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A neoclassical world of quirky fashion and Parisian fun
SO Sofitel Singapore
“It just oozes with French 18th century charm and sophistication.”




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TripZilla Loves
  • Quirky fashion-forward decor in a heritage colonial building
  • Fun pool parties in a shimmering gold-tiled rooftop pool
  • Innovative food creations that deliciously play with all five senses
  • Complimentary welcome drinks upon check-in

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There’s only one word to describe SO Sofitel Singapore – UNEXPECTED

Complete with broad majestic pillars and glamorous balconies, the regal hotel looks like a typical neoclassical colonial building on the outside. However, we were taken by surprise once we stepped through the front door; we were totally not expecting the loud decor and bold colours adorning the interior! Every corner screams of rebellious elegance. We felt like we just fell into a life-sized Vogue magazine!

It’s easy to tell that the exquisitely cheeky hotel was designed based on a blend of Singaporean and French influences. We were dazzled by the clash of eclectic furniture and opulent mismatched chairs, and were cheerfully greeted by staff in sleek grey vests buttoned over black shirts with matching fedoras.

We loved the super Singaporean touches like the purple orchids (our national flower!) blooming from all corners. Signature Designer Karl Lagerfeld even created a Lion’s Emblem, inspired by our iconic merlion, exclusively for the hotel. Paired with marble floors and blue headboard sofas, we felt we were attending a fashionista’s wacky party and man did we have fun!

The bizarreness should be bad… but it wasn’t. The craziness, grandeur and charm were perfectly in sync. Perhaps it’s due to the work of the hotel’s main designer, Isabelle Miaja. Their atrium is bathed in natural light and framed by a crystal hexagonal light installation — hexagonal because the France is hexagon-shaped on the world map. How punny is that?!

The craziness, grandeur and charm were perfectly in sync.
The hotel has 2 wings – the ‘So Heritage’ wing as well as the ‘So Hip’ wing. Aptly named, the two wings are themed exactly as such!
The ‘So Heritage’ wing makes up the section of the hotel that is housed in a restored colonial building previously built in 1927 that is now of conservatory status, while the ‘So Hip’ wing is housed in a modern and newer section. Each wing gives travellers a complete different experience – all the more reason to go back to SO Sofitel Singapore for multiple visits!

So Lofty

We were totally blown away by the beautiful quirkiness of the decor of the So Lofty suite in the ‘So Heritage’ wing! Besides being luxuriously spacious, the suite has a gorgeous chandeliered balcony where we sipped DIY cocktails made from our own private bar. We felt like Hollywood celebrities living the dream in an upscale Parisian apartment.

The suite can actually sleep up to three if you include the dreamy velvety chaise lounge. It was also our favourite place to curl up and read the suite’s complimentary magazines.

The icing on the cake was being able to wake up to a French cupola-style lightbox on the ceiling which looked like a spacious glass dome! #seriousroomgoals

We felt like Hollywood celebrities living the dream in an upscale Parisian apartment.

There was an absolutely HUMONGOUS Italian Bisazza Spa bathtub (we swear it can fit a whole family) and two sinks. We especially loved the cozy little dressing table at the side with personalised His & Her toiletries!

Sofitel has an exclusive bed called Sofitel MyBedTM that’s heavenly soft and incredibly large; the bed basically felt like it held the key to curing insomnia for all mankind. Plus, we could even control the room temperature, lights and the curtains with an iPad – all from the comfort of the bed!

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So Urban

There is an incredible amount of detail in the So Urban room! Our pillow even had a Robinson Road print (due to their location at – yep, you guessed it – Robinson Road) and a chic Eiffel Tower model sat on our table. We heard that each room has cushions printed with a different street name in Singapore – what an interesting way to merge our local culture with the room’s French contemporary design! We also fell in love with the cozy wooden tiles, glass bathroom and muted wall panels in taupe, white, and grey. The room was super comfortable and we could hardly drag ourselves out of bed!


Here, the phrase VIP stands for ‘Very Indulgent Pampering’ and it really lives up to its name! It’s an ultra-luxurious suite with a dining area so you have space to entertain guests and basically feel right at home. They even do corporate events in these spacious suites, sometimes changing out the comfy bed for edgy tables and chairs and voila, it becomes a chic party space!

So Cosy

So Cosy in the ‘So Hip’ wing is decked out in soft-coloured panels and gleaming glass walls. The whole affair is wonderfully luxurious and the rooms are light and airy. The cherry on top is being able to pick the ideal pillow with a pillow menu for the king-sized bed! A beautiful 3D model of Singapore’s national flower, the orchid, is perched glamorously above the bed.

Splash out in modern luxury at the HI-SO Rooftop Pool Bar or have a meal like no other at Xperience Restaurant – either way, it’ll be an experience to remember.

Have a drink alfresco-style at
HI-SO Rooftop Pool Bar

There are even barbeque pits for anyone who feels like having a private barbeque party. The large LED screen was also a nice set-up for sports fans. During F1 season, the races are screened live here as well!

The hotel has a rooftop pool bar that overlooks the busy, pulsing street of Robinson Road. The bar is right next to a golden-tiled pool that looked exceedingly inviting in the heat!

The bar was perfect to lounge in. It felt like a private enclave for us to relax and enjoy amidst the hustle and bustle of the surrounding city.

And this brings us to our favourite bit: their rocking pool parties! SO Sofitel Singapore really knows how to have fun. They host these amazing pool parties twice every month and bring in stellar DJs like Stefano Ritteri and Dan Stoneman. Entrance fees start from $10 and you get a free drink! Check out their Facebook page for more details.

Discover More

Excite your senses at
Xperience Restaurant

SO Sofitel Singapore has an enigmatic restaurant called Xperience. It’s more than just a restaurant, and we don’t say this lightly! We were taken on a gastronomic journey that teased our tastebuds, and we adored every minute of it. We were offered a wide range of modern European dishes with Asian influences to choose from; we were totally spoilt for choice!

We decided to try the Weekly Set Lunch which gave us the option of selecting one dish, from the 3 choices per course offered to us, to complete our 3-course meal. We hear that their set lunch menu refreshes each week with new offerings, making every meal different from the last!

We had the chance to dine here for dinner as well, where the restaurant’s new ‘For the Table’ concept allowed us to sink our teeth into scrumptious dishes, such as the succulent ‘Braised Pork Ribs with Smoked BBQ Glaze’ which comes in a sharing portion perfect for a party of 3 or more. After dinner, we ordered the stunning Tanariva Milk Chocolate dome. The sinful chocolate-y treat was a lovely end to the night!

Their set lunch menu refreshes every week with new offerings.

Work out at the
Funky Gym

We loved the super asian “龙马精神” idiom hanging on the wall. If you’re going to get fit, why not aim higher and achieve the mystical spirit of a dragon and horse while you’re at it?

We worked off all those calories while feeling chic in the warmly-lit gym. Can exercising get any more glamorous? Initially, we weren’t sure whether the colourful handholds for rock climbing that peppered the left wall was functional or decorative, but we gave it a try nevertheless and yes — they hold!

Read books at the
La BiblioteK

La BiblioteK (Bibliothèque means “library” in French) is a cozy corner filled with books handpicked by Karl Lagerfeld.

We enjoyed seeing what inspires the creativity and fuels the genius in him.

Grab a cup of coffee and you could spend a whole afternoon being wow-ed by the visionary world of design; that’s exactly what we did!

The Lion’s Emblem
designed exclusively for the hotel

The lion in “The Lion City” comes to life in Signature Designer Karl Lagerfeld’s custom-designed Lion’s Emblem. How cool is that!

We love seeing his take on Singapura’s pride. You will find it guarding doors and gracing his own mini-library, La BiblioteK. This emblem is actually commissioned and featured on various objects all round the hotel – so do have a look out to see if you can spot any during your visit!

Having your very own
standing mini-bar
in your room

Each room comes with a mini-bar of sorts offering little bottles of liqueurs and even a shaker, allowing us to make our own cocktail by ourselves. How cool is that!

A #35 cocktail recipe was scribbled on the wooden door of our mini-bar and we had soooo much fun making our own cocktails with their fully equipped set. The drawers also contain free snacks as well as random Asian curios like a majestic gold fan. We were pretty tickled to see a Love Kit as well! *winks*

#3 Signature scent

A unique scent, "Urban Forest" was specially designed for SO Sofitel Singapore. It is so intoxicatingly delicious yet homely. The scent is a delicious blend of sweet flowers and wood with a hint of spice. It’s actually surprisingly mild as well and very relaxing.

Xperience restaurant’s
giant custom Molteni oven

All the cooking at Xperience Restaurant is done with a custom-built matte black and rose-gold Molteni oven with a cold and hot section. Can you believe that that entire thing is an oven?! We know, we couldn’t believe our eyes either!

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Things To Do Around the Area

Delve into Singapore’s Heritage

Complete your dive into Singapore’s heritage at the Singapore Musical Box Museum, which is just a 5-minute walk from SO Sofitel Singapore! There’s a charming old-school vibe to the place, and you can have authentic Singaporean food at their retro cafe after your tour. Right next door is the Thian Hong Keng Temple, an intricately detailed 170-year-old Hokkien Temple.

Unknown to many, Telok Ayer is an eclectic maze of cafes and restaurants! We stumbled across this super secretive robo-lab coffee place – peek inside if you dare! Spend an afternoon wandering around the area and you’ll find some pretty amazing places tucked away in this street of hodgepodge cafes.

Complete your dive into Singapore’s heritage at the Singapore Musical Box Museum. It’s just a 5-minute walk from SO Sofitel! Soak in the retro old-school vibes and listen to the tunes your forefathers used to jam to.

You can have authentic Singaporean food at their cute cafe after your tour. We love the chill vibe and quietness here. Right next door is the Thian Hong Keng Temple. Get your camera ready to snap some amazing views of 170-year-old Hokkien temple!

Spend an artistic afternoon reliving old Southeast Asian arts at National Gallery Singapore. Admission is FREE for local citizens and PRs. Learn about our colonial legacies and Singapore’s old art scene.


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Tel: (65) 6701 6800

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