Baobab Safari Resort

Baobab Safari Resort Review

East Java, Indonesia

“An authentic African Savanna experience on the slopes of Arjuno mountain”

“I am very satisfied staying at Baobab Resort with all the very unique amenities.”


TripZilla Loves
  • African Savanna inspired resort with a touch of modern lifestyle
  • Close encounters with meerkats, zebras, impala, and other live animals
  • Breakfast with the giraffes
  • Magnificent view of Arjuno mountain and African Savanna from the balcony of the rooms

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The Resort

The perfect weekend getaway in Indonesia for animal and nature lovers

Baobab Safari Resort family pool view

When we were searching for a unique place to stay in Indonesia for our next visit to the country, we discovered Baobab Safari Resort. It is an African Savanna-inspired resort on the slopes of Mount Arjuno in Taman Safari Prigen in East Java.

Baobab Safari Resort surprised us in many ways. During our stay, we explored the jungle and had a great time interacting with the safari animals. It’s not often that you get to enjoy a posh resort and have wildlife encounters at the same time. Families with kids will definitely love this place like we did. Who wouldn’t like waking up to the view of zebras, giraffes, antelopes, and more animals you usually see in the wild? Simply being surrounded by these creatures is a privilege for all ages.

Aside from spending our days feeding the giraffes for free, we enjoyed swimming in the resort's infinity pool. But the best part of it was that we saw some animals roam freely around the area. The nature lover in us delighted and marvelled at the grandiose beauty of Mount Arjuno, too. We’d say that staying at Baobab Safari Resort was truly one for the books, and we recommend it for those who love both nature and luxury. Check out more interesting features of this safari resort in Indonesia by reading our entire Baobab Safari Resort review.


The fascinating scenery of the African Savanna and Arjuno Mountain
from the balcony of your room will take your breath away

Baobab Safari Resort Deluxe Room

Deluxe Room

Escape the busy weekday life. Start your mornings with a peek of the Arjuno Mountain from your Deluxe Room balcony instead. Baobab Safari Resort's Deluxe Room has enough space to move around. It’s still spacious even when your suitcases and other valuables are on the floor. The cosy ambience of the room is in line with the ambience of the whole resort with earth colours dominating the entire place. The theme bleeds from the wooden furniture to the marble tiles of the bathroom. Pendant lamps on both sides of the bed also give off a glamorous style of camping in the jungle.

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Baobab Safari Resort Deluxe Safari Room

Deluxe Safari

What is better than having a balcony in your room for your coffee session? For us, it's when you get up close with the animals from your room! Guests staying in the Deluxe Safari room don’t need to go out of the building to watch the safari animals. You might not realise it at first, but one of the giraffes could just be waiting to meet you from outside the terrace. Just try not to let them reach for your coffee or drinks from the mini bar!

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Baobab Safari Resort Premium Room

Premium Room

The Premium Room of Baobab Safari Resort offers guests more space to move around. And just like in any other room of the resort, the breathtaking scenery is only a few steps away from the comfortable bed. This 32 sqm room is complete with a king-sized bed, seating area and a desk that can be the guests’ workplace. The television is wall-mounted above the working table at the bottom of the bed. Overall, the ergonomic design of the room makes it functional and convenient for every visitor.

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Baobab Safari Resort Premium Safari Room

Premium Safari

Premium Safari is a perfect choice for those who cannot get enough of observing the safari animals. You can enjoy watching the animals on the savanna from your balcony or even from your bed. That's a plus aside from the extra area this room provides! If you’re lucky, you might see a zebra or two staring at you from the glass window of your room. The comfortable bed is adorned with adorable art towels, too. It would be hard to resist taking a photo before using one when you shower.

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Baobab Safari Resort Junior Room

Junior Suite

Since Baobab Safari Resort is perfect for families, bigger rooms are also available. The Junior Suite comes with a separate living room. The view from the balcony is that of the majestic Arjuno mountain.

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Baobab Safari Resort Junior  Suite Room

Junior Suite Safari

True to its name, the Junior Suite Safari provides the best resort experience to families with kids. There is one king-sized bed, and an additional bed you may request for your children. The balcony of the Junior Suite Safari is more spacious than the rest of the rooms. The private bathroom is complete with basic toiletries your family needs during a weekend getaway. Television divides the living room and bedroom. With the continuous interior design, guests feel more relaxed and comfortable.

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Things to Do

Get your adrenaline pumping with these exciting yet educational activities at Baobab Safari Resort!

Baobab Safari Resort view of feeding the giraffes

Feed the giraffe and meerkats

It is pretty common to find the giraffes fed by guests in zoos and safaris all over the world. But, we did it for free in Baobab Safari Resort. They even joined us for breakfast on the deck! Close encounters with meerkats are encouraged as well in the sanctuary. Guests can feed the affectionate animals every day. What we liked the most about Baobab Safari Resort is that even if the animals freely roam around, the grounds are not smelly at all!

Baobab Safari Resort Night Walk

Night walking

During the weekends, Baobab Safari Resort holds Night Walking and Storytelling activities. Night Walking is an educational program in Baobab Safari Resort. In this activity, guests can spot the night creatures in the resort only with a flashlight in hand.

Baobab Safari Resort Storytelling


Aside from night walking, storytelling over a bonfire is also a fun activity best enjoyed by the kids. It is an excellent way to cap off your fun-filled adventurous weekend night. Parents may then skip reading children’s bedtime stories before lights are turned off. It's like going to a jungle camp but with much comfort and style.

Fun Facts

Taman Safari Prigen outdoor view

Special access to the Taman Safari Prigen

The Taman Safari Prigen wherein guests can find the Baobab Safari Resort covers a land area of around 860 acres. It is the biggest safari in Southeast Asia. Guests of the luxury resort get exclusive access to Taman Safari Prigen. 2000 animals await joiners of the wild Safari Adventure.

Taman Safari Prigen view of swimming with dolphins

Swimming with the dolphins

Taman Safari Prigen does not only provide Safari Adventure to guests. There are also other activities like elephant interaction and even swimming with the dolphins. The experience is both fun and educational. That’s the reason why the event is suited to both kids and their parents.

Baobab Safari Resort outdoor view with zebras

A picture-perfect resort

Baobab Safari Resort is living up to the standards of being a place for postcard-perfect photos since you’ll always have the Arjuno Mountain as the backdrop of your photos in certain spots of the resort. You should also know that the Baobab tree is a tree that grows in the drier parts of Madagascar. Given this, the resort lobby where a replica of the Baobab tree welcomes each guest, is a must-see. Don’t forget to take photos with your family and friends by the infinity pool with the savanna in the background.

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Necessary Travel Information

Baobab Safari Resort reception

Taman Safari Prigen is 50 kilometres away from the Juanda International Airport. It is where you can find Baobab Safari Resort. Malang City is 45 kilometres away from the property as well. It is in Jatirejo, Prigen, Pasuruan. The easiest way to reach the resort is to drive your car. You can also hire the resort’s airport transport service to take you to the property.

The Area

Tiger Cave Restaurant

To make your safari adventure even more exciting, head over to the Tiger Cave Restaurant beside Taman Safari Prigen for a meal. Three Bengal tigers are in the glass cage overlooking your feast like real kings.

Arjuno Mountain

For mountain climbing aficionados, the staff of Baobab Safari Resort would happily arrange an exciting hike to the Arjuno Mountain during your stay should you want to explore more of Pasuruan. Although it is already a prominent view on the resort grounds, it is still a fantastic experience to try.

Mount Bromo

If you are interested in seeing the beautiful Mount Bromo up close, you may also take a trip for two and a half hours from Baobab Safari Resort. In fact, tourists from Subaraya usually make a stopover at the resort before heading to the active volcano.

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