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My Villas in Bali Review

Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia

“An opulent oasis you can simply disappear into”
“Our villa was superb, all the amenities a traveller can ask for. The service from the staff was impeccable, indeed a 5-star treatment.”
Pool Access
Airport Transfer
Airport Transfer

TripZilla Loves
  • Central location near the beach and popular establishments
  • Butler service for your every need and request
  • Sun lounges and a private pool inside each villa
  • Fully equipped kitchen for home cooking

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My Villas in Bali



A posh living space in the centre of Seminyak

When travelling, we often find a way to make the most of our stay in a new place. Tourists eager to explore a destination look at everything with wonder and excitement. But after a full day of touring and adventure, most of us yearn for a place where we can escape and unwind. If you believe that a cosy hideaway is key to recharging for the rest of your holiday, keep reading. And if you find yourself searching for such a place in Seminyak, Bali in Indonesia, you’re in luck. The area is dotted with Bali villas that cater to suit every taste and preference. But for a failsafe, five-star stay that affords you privacy and unparalleled convenience, your prime choice would be My Villas in Bali.

There are many Bali resorts, but what easily sets My Villas in Bali apart is its reliable butler service. Upon check-in, we were given an in-house iPhone, which we used anytime we wanted to contact our designated butler. We had nothing to complain about this service — our lovely butler took care of everything, from breakfast and our tours to spa dates and even dinner reservations. He even assisted us with money exchange so that we would get the best rate.

Dream Phuket Hotel & Spa Swimming Pool
Dream Phuket Hotel & Spa Swimming Pool

The villa itself, on the other hand, was just a dream. We had a private pool and a sunbathing area all to ourselves. Plus, it was equipped with everything we needed for a comfortable stay. It was so spacious that we even had a fully equipped kitchen, where we whipped up quick dishes to save time and money. It was a wonderful taste of luxury living, but also, it was so easy to feel right at home!

Located in the centre of Seminyak, My Villas in Bali is truly an opulent oasis you can simply disappear into after a long day of exploring the area’s buzzing streets. We knew we had the rest of Seminyak right outside our doorstep, but My Villas in Bali made it so tempting to stay in each time we planned to go out. And we’re sure you’ll feel the same way, too. Read the rest of our My Villas in Bali review to know more about their accommodations.



A ritzy and roomy refuge perfect for coming and going as you please

My Villas in Bali One Bedroom Villa

1 Bedroom Villa

My Villas in Bali’s One Bedroom Villa is perfect for couples on a romantic getaway, or solo adventurers who prefer to travel in luxury. Each One Bedroom Villa features a living room with a kitchen that’ll allow you to enjoy a home-cooked meal. The space also has entertainment and tech covered with i-device docks, a DVD player, and a high-definition LCD TV with satellite TV channels. The bedroom, on the other hand, boasts of a plush king-sized bed, universal power point adapters, and another HD TV for bedtime binge-watching. Those who’ll be in Bali for both work and leisure can commandeer the in-room study desk.

Let’s not forget the spacious bathroom and your very own private pool area with sun lounges, where you can swim (or sunbathe!) any time you want. The bathroom makes you feel pampered, too. It’s fitted with floor-to-ceiling marble and a double bathtub for you and your significant other.

My Villas in Bali One Bedroom Villa
My Villas in Bali One Bedroom Villa

2 Bedroom Villa

The Two Bedroom Villa is essentially the same as its one-bedroom counterpart, only double the fun. Designed for bigger parties, this accommodation offers two master bedrooms with two separate bathrooms. Booking the Two Bedroom Villa is like owning an upscale residence in Bali, with a butler to boot. If you know a group of friends or a family choosing where to stay in Bali, do recommend this villa. You can’t go wrong with it. It’s the epitome of luxury living, but My Villas in Bali surely gives the best rates. So you can live big without breaking the bank.

My Villas in Bali Two Bedroom Villa

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To Do

Indulge and live luxuriously, but also feel at home

My Villas in Bali private pool

Have a splashing good
time in your private pool

For luxury travellers, a private pool is something they can’t do without. Having a private pool complete with sun lounges means you can take a dip any time of the day. Yes — no curfew and no poolside strangers to concern yourself with. With this kind of privacy, you can even work on that golden tan in your birthday suit. Do as you wish; My Villas in Bali is your home after all.

My Villas in Bali in-villa massage

Have your butler arrange
an in-villa massage

My Villas in Bali doesn’t have an in-house spa, but they do offer in-villa body treatments. Remember, your butler is a miracle worker so you better treat him right! If you don’t want to bring yourself to the spa, he’ll find a way to bring the spa to you. Your designated butler can book a masseuse for you and you can choose from a selection of body treatments, from a full-body massage to foot reflexology.

My Villas in Bali home-cooked meal

Cook a hearty meal from scratch

There’s no better way to feel right at home than to prepare a home-cooked meal for yourself and your loved ones. You can take a trip to the nearest market and even check out nearby stores for ingredients. Newlyweds and spouses-to-be can also do this to bond. You know what they say, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” Gentlemen, don’t underestimate your ladies’ appetites, either. Tickle their fancy with good food. We guarantee she’ll fall in love with you all over again.



My Villas in Bali iPhonet

You get an iPhone upon check-in

As mentioned earlier, you are handed an iPhone upon checking in. This isn’t for keeping, of course, but it’s to assure that you can contact your butler any time as long as it’s within working hours. Your butler can arrange everything for you, from laundry to transportation. This is perhaps one of My Villas in Bali’s strongest suits. Your butler can even recommend popular sights, restaurants, and pubs. You can call him any time of the day from 7am to 9pm. Beyond those hours, on-site security and a 24-hour help desk will be happy to assist with any concerns.

My Villas in Bali marriage proposal

My Villas in Bali boasts of a 100% success rate in marriage proposals

Yes, you read that right. Even after several years in the business, My Villas in Bali still boasts of a 100% success rate in marriage proposals. So if you’re planning to pop the question, there’s no better place. Just let the staff at My Villas in Bali know what you have in mind and they’ll definitely deliver. All you have to do is fly to Bali and show up with your special someone. Don’t forget the ring, of course!

My Villas in Bali street

The resort is found on a street with “two names”

Well, kind of. My Villas in Bali is quite the hidden gem and it’s found along a busy street called Jalan Camplung Tanduk in Seminyak. But this often causes confusion because the same street used to be called Jalan Dhyana Pura. It was renamed and is now officially known as Camplung Tanduk, but some still refer to it as the old Dhyana Pura, hence the “two names”.

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Necessary Travel

From the Ngurah Rai International Airport, it takes approximately 40 minutes to get to My Villas in Bali. Once you’re in the area, getting around is a breeze. You will find yourself in the centre of Seminyak, along Camplung Tanduk street. There’s no need to take public transport to nearby attractions; everything is accessible by walking. Here, the best way to discover the place is on foot. Even the Seminyak Beach is just a few minutes away. You can easily ask friendly locals for directions or have a handy map with you. Google Maps helps, too. If you plan to go somewhere farther, it would be best to ask your butler to arrange transportation. That’s the perk of staying with My Villas in Bali. Looking for adventure? Ask your butler to teach you to commute like a local. We’re sure he’d be happy to help.



My Villas in Bali One Bedroom Villa

My Villas in Bali has everything you need for staying in. It’s truly a piece of luxe living that you can call home during your Indonesian holiday. But of course, the experience wouldn’t be complete without having an authentic taste of the town. This is why My Villas in Bali makes sure that it’s also your gateway to the rest of Seminyak.

The resort has no in-house restaurant, fitness club, or spa facility because this is the management’s way of inviting you to explore Seminyak. With My Villas in Bali, all these establishments are right outside your doorstep. Many of the neighbourhood’s popular attractions are but a few steps away.

Cafe in Seminyak

Your butler will prepare breakfast at your villa every morning, but if you want to start your day elsewhere, there's Grain Café, which opens at 7.30am daily. They offer all-day breakfast, salads and sandwiches, and even Indonesian single origin coffee. Brunch lovers can head to the French-inspired Dusty Café for pizza, burgers, and galette made from buckwheat flour. For a fancy dinner and wood-fired dishes, there’s no better choice than The Plantation Grill Seminyak. You can drink and dine with a view at Moonlite Kitchen and Bar, too. Just a heads up, though: Places like The Plantation Grill Seminyak have a dress code so be sure to do your research beforehand.

Cafe in Seminyak
Seminyak Beach

In between holing up in your villa and getting your fill of sumptuous meals, you can work up a sweat. Take a class at Jiwa Yoga, Yoga 108 Bali, or Seminyak Yoga Shala, where you can also shop for stylish workout apparel. If you prefer pilates, try Bali Pilates Studio. In the mood for something light and outdoorsy? Walk to Seminyak Beach and take a quick dip or simply marvel at the sights. Go for some casual beachfront dining after enjoying the sand and the sea. On the way back to the villa, do some shopping — there are plenty of stalls and boutiques to choose from. At the end of a full day of sightseeing and walking Seminyak’s lively streets, you'll be glad to have My Villas in Bali to come home to.

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