Canvas Boutique Hotel

Canvas Boutique Hotel

Puerto Princesa, Palawan

“Inspiring adventures”
“Thoughtful service was among the aspects that I loved about the hotel. Efficient and friendly staff were at hand to provide my needs from the room to airport transfers.”




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TripZilla Loves
  • Stunning 20-metre outdoor lap pool
  • Locally made furniture pieces & art murals hand-painted by Palaweño artists
  • Painted Table Restaurant serving home-style Filipino fusion food
  • Convenient location, 2 minutes away from the newly opened Puerto Princesa International Airport
  • Warm, genuine hospitality of the Canvas staff

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The Hotel The Hotel

A contemporary boutique hotel showcasing
the natural beauty and rich culture of Palawan

Set at the heart of Puerto Princesa in an island dubbed as the “forest city of the living God,” Canvas Boutique Hotel is the perfect retreat for those who want a relaxing yet adventure-filled Palawan getaway.

Canvas Boutique Hotel is a place where everything is an adventure and an art all rolled into one. The moment we stepped into the hotel’s lobby, we were already bedazzled by the light installations inspired by the stalactites of the Subterranean River. And it didn’t stop there – our room was also an inspiring masterpiece with murals that tell stories of the rich culture and heritage of Palawan. The revealing themes on each floor, the artistry of the furniture pieces and even their in-house Painted Table restaurant were all unexpectedly amazing.

On top of all these unique hotel features, what made this hotel really exceptional for us was the breath of authentic hospitality that the entire staff had imparted not just to us but to all its guests. Canvas Boutique Hotel showed us what a true hotel experience should be – to make us feel that we belong like a true Palaweño yet allowing us to be ourselves. We left our hearts at Canvas Boutique Hotel as our stay concluded, and we will certainly be coming back for it.

The Rooms

All 49 rooms are beautifully designed to
ensure utmost comfort and unique stay for all


As soon as we entered the Superior room, we immediately knew that we were in the right place. It truly lives up to its name: spacious, comfortable, and, well, superior! It is specifically designed for outright privacy and comfort. The airiness of this 25 sqm fully air-conditioned room was calming after spending long hours on the road. This room had most of the luxuries you can find in more expensive hotels but what we loved the most here are the glass bedside windows that gave us an unprecedented view of the lush greeneries outside, which eased our tired eyes right away.


We had the opportunity to check out the Deluxe room as well. While it has virtually the same amenities as the Superior room, it is slightly bigger at 31 sqm, and guests may opt for one king-sized bed or two queen-sized beds. This room is definitely perfect for couples and families or those travelling with a companion.


At 35 sqm, the Premier room is ideal for groups or travelling barkadas (circle of friends). The two large glass windows made it look like the view outside was actually an extension of the room. The spaciousness of the area, the cleanness of the bathroom, and the overall laid-back feel here made us reconsider another Palawan trip soon.

Things to do

Your ultimate Palawan adventure starts here!

Things to do

Experience a gastronomic adventure like no other at The Painted Table

In every home, the kitchen table is where all weary souls park. With that, Canvas makes sure that every guest longing for a gustatory feast will not only be filled with scrumptious home and Western comfort dishes but with visual feast as well. The Painted Table, the hotel’s ground floor restaurant is a place where you should come home to after an exhilarating day.


Splash into the 20-metre outdoor swimming pool

Your Canvas experience will not be complete without immersing in the cool, refreshing waters of its outdoor swimming pool. We made sure that we can have this kind of experience during our short stay at the hotel. So we did just like that. We stripped down to our swimsuits, swam, and got tanned lounging at the poolside with other guests. A couple of hours out in the sun really made our day!


Appreciate art right at the hotel

Take this opportunity to explore and appreciate art all around the property. We explored every floor of the hotel, and we learned that each floor has its own theme, depicting all aspects of life in Palawan, including its vibrantly rich culture and folklore. The first floor, dubbed Underworld, shows otherworldly elements that will probably leave you astonished. Go up the second floor and you’ll be transported right Under The Sea. Continue to trek to Land at the third floor and imagine yourself reaching the Sky and Mountain on the fourth floor. This is truly an experience like no other!


Take Instagram-worthy photos in every corner

Prepare your cameras or smartphones and take lots of pictures here. From the lobby to the hallways, all the way down to the rooms, every corner of Canvas Boutique Hotel is truly Instagram-worthy! The sweetest spot for us, though, was the pool with the manicured garden as the backdrop. You might want to look out for that as well.

Fun Facts


Each floor of Canvas Boutique Hotel has a theme

Fun Facts

Canvas Boutique Hotel has four floors, and each one has its own theme. The first floor is christened the “Underworld.” Here, you will learn about Palawan’s mythology with all its otherworldly characters. The second floor has an “Under the Sea” theme. As the name suggests, what you can see here are colourful marine creatures as if alive and floating in equally colourful concrete. The third floor, the “Land,” makes you feel that you are in any way one with nature. At the fourth and last floor, you will be greeted with the airiness of the “Sky and Mountain” theme. Here, your imagination will be taken to the vastness of the open countryside and the skies.


There are 14 mural designs across our 49 rooms at Canvas

Fun Facts

Each of the 49 rooms at Canvas Boutique Hotel is filled with unique, awe-inspiring designs. In other words, no two rooms in this hotel are the same. Each room is a unique masterpiece of one of the many Palaweño artists who shared their talents in making the murals. You might even want to ask who painted your hotel room walls and get a chance to personally meet the man behind your room’s genius!


The Painted Table is both a restaurant and a dining table

Fun Facts

The Painted Table is both the name of the hotel’s restaurant and the main dining table inside it. The restaurant’s central art masterpiece, a 5-metre, 18- seater hardwood table, was painted by AG Sano, a street art savant also known as the Dolphin Guy. The masterpiece’s focal point is a girl from Palawan’s Batak Tribe surrounded by flora and fauna endemic to Palawan.

Fun Facts
Fun Facts
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Fun Facts
Necessary Travel Information

Canvas Boutique Hotel is located at Puerto Princesa North Road, Barangay San Miguel, Puerto Princesa, Palawan. It is just 2 minutes away from the newly built Puerto Princesa International Airport. Going to the hotel from the airport and vice versa becomes all the more easier because the hotel provides shuttle service to take care of your transportation needs. Canvas is conveniently located right across the Pasalubong (Souvenir) Centre – the most prominent landmark. The place is hard to miss even if you want to travel there on your own.

Fun Facts

Since Canvas Boutique Hotel is located in an exotic place, you can maximise the fun and adventure if you roam around the area.

Did you know that your hotel is an ideal jump-off point to many of Puerto Princesa’s favourite hang-outs and jaw-dropping wonders of nature? Canvas is only five to ten minutes away from Robinson’s Place Mall Palawan, and approximately five minutes away from SM Mall as well. If you want a relaxing stroll along the seashore, Puerto Princesa Baywalk is just a little more than five minutes walk away. Puerto Princesa’s Public Market is also just around the corner.

There are many other wonderful things you can do to maximise your Palawan getaway. Visit the Palawan Heritage Museum; taste a native craft beer at Ayahay Palaweño Brewery; savour authentic Vietnamese food at the famous Viet Ville; go firefly watching at Iwahig; embark on an island hopping trip to Honda Bay; indulge in baked goodies at Baker’s Hill; fill your packs with souvenirs from the Pasalubong Centre right in front of Canvas Boutique Hotel; and of course, never leave Palawan without entering the renowned Puerto Princesa Underground River, one of the New7Wonders of Nature that has put Puerto Princesa on the map.

Fun Facts
Fun Facts
Fun Facts
Fun Facts
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