Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa

Step in and be instantly transported to Bali. Say hello to beauty, serenity and seclusion.
Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa
“No matter your occasion, large or small…your stay is not only enjoyable but one to remember.”





TripZilla Loves
  • Feeling like we’re in Bali
  • Luxurious So SPA you’ll gladly spend hours in
  • Poolside movie screening with popcorn
  • Complimentary use of mountain bikes & tennis courts
  • Short walk to Tanjong Beach
  • Shuttle services to Paragon and Vivocity

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The Hotel

The closest thing to a true-blue Bali experience on Singapore shores

Did you know that “Sentosa” means tranquil? Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa's design and service exude tranquility beyond comparison. As you step into the lobby, you'll be transported to a luxurious Bali-esque escape surrounded by 27-acres of tropical woodlands.

The staff made us feel at home without being too imposing. The occasional witty banter was an added plus as we enjoyed the brilliant sunset overlooking the crashing waves of the South China Sea. Popular for wedding and corporate photoshoots, the picturesque 27-acre resort is its very own Bali escape in Singapore.


Warm earthy tones perfectly complement the lush surrounding greenery

Luxury Room

Feel right at home with the room’s warm wood furnishings and the impossibly soft cloud of a bed. The first thing we did was to run our toes through the carpet – so fluffy, and so so comfortable!

Imagine our surprise when we found this in the corner – our very own high-tech coffee pod! Perfect for all the coffee junkies in the world, including *ahem* ourselves.

Artistically designed to integrate French and local elements, this coffee pod is meant to merge the French hat and dimsum basket. Do you see it? We love it!

The complimentary toiletries? Les Notes de Lanvin. We felt posh just saying it! And smelled like we had a really good clean after!

The bathroom is roomy, with options for both bathtub and shower – whichever you fancy! Being frequent preeners, we love how the vanity tops are decked out with plenty of mirrors. Needless to say, we spent lots of time in front of them!
Size: 36m2

Luxury Garden Room

The view from the Luxury Garden Room was magnifique! Drawing our curtains to this sight was one of our favourite moments of our stay. Sometimes the view does make all the difference, and here we do get one killer view. Looking out over the lush landscaped hotel grounds made us feel peaceful and zen, much like we were living in another world.

Size: 36m2

Junior Suite

Imagine our delight when we pushed open the suite’s door. Stylish, spacious, elegant – this suite is all that and more. With warm lighting and plush luxurious interiors, we felt like royalty from start to end. Add the rain shower, and we were in absolute heaven!

Size: 55m2

Prestige Suite

With this Prestige Suite, we got a bedroom on top of the already spacious living area – there was so much space we didn’t quite know what to do with it! Looking out on verdant greenery, the space is warm, inviting and comfortable beyond compare. Being the workaholics we are, the large writing desks definitely came in handy!

Size: 64m2
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Prestige Family Suite

This Prestige Family Suite is perfect for families. Two adults and two children are able to spread out comfortably, with lots of space to boot! We know how precious family time is, and there’s no better way to bond than right here at Sofitel Sentosa Singapore Resort & Spa.

Size: 72m2 Check Availability

Imperial Suite

We didn’t think it was so easy to feel like kings and queens, but we felt like instant high-flyers the minute we stepped into the Imperial suite. The suite has a contemporary living room, an adjacent eight-seater – yes, eight-seater – dining room, a tasteful bedroom AND a spacious study. Perfect for that delicate balance of work and play! We had lots of difficulty even leaving the room – we had everything we needed right here in the suite!

Size: 190m2 Check Availability

Villa Du Jardin

Perfect for an epic party — hen’s, birthday, a wedding anniversary, or even a stag night! We decided that if we were going to pamper ourselves, why not go all out? Hands down, the best decision we’ve ever made. The garden villa is the epitome of seclusion, and is decked out with two elegant bedrooms complete with walk-in dressing areas. That’s not it, we even got our own Pharo massage-jet whirlpool in the master bedroom. Pair that with the services at So SPA? Paradise on Earth.

Every garden villa opens out to a private swimming pool with a garden terrace for a truly indulgent resort getaway.

Size: 300m2 Check Availability

Things To Do

Dig into wholesome meals or pamper yourself at the spa – it’s sheer indulgence at its best

Dine Alfresco at Kwee Zeen

No stay is complete without tantalising your tastebuds with a truly delicious meal, and we had exactly that at ‘Kwee Zeen’. The best part for us? Dining alfresco style amidst the greenery and having an amazing view of the South China Sea. The whole vibe somehow just made our food taste that much better!
  • Most suitable for: Families
  • Serves: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Cuisine: Asian, Western & French
  • Reservation Recommended: Yes
  • Tel: (65) 6708 8310 / 8366

Our salmon had a nice crisp crust, and the burger was humongous! The meat was delightfully tender, and the best part? The pickles were on the side! Extra points for how thoughtful the servers were. Needless to say, the Pan-Asian and French fare were all mouth-watering to say the least, and we will definitely be back for more.

What’s more, Kwee Zeen even has a Magnifique Sunday Champagne Brunch, as well as Rotisserie Buffet Nights. At Sunday Brunch, parents can enjoy their meals in peace while kids are thoroughly entertained in a separate kids’ room! We heard that the kids are treated to a wide spread of hot dogs, snacks and ice cream while watching movies. Not to worry, there’s always a staff there to watch over the kids – so parents go ahead and enjoy your fuss-free lunch, your kids are in good hands!

Discover More

Have Beautiful Sunset Dinners at ilLido At The Cliff

ilLido at the Cliff is a heartwarming Italian outfit serving pasta, red wine, and lots of romance for couples looking for a private dinner by the sea. It is also the best place to catch the sunset from 6.30-7pm, weather permitting of course! We didn’t get to catch the sunset, but we did manage to dine on the seasonal produce imported from Italy and around the world. And trust us when we say – Mamma mia, the food sure was good!

  • Most suitable for: Couples
  • Serves: Lunch, Dinner
  • Cuisine: Classic Italian
  • Reservation Recommended: Yes
  • Tel: (65) 6708 8310 / 8360

Enjoy Wholesome Food at The Garden

The Garden is the only restaurant over at So SPA, and includes specific calorie counting for all the items included in their menu. It’s the best fit for the health-conscious and for those watching their weight!

  • Most suitable for: The Health Conscious
  • Serves: Lunch, Dinner
  • Cuisine: Wholesome Contemporary Dining
  • Reservation Recommended: Yes
  • Tel: (65) 6708 8310 / 8364

Our personal favourite is the Salad Construction option. We got to choose any 8 items from a wide array of cheese, legumes, fruits and nuts, grains, vegetables and sprouts, as well as salad greens! It’s the perfect guilt-free meal after a wellness retreat at So SPA. There are also cooking classes for the kids on weekends, and reservations are required!

Indulge in Afternoon Tea or Drinks at LeBar

an Afternoon Tea à la Française

  • Most suitable for: Everybody
  • Serves: Afternoon tea, tapas & snacks at night, and alcohol
  • Cuisine: Tea, Cocktails & Tapas
  • Reservation Recommended: No
  • Tel: (65) 6708 8310 / 8362

LeBar is a picture-perfect place to enjoy an Afternoon Tea à la Française comprising of gourmet sandwiches, scones and French pastries served with fragrant tea or coffee. We enjoyed a soothing cup of tea in their quirky teacups; ah, this is the life. In the evening, the lounge is transformed into a place to relax and catch up about life over a round of drinks. We especially love the kids’ afternoon tea menu – what a way to speak to the kids in their own language! Why, nice touch, LeBar.

Chill at The Pool

The pool is inviting to say the least, and is surrounded by numerous deck chairs and spacious cabanas. Come on, doesn’t this remind you of Bali?
There is a pool-bar in case you get thirsty or hungry, and their menus come in the form of pillows. Innovative, and oh so cute!

Find Your Inner Zen at So SPA & So FIT

So SPA is every person’s dream come true. And we are lucky to have the largest So SPA in the world right here at Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa! The therapists are all highly trained and skilled – after all, we can’t expect anything less! Enter into an oasis of indulgence; we spent a blissful couple of hours trying out their Galaxy Steam Bath, meditative labyrinth, sauna, mud bath and float pool! They even have private couple suites and an exclusive ladies’ section with its’ very own float pool – Sofitel Singapore Sentosa does indeed think of everything.

The So SPA compound used to be part of British Barracks, and is conserved under the National Heritage Board. Relaxation with a dose of heritage? We’re sold.

And did we mention they screen movies by the pool every Friday and Saturday night? Romance flicks are shown on Fridays for couples, and family-friendly movies are reserved for the kids on Saturdays. There is even popcorn, tapas and soft drinks available to make your movie experience even more enjoyable!

We know parents all need a little “me time” every once in a while. Here at So SPA, they have it all thought out! A Kids Club has been set up to cater to children from 4-11 years old, where they will be entertained by story-telling sessions or Wii sports dance challenges. Why, it’s perfect for parents with kids in tow!

Another thing to try would be getting yourself covered from head to toe in Coconut! We know – Coconut, what?! That was our reaction too, but it was really a nourishing treat! The So SPA’s Tropical Spa Journey was just what our dry skin desperately needed. Especially with Singapore’s unforgiving weather? We just couldn’t get enough!

Largest SO SPA in the world

So FIT is well decked out with state-of-the-art workout machines and weights. Everything felt so spanking new and clean, and the treadmills even look out onto the lush greenery of Sentosa. Definitely a refreshing change from the usual views of our concrete jungle!

Enter into an oasis of indulgence

Say “I Do” With a Gorgeous View

A wedding is understandably the biggest day of anyone’s lives. After all, didn’t you know? Every girl has been dreaming of her perfect wedding since the age of 5 – us included! And this is no exaggeration, but we would definitely love to get married at Sofitel Sentosa Singapore Resort & Spa. *Excuse us while we get all dreamy-eyed*

The normal conventional hotel weddings are getting old, and here at Sofitel Singapore Sentosa we imagine it’d feel like we were getting hitched in a whole different world. Picture this: Saying your vows against the dramatic backdrop of the crystal-blue sea with the sea-breeze grazing your necks. Oh yes, we most definitely do!

We know it’s imperative to look your best in your wedding photos, and the natural daylight illuminating the event rooms will do just the trick. There’s even a luxurious bridal suite! We can picture ourselves sprawled on that plush sofa with our exquisite dress spread all around us. Plus all the photos that we would take? Let’s just say that our photographer would probably be on overdrive.

Why, we can’t go wrong with holding our future weddings or solemnisations at this resort. It’s just picture-perfect everywhere we look! There’s even a variety of locations to choose from – the Deck at Kwee Zeen, Spice Island Point, ilLido at the Cliff, the ballrooms, or even at one of the villas. Mental note: To tell all future husbands, Sofitel Sentosa Singapore Resort & Spa is the place to have a wedding.

TripZilla Fun Facts

Fun Fact #1
Fish Spa

Most guests don’t know about this until they see others going for it, but right beside LeBar, there is a fish spa pool. Best part? It’s free for guests! It was our very first time trying this out, and boy does it tickle. We were apprehensive at first – fish, biting at our toes? Really??

We got over the squeamish feeling soon enough, and grew accustomed to having these little fishies nibble on our toes! Our feet felt squeaky clean and almost brand new after. Thank you hungry fishes!

Fun Fact #2
Peacock Spotting

Throughout our meal at Kwee Zeen, we witnessed a surprise visitor strutting its’ stuff! We saw many other magnificent peacocks during our stay as well, and some even had a couple of cute peachicks in tow.

Fun Fact #3
Buggy Rides

The resort is BIG, so feel free to take a buggy ride to get around!


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The Area

Things to do Around the Area

Since Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa is on Sentosa island, you are in extremely close proximity to many fun-filled activities such as:

Tanjong Beach (walking distance)
If you’re up for some beach-lovin’, just go down a flight of 132 steps from the pool area and voila! Tanjong Beach all laid out for your tanning pleasure. We basically felt like we had easy access to our very own private beach!
(accessible by shuttle service Sentosa Bus 3)
Who says fun is only for the young? At Mosh!, watch your creations come to life on a big screen, or transform paper planes into zooming digital planes! Located at Palawan Kidz Center, this digital playground is lots of fun for adults and children of all ages.
Kidzania Singapore
(accessible by shuttle service Sentosa Bus 3)
See your kids transform into ‘Little Bosses’ as they job-hop for the day! Watch them become pilots, ice cream makers, fire fighters, dentists or candy-makers, as well as make/save their own money like they’ve always seen adults do.
Universal Studios Singapore
(shuttle service available from hotel lobby upon request)

This needs no explanation – a world-famous themepark? With kickass rides? Your kids will be fighting to even enter the park. Spend a full day at USS and have the time of your lives!

Or, head to the mainland in Singapore for some shopping at VivoCity and Harbourfront Centre which are just minutes away via the Sentosa Express.


Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa
2 Bukit Manis Road, Sentosa,
Singapore 099891
Tel: (65) 6708 8310

Reservation Enquiries

Check in & Check out

Check-in Time: 3pm
Check-out Time: 12pm


Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa’s pool area is elevated, breezy and surrounded by jungle, an idyllic setting for families who want to relax and unwind. There’s a sense that you’re away in a tropical sanctuary even though Singapore’s CBD is only a 20-minute drive away
Together We Roam
Who is it for: Everyone who enjoys lush exotic setting, impeccable service, quiet location few minutes away from many attractions and fabulous cocktails accompanied by live piano music.
The Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa is a truly fabulous hotel and definitely one of the best family friendly hotels in Singapore. While it features plenty of family-friendly facilities, such as a Kids Club, babysitting and swimming pool, it is not overrun with families, and manages to maintain a relaxed and tranquil vibe.
Mum on the Move
They have put in the time and thought into catering to each type of staycation go-er – no matter your occasion, large or small – so that your stay is not only enjoyable but one to remember.
TripZilla Magazine
The newly opened resort in Singapore is nothing short of magnifique, Sofitel having done an astounding job in integrating the existing architectural accents of the colonial buildings with contemporary art and design, while inviting the lush surrounding landscapes into the picture.
Holidays with Kids
The pool area of the Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort follows the well-manicured and tranquil theme permeating the rest of the property. The swimming pool itself measures 33 meters and is surrounded by plenty of trees, cabanas and attractive lounge chairs. It is easy to get carried away here just spending an entire afternoon chilling by the pool.
I Wander
With 174 rooms, 37 suites and 4 villas, this resort makes for a perfect weekend getaway. Think lush spa gardens, mud pools and galaxy steam rooms.
TripZilla Magazine
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