The Andaman Resort

The Andaman Resort

Langkawi, Malaysia

“A secret paradise tucked away in an ancient rainforest”
“I loved almost everything about my stay at The Andaman. “Paradise found” were my initial thoughts when I arrived...”





TripZilla Loves
  • Exploring the 10-million-year-old rainforest
  • Fantastic view of the Andaman Sea
  • Snorkelling in the coral nursery
  • Gastronomic delights from the four specialty restaurants
  • Rejuvenating spa treatments at the V Botanical Spa

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“Your ultimate retreat to the blissfully untouched nature of Langkawi”

We came here for a holiday to escape from the busy and taxing urban life, and it turned out to be a perfect choice! Before stepping into the Andaman Resort, we could see the lush rainforest and the dreamy blue sea. The whole property sat quietly against the backdrop of an ancient forest, like a secret castle on its own.

“The whole property sat quietly against the backdrop of an ancient forest, like a secret castle on its own.”

The lobby is designed with a stylish wooden ceiling and a balanced composition, and the general earthy colour tone fits in well with the nature theme. There are no sparkly chandeliers or shimmering decorations like what we usually see in other 5-star hotels. This is a place that feels like home, where we can just relax and be ourselves.

Upon arrival, we were immediately approached by the warm, friendly staff who handed us a welcome drink and a cold towel to keep ourselves refreshed. During our whole Langkawi getaway here, we were always kept close to nature, and we truly enjoyed the multiple outdoor activities that made us embrace the sun, the sea and the forest.


“Luxurious and comfortable yet so close to nature.”

Deluxe Rainforest/Deluxe Treetop

As its name suggests, the Deluxe Rainforest provided us with a great view of the tropical rainforest. The best thing we did every morning was to take a deep breath of the forest air on the step-out balcony. The room was enveloped in enchanting warm colours, and we were surprised at how spacious it was. This is truly a great place to relax and recharge after a whole day of draining activities!

The Deluxe Treetop room, on the other hand, is equipped with everything mentioned above, but there is a bonus: on top of the rainforest view, there is a fantastic view of the Andaman Sea!

Luxury Garden Terrace

Staying in this room was the closest we could get to nature — slide open the balcony door and we got a whole private garden to ourselves! The garden is perfect for morning yoga and sunbathing in the afternoon. Sometimes, we chose to rest on the lounger and do nothing but listen to the birds chirping and observe the wildlife in the rainforest. The room is, of course, decorated with the nature theme in mind with furniture in earthy colours and greens; it pulled us away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Luxury Pool Access

The swimming pool was literally two steps away from our room, so we could just jump in anytime we want. We enjoyed a night swim while staring at the starry night without the need to worry about safety or privacy, and we took a sip of Italian coffee while lying on the poolside lounger after swimming. Ahh, what could be better than this?

Luxury Seaview Room

What we enjoyed most from our stay here was definitely the time we spent sitting at the in-room balcony, and being greeted by the spectacular view of the Andaman sea. P.S. You should really try catching the sunset here — it was magnificent to watch the sun slowly sink into the sea from the full-length windows!

Jacuzzi Studio

The highlight of this room is no doubt the private Jacuzzi which offered us an unforgettable tropical water spa experience. The design of the room is also worth a mention — the wood flooring and the garden-like terrace will pull you a step closer to nature. One fun fact about the Jacuzzi Studio rooms: all the rooms are named after butterfly species found in Langkawi. The first thing we did was to research on the type of butterfly that our room was named after and we actually found the real ones during our nature tour the next day! How cool is that?

Executive Seaview Suite / Executive Suite

The king-sized bed is directly facing the floor-to-ceiling sliding glass door, so we could see the magnificent view of rainforest or sea (for Executive Seaview Suite) from the first moment we opened our eyes. The room has lots of space; even the balcony is very spacious. We love spending our evenings on the balcony just to enjoy the great view and the natural breeze!

Executive Pool Suite

Living in this suite was a luxurious and pleasant experience. Just look at the private swimming pool and the ocean view to indulge in while swimming! We took a short nap on the cabana daybeds and got the chance to dine in the midst of the rainforest as the room has its dining table in a flourishing garden.

We allowed the curtains to be open just so we would be woken up by the lovely sunlight and have a view of the glittering blue pool every morning. The natural light pours into every corner of the suite during day time, so the whole space feels warm and sunny!

Presidential Suite

We could not stop admiring the details in the room from the moment we stepped in. This extremely spacious room combines both nature and modern elements. It felt like we were living in an artistic and luxurious space without losing the close connections to the rainforest!

The suite incorporates bedroom, living room, dining area, gym facilities, spa area and even a kitchenette so you will never get hungry here.

As almost all pieces of furniture are made from wood, the living area and dining area look nothing like a conventional hotel room — it feels more like an elegant but comfortable home.

The bedroom is really inviting as well, where two sides of the walls are replaced by floor-to-ceiling windows, featuring both the ancient rainforest and the Andaman Sea. We found it hard to pull ourselves away from the cloud-like bed and the grand scenery.

And, don’t get us started on the bathrooms! The suite has a guest bathroom and a main one, where we relaxed in a huge Jacuzzi tub and allowed the water spa to wash away all our tiredness.


“Indulge in the various cuisines, nature activities and spa treatments”

Try out delicious cuisines from four different restaurants

We had a wide range of food choices here! The Restaurant was where we enjoyed a wonderful breakfast buffet that offers both international and local cuisines. It is also open for lunch and dinner and is located near the free-form swimming pool.

We tried a local dish called Ayam Kalio and the taste was beyond our expectations. Consisting of tender chicken cooked in flavourful turmeric cream sauce, we would not mind having this for all our meals. This is definitely the best place to fill your hungry stomach after the swim!

At Tepian Laut, we got a taste of the best local dishes. We recommend you to try the mouth-watering traditional dish called Rusuk Kambing Baker. It is a lamb baked with spices and homemade paste. We could not stop ourselves from finishing it after our first bite. We had a memorable dinner experience here: dining under a sky filled with stars and accompanied by gentle sea breeze. We hope to have more nights here!

As the resort is so near the Andaman Sea, we were not surprised to find a seafood restaurant called Jala. However, we were unexpectedly amazed by the taste of our first appetiser, the Seafood Roll Salad. Ingredients such as mango, squids, king prawns and other veggies are nicely wrapped into rice paper rolls. The squids and prawns were incredibly fresh and they mixed well with the mangoes to give a unique yet appetising taste.

There is a Japanese restaurant too! We had a feast of sushi and sashimi in a Tatami room that was designed in a traditional Japanese style. We couldn’t believe that we actually had such a meal in Langkawi.

Have a drink at Jentayu Lounge or Beach Bar

On days that we did not feel like going outdoors, we spent our mornings at Jentayu and treated ourselves with cups of coffee as well as the Vegetable Quesadillas sandwich. We could never get sick of this combination of crispy tortilla bread and grilled vegetables! Besides the awesome food, we enjoyed the impressive views of the rainforest and the sea. If you are as lucky as us, you might even see some wild animals like rare colugos, dusky leaf monkeys, lizards and more!

We had fun partying at the Beach Bar, where we found many extraordinary choices of cocktails. But our favourite one is the Destiny Daiquiri which has a tropical taste with an addition of pomelo and guava juice. Best drink to have for a beach party! And oh, their Thermo Happy Hour is quite unique and interesting; the discount is based on the temperature of the day and it will be measured (in Celsius) at 3pm daily. Amazing, right? We haven’t experienced such kind of happy hour set up from our bar-hopping experiences before – only in Andaman Resort!

See the underwater world through a guided snorkel tour

This is the activity that made our entire getaway in Langkawi truly worthwhile. Dead coral materials from the 2004 Tsunami are reused in the coral nursery to grow new corals. We especially enjoyed the guided snorkel tour where we had a close view of these colourful “forests” and even got to touch them. The sea creatures were equally appealing — the clownfish were so cute!

We gained more knowledge about coral and marine creatures as we toured the coral nursery and the marine life laboratory. After all, isn’t it great to learn something while having fun?

This is also a place where children can have great fun feeding some sea animals. We are sure your children will be so fascinated by these creatures that had previously only appeared in their story books.

Get close to nature through Rainforest Walks

There is no reason for you not to enter the 10-million-year-old rainforest during your stay. We were so excited when we ventured on our Rainforest Awakening tour in the morning (there is also another tour in the evening called Rainforest Afterdark). The friendly guide gave us a detailed overview of the whole experience, allowing us to appreciate this ancient rainforest a lot more.

For all nature lovers, you definitely cannot miss this! You can look forward to seeing dusky leaf monkeys, squirrels, lizards, birds and many other wild animals. Remember to bring your cameras along; we could not stop snapping photos throughout the whole tour.

Design your personal training sessions at V Fitness

Though you are on a holiday, it is also important to maintain your fitness. This 24-hour fitness centre is where you can continue your usual exercise routine.

We found out that there was even an option to book a personal trainer and have workout sessions tailored to our needs! Sadly, we did not have enough time to try this out, but we will definitely come back for it.

Relieve your stress at V Botanical Spa

The V Botanical Spa offers different types of spa treatments. Although anything from the list will certainly ease your stress and anxiety straightaway, we recommend that you try their signature Kahuna Wave Massage. The V Botanical Spa is the first spa in Southeast Asia to offer 100% certified-organic food-grade products. Natural herbs, lime, coconut milk and other organic ingredients were applied to our bodies. On top of all these, we had our spa treatment on a hill overlooking the gorgeous Datai Bay. It felt like paradise!

Splash into the Rainforest Swimming Pool

The waterslide was designed for the children, but that certainly did not stop us from having fun here. The swimming pool was surrounded by rainforest trees so it feels like a natural pond in the forest.

Parents can bring their little children to the toddler section of the pool so that they can safely play with the water as well!


In-room Italian coffee machine

Great news for all coffee lovers like us! There is an Italian coffee machine in every room. You can get plenty cups of fresh-made coffee at anytime you want. Confession: We almost did not want to leave our room because of this.

You can play a part in saving the coral reefs

The 8,000 years old coral reef in the Andaman Sea was badly damaged by the 2004 Tsunami. We joined the coral cleaning walk to pick up dead corals so that the living corals could thrive in a better environment. It is really satisfying to be doing something meaningful like this! You can also go for an educational Coral Walk to learn more about the coral ecosystem.

They even have cooking classes

Interested in learning how to cook? You can do it here in the resort. There are professional chefs who conduct fun and engaging cooking lessons. We even chanced upon cooking classes wherein guests were taught how to make sushi! Awesome, right?


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The hotel is about 35 minutes drive from the Langkawi Airport. You can choose to take a taxi or rent a car after you arrive at the airport, but we recommend that you make airport transfer arrangements with the resort instead prior to your arrival. If you are travelling from the Jetty Point, you can also make arrangements with the resort’s Limousine service.

To get around the area during your stay, the transportation options are taxis, rental cars and complimentary shuttle services provided by the hotels. However, for the last option, seats are subject to availability.


Datai Bay is just in front of the resort so you have a whole range of beach and water activities to choose from. You could try various watersports such as kayaking and windsurfing or choose to relax on the fine sands and just be soaked in the sunlight.

Even if you are not a fan of golf, you can still pay a visit to Els Club Teluk Datai. It is designed by Ernie Els, a former World Number 1 professional golf player. The mountains in the background make this golf course look even more astonishing.

Temurun Waterfall is the tallest fall in Langkawi which has a cumulative height of about 200 metres. The water falls from the edge of Mount Mat Cincang and the rocks are interestingly shaped in layers due to erosion over a long time. We heard that they were over 500 million years old, so don’t miss a visit to this majestic natural wonder!

To enjoy a sweeping panoramic view of the whole Langkawi Island and the neighbouring islands, we suggest that you experience the Langkawi Cable Car & Skybridge. The thrill, excitement and incredible views here are all worth it!

Being the first UNESCO Geopark in Southeast Asia, the Kilim Karst Geoforest Park is another must-go destination during your holiday in Langkawi. This mangrove forest is carefully preserved so it is still a rich habitat for all kinds of flora and wildlife. We were surprised to see many unique plants here, the ones that you will never find anywhere else in the world!


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