Goodwood Park Hotel

Classy modern luxury cocooned in elegant colonial-style grandeur

Goodwood Park Hotel
“You will forge unforgettable memories when you are at Goodwood Park Hotel”




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  • Classy and grand castle-like exterior
  • Fantastic location
  • Iconic meat wagon at Gordon Grill & Highland Bar

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The Hotel

Even before entering the hotel, we were blown away by Goodwood Park’s grandiose architecture. We’ve hardly seen a more elegant looking property! Its classic colonial-styled exterior centers on two intricately webbed arches and is crowned with a magnificent grand tower. There’s even a red carpet leading up to the entrance.

Walking past the immaculately-attired concierge staff, we were greeted by Goodwood Park’s shining lobby. Beyond the grand exterior, classy and chic furniture sitting under opulent chandelier lights and matched by winding staircases make you feel like royalty.

Nestled by the fringe of Scotts Road, Goodwood Park Hotel boasts the ideal location – one that shelters it from the rowdy and incessant downtown bustle, yet still puts it a convenient stone’s throw from the Orchard Road retail paradise. Nearby megamalls like ION Orchard and Takashimaya are screaming out for you to shop, but delve deeper and you’d find a bevy of quirky activities like art jamming, a sightseeing vantage point unlike any other, and a hidden Peranakan street.

The Rooms

It’s easy to lose track of time whilst enveloped in poshness of the highest order.

Heritage Room

The Heritage Room is immaculately furnished, with exciting contemporary tones seamlessly weaved into the stately classic decor. The plush bed is so soft that it was indeed a struggle getting out of the fluffy enveloping sheets. We love the striking colours that painted the neo-classical TV armoire and bed headboard; the bold red tones seem to emulate the whimsical throwback that Goodwood Park likewise represents.

The Heritage Room also comes complete with a connecting living space, where the feather-soft sofa evoked my sleepy yawns within mere minutes! Wave goodbye to the days of hassling with other workaholic guests for the common computers in the lobby – with the intricate Egyptian rug by the foot of a desk, this working space exudes a cosy homely vibe. With the in-room wireless internet, it provides the perfect personal space for those rushing to send that email or type that report. But of course, we didn’t go all the way to Goodwood Park just to flip open the laptop for more work. We spent the day lazing on the bed instead!

Poolside Suite

Bathed in warm yellow lights, and complementing the bleached wood furnishing with natural cocoa brown tones, the Poolside Suite is incredibly inviting. The entire space just feels so soothing and relaxing, and was situated right by the shimmering swimming pool. Once you wrap yourself in the king-sized bed behind the pair of sliding wooden louvred panels, you’re instantly whirled away to a safe, cosy escape under the duvets and blocked off from the rest of the world.

But don’t just confine yourself to the bed. We recommend pulling open the curtains by the sitting area to breathe in some fresh air as well. With the aroma from the poolside flowers, we could hardly think of a better way to enjoy a good book whilst crunching down on the complimentary fruits. Guests also enjoy direct access to the pool from their room, so feel free to dive in for an afternoon dip. Overall, the Poolside Room is spacious and blessed with a vintage touch that sets it apart from the rest of the rooms.

Deluxe Room

Deluxe Rooms also sport an identical neoclassical theme. The comfy patterned sofa is really all that one needs to lounge about in the room for the entire day. The room is more modest compared to others, but the view makes everything worth it! Facing the view of a sky blue swimming pool lined with neat pockets of blossoming flowers, it felt as though we were swaddled within a peaceful commune away from the noisy, stifling cityscape.

Deluxe Mayfair

Stylish yet simple, the Deluxe Mayfair Room is perfect for the no-frills travellers. The room maintains the same grand stature just like the rest of Goodwood Park, but the show-stealer in this room has to be the floor to ceiling headboard behind the bed! Depicting black and white stills of bygone era Singaporean shophouses, we couldn’t help but be swept away with overwhelming sentimentality. Walking out onto the quaint balcony, we could enjoy a view of the Balinese-styled Mayfair swimming pool whilst sheltered under the cool shade of the verdant greenery.

Parklane Split
Level Suite

If you’re looking to take things a step further (and grander), Goodwood Park Hotel’s Parklane Split Level Suite doesn’t disappoint. Located in a separate building minutes away from the main wing, this suave apartment seems like the quintessential “home away from home”. The spacious ground floor living-cum-dining area is filled with modern appliances from the kitchenette to the work desk. Plus, they even have a washing machine turned dryer. Now that’s impressive! If you think things couldn’t get any better, wait till you experience their rain shower.

Things To Do

Where opulent high living is grounded with a dash of asian charm
with surprises sprinkled around every corner.

Escape to Balinese-style
tranquility at Mayfair Swimming Pool

Did you know that Goodwood Park Hotel actually has two swimming pools? Decked in clay-toned Balinese decor and lined with two rustic gazebos underneath crowns of lush greenery, the Mayfair Swimming Pool is a mystic Eden peculiarly distinct from the hotel interior’s modern grandeur. Dipping our toes into the cool water, we couldn’t help but be whisked away to some exotic but relaxing island-resort serenity.

Even if diving in for a languid swim doesn’t fit your fancy, the inviting chestnut brown rattan benches are just screaming out for you to plonk yourself on one of them with an enthralling novel or refreshing cocktail in hand.

Fine dine at the Classy
Gordon Grill and Highland Bar

Rated one of Singapore’s best restaurants and recommended in the 2016 Michelin guide, Gordon Grill & Highland Bar comes with an illustrious reputation and simply blew us away.

We absolutely loved our dinner there! Their butler-like service pampered us with a multi-course meal, serving a healthy mix of timeless European cuisine and mouthwatering seafood. But I was most looking forward to my main course: tender grills served from the iconic meat wagon. I chose the Black Angus Sirloin, and let’s just say – the resulting food coma was worth every bite. Toasting to drinks in the neighbouring Highland Bar was the icing on the cake.

Explore your Inner Culture
Vulture at Tang Treasures

Hidden away in one corner of the main lobby, the Tang Treasures Suite is literally a treasure trove of prized artifacts. Carefully preserved within several glass cabinets, here you’ll find an assortment of faded chalices, stained pottery and other ancient earthenware.

These relics originated from the Tang Shipwreck Treasure: Singapore’s Maritime Collection gallery, and belonged to a ninth century vessel! Fun fact; this makes it extremely rare because it is the only shipwreck known in the entire world to be carrying ninth century cargo. Though the exhibition is modest, we thoroughly enjoyed perusing through this little nook.

Tuck into Traditional Oriental
Delicacies at Min Jiang

For your dose of quintessential Chinese cuisine, Goodwood Park’s Min Jiang presents its palate of delectable Cantonese and Sichuan dishes. Chic oriental furniture and polished wooden floors offer diners an elegant setting to enjoy a savoury meal. Guests can choose between the indoors, a more intimate alfresco option or one of the six private dining rooms, which can be used for family events.

During lunchtime, staff also wheel around trolleys of freshly cooked Dim Sum. You can just take your pick from Dim Sum mainstays like Xiao Long Bao and Siew Mai. Besides this, the course meal serves plates of epicurean delights like tender smoked duck drizzled in sweet sauce and shiitake mushrooms swimming in a smooth pool of oyster sauce. It’s the perfect option for family gatherings or business meetings!

Fun Facts


Goodwood Park actually originated as the “Teutonia Club” for the German expatriate community. This is why it was modelled after castles from Germany’s Rhine region.


Though taxis are innumerable today, they were once so exclusive that only a handful of wealthy people could enjoy rides. It opened this service in 1961, and guests all clamoured for a privileged ride in the Goodwood Park Hotel Taxi.


Back in the 1940s, Goodwood Park used to be run by an all-male. From bellhop and doorman to the chef, the show was run by men. All but with the exception of one lady housekeeper!

The Area

Pockets of quirky surprises hidden within the rush of the iconic shopping strip.

After lazing around in the incredibly cosy rooms, a plethora of exciting attractions within your vicinity await. Just mere steps from the hotel, Orchard Road is Singapore’s mecca for shopping. Located between Botanic Gardens and Fort Canning Park, nature lovers will also be tempted to stroll through the lush greenery. The Esplanade and Marina Bay are just a few train stops down but one can make pit stops along the way at Little India or Chinatown to immerse in the local culture. When it comes to mouth-watering local delights, no place captures our food scene much like Newton Food Centre does. But beyond these renowned attractions, you’ll find some amazing hidden gems as well.

1. Whisk yourself back to
an idyllic past among
Emerald Hill’s quaint
Peranakan houses

With all the sprawling concrete monoliths that tower around Orchard Road, it’s easy to blink past the more unassuming small roads and alleys that branch out beyond the hustle and bustle of the main street. But did you know that just across the road from Orchard Central, lies a quiet rustic street lined with alluring Peranakan-styled houses?

Just like its namesake, Emerald Hill truly is a hidden gem. Houses along the street are decked in electrifying colours so bright and vivid that each home seems to have a character of its own! In the company of aromatic flowers, lulling willows, friendly joggers and protected by cool shades, this is the perfect place for a romantic and unwinding evening stroll.

2. Get creative and
art jam at Arteastiq

Not everything along Orchard Road is about shopping. Try an artisanal boutique cafe that lets you dine and make art (at the same time) on for size! In Mandarin Gallery, Arteastiq is the tea house that everyone is raving about. With our delicate gourmet tea in hand, we got our creative cogs churning and set about painting. Though my work wasn’t exactly Van Gogh or Monet, it was super fun and therapeutic experimenting with the different acrylics.

It was just like those primary school art class days and we had a great afternoon laughing over whose “masterpiece” was more passable. But every artist was first an amatuer. So who knows, the blank canvas Arteastiq gives you to work with may just inspire the Picasso in you.

3. Surround yourself
with panoramic views
of Singapore 56 floors
up in the sky – for FREE

You wouldn’t know that Singapore was this beautiful till you admired it from atop Ion Sky. 56 floors and a jaw-dropping 218 m up, it ticks all the right boxes. It’s indoor, so you can still enjoy the view rain or shine. It’s absolutely free and there is air-conditioning from the sweltering heat. Lastly, the sweeping vista is to die for. Peering through the state-of-the-art BEHOLDTIM digital telescopes, we spotted the lush foliage of Botanic Gardens enveloped within various HDB heartlands in one corner and Marina Bay Sands between the glistening CBD skyline in the other. We even managed to find Goodwood Park Hotel!

Taking dinner with a view to the next level, Salt Grill & Sky Bar on the same floor offers an eclectic contemporary Australian cuisine to match the amazing scenery. But expect your lavish meal to go at a premium price.



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