Butuan Grand Palace Hotel

Butuan Grand Palace Hotel

Butuan City, Philippines

“A world-class traditional hotel
for the modern traveller”
“The Butuan Grand Palace Hotel really exceeded my expectations with so many things. The hotel really speaks to its grandeur and as a guest, I really felt it.”
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TripZilla Loves
  • Easy access to Butuan City’s commercial locations
  • Outdoor pool
  • Hotel rooms with city views
  • Free airport shuttle

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Butuan Grand Palace Hotel
Butuan Grand Palace hotel
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When travelling to different cities, we always want a place that is cosy and affordable in the midst of everything new that surrounds us. We know that visiting a destination for the first time can get intimidating, and that’s why we continue to seek quality hotels to meet our every need. What we found in Butuan City is the epitome of comfort and class: the Butuan Grand Palace Hotel. We were ecstatic to explore this hotel since its complete amenities and convenient location promise its guests a memorable and extremely satisfying stay.

Butuan Grand Palace Hotel is located at the Capitol Drive Corner Montalban Street, Butuan City, Philippines. With its three-star services, the hotel gives everyone a warm temporary home in the amazing city of Butuan. We loved how welcoming their staff was, and it was evident that they were dedicated to their guests with their high-end security systems and fine cuisine. This Butuan City hotel also offers free use of their chair massagers and a fun outdoor pool. Now that’s what hotel accommodation is all about – catering to the inclinations of both the old and younger generation.

As if this didn’t impress us already, the rooms and activities that awaited us took our awe to an even higher level. Who would have thought that Butuan City held such a gem amidst its urbanised culture?

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Single Bed

Visiting the city for a short business trip? Or maybe a simple weekend vacation? Either way, we’re sure that the hotel’s Single Bed Room has got you covered. We loved it for what it was, simple and comfortable. The room, of course, comes with WiFi, air-condition, and a free breakfast buffet. You can relax while watching TV and lying on the soft fluffy bed. This room proves you don’t need anything fancy during your stay to keep yourself satisfied.


Standard Double Room

Who doesn’t want a room that cancels out noise? We all go on a vacation for peace in quiet, at least in where we’re staying. That’s why we absolutely loved the fact that the hotel’s Standard Double Room is soundproof. You’ll finally get the peaceful sleep you’ve been yearning for in this accommodation. On top of that, this room is spacious enough and has a minibar and a receiving area. You can use the space and opportunity to hang out with your friends who are staying in a separate room, just like we did.


Matrimonial Room

Aside from the extremely comfortable queen-sized bed, we definitely approved of the healthy living philosophy they have. Their Matrimonial Room is a non-smoking room, fully air-conditioned and soundproof. To make things more convenient, this room also has a big desk and a cosy couch for guests who need to work. Travellers who are in town for both leisure and business will find this room perfect for them.


Deluxe Double Room

We loved this room because of its family-friendly vibe. If you’re travelling in a small group, the Deluxe Double Room will surely be suited to your liking. We appreciated how the windows were big enough to bathe the whole room in natural light, which helped us settle in warmly and quickly. This spacious 32 sqm room can sleep two to three people. Our favourite part? The bathtub of course! Hot showers are good, but if we can indulge in a bubble bath every once in a while, we’ll definitely jump at the chance.


Standard Suite Room

This elegant room raised the bar even higher. Not only does it feature everything else the previous rooms feature, such as the free breakfast buffet, non-smoking policy, receiving area, and minibar, but it also has a safe deposit box and valuable bathroom amenities. With its luxurious queen-sized bed, bright windows, and classic interiors, this is perfect for couples who just want to get away from work for a few days.


Deluxe Double Suite Room

We fell head over heels for this suite because of its modern design that’s slightly tinged with a rustic theme. Its floor-to-ceiling windows were all we needed to feel right at home as we basked in the sunlight seeping through the glass. Their fluffy beds couldn’t have given us a more restful and peaceful sleep. The bathroom walls were covered with wooden-like tiles that make you feel as if you were in a homey cabin in the woods. We entered this hotel room, and we didn’t want to leave!



If you can afford something more glamorous, invest in the hotel’s Presidential Suite. We kid you not, this suite is to die for. It has a separate living room and dining area, as well as a terrace for you to enjoy a full view of the city. We loved the sofas in the living room, which are big and soft enough for you to fall asleep while watching TV. The terrace also has a table and chairs for you and your friends to simply chill while watching the sun go down and take in the view. This is the best of the Butuan Grand Palace Hotel, and we encourage you to go for it!

The Resort

Eat Heartily

Things to do

If you’re a lover of food, then you’ll find your gastronomical needs met every morning at the hotel’s breakfast buffet. Have no shame and indulge in their fine cuisine. They even have a separate menu just in case you want to try a dish that isn’t found in their morning buffet. At night, walk-ins can avail of the dinner buffet as the live band entertains and serenades each guest.


Swim & Chill

Things to do

The outdoor pool area is the best place to spend your nights in the city. Not only can you swim all you can, but you also eat all you can. They have BBQ nights from Friday to Sunday, so look forward to chill nights and long conversations with your friends at the poolside. Those are the nights definitely worth having. Walk-ins are welcome to use the pool, which also adds to the already existing welcoming atmosphere of this Butuan City hotel.


Relax Your Muscles

Things to do

One of our favourite aspects of the hotel is their massage chairs. As long as you’re a guest, you’re free to use it. This is simply perfect for those travelling on business because they don’t just get to relax in their suite, they get to indulge in a daily massage should they wish it. Imagine coming back to the hotel after a long day for a treat like this. It would be quite rewarding!

Fun Facts

1. All 72 rooms are non-smoking

Fun Facts 1

No one has to worry about inhaling second-hand smoke inside Butuan Grand Palace Hotel. They stand by their healthy living philosophy with their 72 non-smoking rooms. It makes the hotel all the more safe for families with small children, and it’s simply more convenient for everyone when they’re walking around the property.

2. It’s a new hotel

Fun Facts 2

The Butuan Grand Palace Hotel is one of the newest hotels in Butuan City. Considering this fact, we’re even more impressed with how accommodating their staff is and their reasonable rates. With their quality service, we doubt you’ll be complaining. Instead, you’ll find yourself lost in the hotel’s elegance and ambience.

3. It has its own conference and convention centre

Fun Facts 3

If you’re looking for an amazing events venue, you’ll find it at this hotel, too. Their convention centre is soundproof, has WiFi access, and is fully air-conditioned. It’s known throughout Butuan City as the ideal venue for big meetings, exhibitions, birthdays, and even wedding receptions. They’ll even offer you wedding packages to give you the most memorable experience of your life. You can’t go wrong with this convention centre!


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Travel Information

Butuan City is a 14-minute drive from Bancasi Airport, the main airport in Butuan City, Agusan del Norte. From the Bancasi Airport, you can take the Butuan-Cagayan de Oro-Iligan Rd. and head straight and turn right on Capitol Bonbon Rd. Follow this road and turn right on Montalban Street, then go straight. Butuan Grand Hotel should be one of the first things you’ll see.

Butuan Grand Palace Hotel also has a free shuttle service so you won’t have to worry about airport transportation. You may also request for bus terminal transfers

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Butuan Grand Palace Hotel Area
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We all know that a tourist’s experience isn’t complete without shopping. It’s a good thing that Butuan Grand Palace Hotel sits close to two malls in Butuan City. Gaisano Mall is only an eight-minute walk while Butuan Robinson Place is a six-minute commute from the hotel. For chill nights you want to spend outside the hotel, you can walk to the Backyard Food District, a food park that’s only an eight-minute walk from Butuan Grand Palace. If you’re looking for a bar to spend the night away, 28 Gastro Bar also sits close to the hotel and you’ll only need to walk six minutes to get there. The Sunflower Bistro & KTV on the other hand, is approximately a 10-minute walk from the hotel if you’re interested for some karaoke.

For Catholics, you’ll also find an Immaculate Conception parish church nearby for your Saturday or Sunday service. To indulge in something more cultural, we urge you to visit the Butuan National Museum that’s only seven minutes away via vehicle or commute. You’ll learn more about the history of Butuan City and their most significant discovery, the Balanghai boats.


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