the Botanic Gardens.

What a refreshing view!

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This suite is the epitome of luxury. Numerous world leaders and celebrated guests have stayed here, and we can totally see why.

The whole suite drips with elegance and luxury, and has its own dining room, bar, personal fitness centre fitted with state-of-the-art equipment, and a bathroom that can easily fit 10 people.

Lounge in the bathtub overlooking a sea of greenery, or laze on the day bed that’s draped with an impeccably soft fur rug. We lost track of time here in the bathroom; it was incredibly hard dragging ourselves away.

The chandelier and crystal curtain in the living room added that extra dose of grandeur.

Fun fact: There’s even a baby grand piano in the room for you to tinker with!

Things To Do

Be enthralled by decadent art, bespoke service and luscious treats

Indulge in a Champagne Brunch at Brasserie Les Saveurs

We looked up sometime during our meal and was surprised by the elaborate ceiling decor – the hanging chandeliers and flower structures give the restaurant an elegant and classy feel. The restaurant serves up classic French fare, and is popular for celebrating birthdays and anniversaries.

Make a beeline here every Sunday for their champagne brunch, and their daily afternoon tea. We were especially fond of their desserts and cheese platter, all of which were washed down with a heartwarming glass of bubbly!

It seriously doesn't get any better than this.
Discover More

Dine alfresco at LaBrezza

We’re a big fan of dining alfresco, somehow it just adds a certain zest to the overall vibe of the meal. How could we resist dining here at La Brezza, a heartwarming Italian restaurant located just next to the swimming pool? We absolutely loved indulging in the weekend prosecco brunch with the soothing sound of water in the background.

On Fridays, they have a barbecue night by the pool – we’ll definitely be back for that! The alfresco area looks even prettier at night when everything is lighted up! If you’re here at St. Regis with your other half, we recommend having a romantic Italian dinner at one of these cabanas. It’ll definitely be a night to remember!

Have a Dim Sum Brunch at Yan Ting

Having a dim sum brunch at Yan Ting is pretty much the quintessential St. Regis experience. Besides indulging in basket after basket of steaming dim sums, the restaurant serves up crackling roast pork, tender whole lobsters and fried morsels of every variety.

We highly recommend the liu sha bao – just look at that custard flow!

Try over 200 whiskies at Astor Bar

This bar serves over 50 cocktails, as well as over 200 whiskies! Venture here to try a variety, and stumble back to your room in a warm stupor that will warm you from your toes all the way to your head. The red walls and brown furnishings add a homely touch as well.

Relax at The Drawing Room

Sometimes, we all just need a place to unwind and relax. Check out the plush sofas and plumped-up cushions here at the The Drawing Room, which is nestled in a corner of the lobby.

Seems like a fantastic place to spend an hour or two, no?

Get a glorious tan at the Tropical Spa Pool

The Tropical Spa Pool is an incredibly inviting shade of blue, and is simply irresistible in Singapore’s heat! It is adjacent to a row of mini fountains, creating a tranquil resort feel.

We spent the afternoon here swimming lazily in the Tropical Spa Pool, or sun-basking on one of the many deck chairs. Sun-kissed look, yes please!

Go for a midnight
run at the Fitness Centre

Gaze out onto the pool as you work out at the fitness centre. The room is flooded with natural light, which somehow made us feel less exhausted as we pounded our way on the treadmill. P.S. the fitness centre is open for 24 hours, which is great for a midnight run should you be unable to sleep!

Pamper yourself at the Remède Spa

One of the perks of staying here at St. Regis was complimentary access to the Remède Spa’s wet lounge facilities for all guests! Can you imagine that? Complimentary. Access. We had free reign of the whirlpool, heated reclining chairs, the outdoor jacuzzi, the steam baths and so on. All for FREE!

We almost couldn’t believe our ears.

We decided to pamper ourselves, and try out the perfect synergy treatment. To our surprise, a therapist and podiatrist actually worked together to give us a facial and pedicure at the same time! Where else can you get that in Singapore?

They work together in perfect tempo – as the therapist massages the right eye, the podiatrist rubs the left foot.

It was almost like having a dance performance performed on both your face and feet!

Fun Facts

Surprises are found around every corner of extravagance
Have your very own Personal Butler

St. Regis offers a complimentary butler service FOR EVERY ROOM! That’s right, for the duration of your stay, you’ll get a personal butler at your service. True to their motto, “Allow me”, the butler was exceedingly friendly, impressively obliging, and eager to cater to our every need. And we do mean every need.

Go for a joyride in a Bentley

The Bentley is an iconic symbol of the hotel’s front entrance, and is available for return airport transfers, or even for transfers around the city. We went for a joyride, and were amazed by how smooth the seats were. It costs S$270 to book, but trust us when we say it’s the ride of a lifetime!

There's a chair in every lift

Bet you didn’t know that back in the 1900s, The St. Regis New York was one of the first hotels in the world to have a lift! Lifts moved very slowly back then, thus chairs were placed inside for guests to take a rest while they ascend. Okay, we don’t know why this hasn’t been implemented in every lift – it’s the best combination ever!

The mirrors were anti-fogging too, a definite bonus.

Every room has 2 basins + you can watch TV while you soak in the bathtub

Every room is fitted with two basins and a long vanity top; after all, royalty shouldn’t need to share! We also loved the fact that there are mirrors everywhere in the bathroom. Front, left, right, center – we loved seeing our faces in every direction!

Try the Bloody Mary of The St. Regis Singapore

Did you know that the popular Bloody Mary cocktail actually originated from the St. Regis chain of hotels? Apparently every St. Regis hotel has its own unique version of the Bloody Mary, and here in Singapore they offer the Chilli Padi Mary. Try it, if you dare!

Join the daily art appreciation sessions

Channel your artistic inclinations through a daily art tour conducted by the hotel! Grab the chance to learn more about the hotel’s extensive private collection of over 70 art works by international renowned artists. Guests who are interested can register with the concierge daily at 5.45pm at the Lobby.


5-Star luxury beyond your expectations
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The Area

Located in a quiet corner just off the heart of Orchard Road

1. Botanic Gardens

This UNESCO World Heritage site is located a mere 10 minutes walk from the hotel, and is perfect for a languid afternoon amidst abundant flora and fauna. Approach the concierge for details of the Botanic Gardens trail, which will take you on various routes through the gardens. Somehow the air just seems fresher here, and the tranquility is a welcome change from the hustle and bustle of the city.

2. Orchard Road

Orchard is Singapore’s main shopping belt, and is lined with numerous shopping malls, boutiques, rooftop bars and stalls. Visit on a weekend and you’ll find buskers and occasional street performances. One of our must-do’s would be grabbing ourselves an ice cream sandwich from one of the carts lining the streets!

3. Forum The Shopping Mall

'Forum The Shopping Mall' is located just a stone throw’s away from St. Regis, and contains lots of food establishments, clothing boutiques and much more!

One of the things we like the most about St. Regis would be how it’s located in a secluded location along Tanglin Road, yet still located in close proximity to malls and shops.

It’s the best of both worlds!

4. Dempsey Hill

Dempsey Hill is a little alcove tucked at the top of a hill brimming with elegant restaurants, buzzing bars, and even the biggest Ben & Jerry’s we’ve ever seen.

Here you find food establishments of every kind – Thai, Western, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Mexican – you name it, you’ve got it. Many are drawn especially by the romantic allure of the whole place, which is perfect for a night out with your loved one!


The St. Regis Singapore
29 Tanglin Road,
Singapore 247911
Tel: (65) 6506 6888

Reservation Enquiries

Check in & Check out

Check-in Time: 3pm
Check-out Time: 12pm


An exquisite oasis of tranquility in the midst of the city
The St. Regis Singapore easily ranks as one of the best hotel stays I’ve ever experienced. The service was exemplary and the amenities premier. A world-class hotel, indeed, providing everything a luxury business traveler needs, all on site. The Singapore property features a specific style because of the art and statues throughout, and the guestrooms are beautifully decorated and maintained. I felt like royalty during my entire stay.
Global Traveler
Our stay at The St Regis Singapore was splendid from the bespoke service of our butler and staffs providing us uncompromising service to the luxurious comfortable bed room that we never feel like leaving. Great dining options as both Yan Ting & La Brezza we tried were magnificent and not to forget the pampering Wet Lounge.
Tommy Ooi Travel Guide
We like that the hotel is centrally located–so, so convenient–and when we needed anything, we went down to buy from the nearby shops. The room is spacious, the bed was comfortable.
Rubbish Eat Rubbish Grow
Needless to say, I was most certainly impressed with St. Regis Singapore. The whole experience was topotch! If I were to compare my stay here with my stays at other luxury hotels in Singapore, I would say that St. Regis stands out with respect to the rooms. These were some of the most well-appointed I’ve seen in Singapore. Another aspect where I have to hand it to this property is with respect to their F&B. While it’s practically a must for any decent luxury property in Singapore to have strong food offerings, St. Regis somehow managed to succeed adding in an air of exclusivity by having what is perhaps the most opulent Sunday brunch in the entire country. That, and the Chinese restaurant is fantastic as well.
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