Belmont Hotel Boracay

Belmont Hotel Boracay Review

Boracay, Philippines

“Belmont Hotel Boracay offers a luxurious escape
as a posh nautical-themed resort.”
“I love it so much… simple elegance and excellent views of nature...”
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TripZilla Loves
  • Idyllic location near the beaches of Boracay
  • Relaxing trellis garden in a landscaped deck
  • Eco-friendly practices that support The New Boracay
  • Mouthwatering fusion cuisine

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Belmont Hotel Boracay
Belmont Hotel Boracay Beach



Complementing the natural landscape of Boracay, Belmont Hotel Boracay has astounded us with features that highlight the island’s tropical experience. It not only overlooks the ocean and a golf course — its interiors and architecture also mimic the tranquillity and the lushness of the area.

As its ode to a more sustainable New Boracay, Belmont Hotel Boracay is a certified eco-friendly hotel. We loved how this reposeful hotel in Boracay allows nature to awe its guests. It heavily depends on natural resources that are of renewable energy. On one hand, its main source of light is the brilliance of the sun. On the other, it uses the panorama of the colourful sunrise reflecting over the ocean as embellishment. To add as a final flourish, Belmont Hotel Boracay built a relaxing trellis garden where guests can easily retreat to.

Belmont Hotel Boracay Lobby
Belmont Hotel Boracay Facade

Certainly, this hotel in Boracay is a beautiful glimpse of paradise. Aside from alluding to natural and nautical design, Belmont Hotel Boracay also prioritises comfort and sophistication. Its blue and yellow accents set the vibe for total rest and recreation in the island.

For more insider information, read our Belmont Hotel Boracay review. There, we have cut out the fluff to serve you everything you need to know about this Boracay hotel.


Belmont Hotel Boracay Superior Room

Superior Room


Boasting a fresh and intimate space, the 23 sqm Superior Room is a popular choice for travel buddies or couples seeking a quaint refuge. Offering a snug and homey vibe, this bedroom allows travellers to simply relax as they cap off the days of adventure in Boracay.

Belmont Hotel Boracay Superior Room

Deluxe Twin Room

Belmont Hotel Boracay Deluxe Twin Room

Radiant and minimalist, the 27 sqm Deluxe Twin Room broadens itself with polished lines and a bright colour scheme. It has a balcony and a bathroom, both of which add to the grandiosity of this bedroom. With the choice of either one queen-sized bed or two twin beds, this room provides ample space for two adults to rest comfortably.

Belmont Hotel Boracay Premier Room

Premier Room

Belmont Hotel Boracay Premier Room

Polished and crisp, the 33 sqm Premier Room is the perfect space for couples looking for a hotel in Boracay. Flaunting a more spacious area, this bedroom is ideal for travellers who need a larger breathing space during the day. This bedroom is a no-nonsense expanse, providing little distraction — still creating an intimate area for a romantic stay.

Belmont Hotel Boracay Premier Deluxe Room

Premier Deluxe Room

Belmont Hotel Boracay Premier Deluxe Room

Stretching a wide 42 sqm floor area, the Premier Deluxe Room offers a commodious vacation for its guests. With an en suite and a queen-size bed, this bedroom encourages couples to take the time off to luxuriate and recharge. Make sure to open the balcony doors to experience the full modern airy vibe of the Premier Deluxe Room!

Belmont Hotel Boracay Premier Deluxe Room

Executive Suite

Belmont Hotel Boracay Executive Suite

With its own living room, the Executive Suite is the bedroom of our dreams. Spacious and welcoming, this 52 sqm bedroom is ideal for guests who are anticipating visitors — or even just for couples who are desiring some extra room for lounging around. Work, eat, play, or just kick back and relax. The Executive Suite is perfect for all your vacation activities!

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Belmont Hotel is certified eco-friendly

Belmont Hotel Boracay Entrance

Belmont Hotel Boracay practices sustainable actions and initiatives throughout the property. This is immediately evident in the facade of the hotel. Abounding in wall-to-ceiling windows, Belmont Hotel Boracay not only encourages guests to marvel over the natural beauty of Boracay Newcoast, but also maintains its stunning vibrance through natural lighting. Aside from the sunlight, Belmont Hotel Boracay derives its bright aesthetic from eco-friendly LED lights.


Panoramic nature
views everywhere

Belmont Hotel Boracay Panoramic View

Are you a beach person or a mountain person? At Belmont Hotel Boracay, you don’t even have to choose. From the property, guests are allowed to take in the vista of both the seas and the summits. This feature is a way of paying homage to their commitment to highlight the natural beauty of the island.


Belmont Café
supports local

Belmont Cafe

Everyone loves a place that satisfies the deepest longings of the heart… and stomach! Belmont Hotel Boracay has the exact place for that: Belmont Café. Providing scrumptious meals all day, the café is definitely the cherry on top of the amazing hotel. The restaurant offers cuisines inspired by Asian and Medditeranean flavours — perfectly emulating Boracay’s tropical beach vibe. Only using the freshest ingredients, Belmont Café makes sure to support the local farmers of Aklan with every meal they serve.

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Necessary Travel


Belmont Hotel Boracay stands in Newcoast Drive, Boracay Newcoast in Barangay Yapak. The quickest way to get to Boracay is to fly to Caticlan or Kalibo. The flight from Manila to either airport usually takes an hour. From the airport, head to the Caticlan Jetty Port. As of 2019, you will need to show your reservation or hotel voucher at Belmont Hotel Boracay to pass through the port.

At the Caticlan Jetty Port, you will be asked to pay the tourist fee (₱100) and environmental fee (₱75). After that, you can head to the pump boat. From the Caticlan Jetty Port, the boat ride takes approximately ten to 20 minutes to Boracay. Once you arrive at Boracay, you will be met with tricycles and motorcycles that can take you to Newcoast Drive.

The Area

Boracay Newcoast

If you’re wondering where to stay in Boracay, especially since it is newly renovated, then you don’t need to look any further. Every corner of the New Boracay is quite a gem to behold. Since the rehabilitation, the island has restored its crystalline waters and powder-white sand. But what stands out in this revamped paradise is Boracay Newcoast. Currently being developed into an integrated tourism estate, Boracay Newcoast creates an even more elegant paradise.

As if the charm of Boracay isn't enough to enchant every tourist yet, there are more exciting things to come. Soon, guests can also expect a wide variety of island activities in the area. Parties, food crawls, and concerts are set to take place in this part of the island. But, of course, the main highlight of Boracay will always be the picturesque scenery, pristine coasts, and calm ocean. All of these are definitely still within reach from Belmont Hotel Boracay.

Boracay Shore Aerial View
Belmont Hotel Boracay Swimming Pool
Boracay Paraw Sunset Sailing

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