Away Bali Camakila Legian

Away Bali Camakila Legian Review

Bali, Indonesia

“Your one-stop beach resort for a family vacation”
“Good service, atmosphere, breakfast, and location in Legian is close to the shopping centre of Seminyak.”

TripZilla Loves
  • Waking up to views of Legian Beach which is right on its doorstep
  • Proximity to a bustling shopping and entertainment street in Bali
  • Staff who go above and beyond to meet our needs, no matter the request
  • Family-friendly hotel featuring its own Kid’s Club

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Away Bali Camakila Legian

The Resort

A 4-star family resort hotel along the coast of Bali

X2 Bali Breakers Reception

Bali is famed for its beautiful beaches. So when my family suggested a relaxing trip on the beach, we just knew it had to be it. As we had to bring the kids along, we had to make sure that the accommodation was convenient and that it provided all the amenities we needed. When we came upon Away Bali Camakila Legian, we had a strong feeling that it would tick both. And it certainly did!

Located just steps away from Legian Beach, we certainly got our fill of vitamin sea. The kids enjoyed time in the sun playing volleyball, soccer and surfing while we enjoyed our cocktails at the bars. The sunsets are not to be missed as they are beautiful beyond telling. But, that’s not all of it. We also went shopping at the Legian shopping mall and Kuta town as it was near our hotel.

X2 Bali Breakers Reception

Our rooms were spacious and the staff remembered all our names, making us feel like we had known them for a long time. They were always alert and ready to attend to our every request, allowing us to truly relax like we haven’t in a long time. With their help, we thoroughly enjoyed our Indonesian massages that helped relieve our bodies of stored tension. Our children were also well taken care of with the Kids Club, coming back with huge smiles and souvenir crafts.

For a short trip, we definitely had the best of both urban and natural settings at Away Bali Camakila Legian. If you’re a family or couple looking for an escape from urban life and a nice surfing holiday, do consider this stunning 4-star hotel in Bali. Its friendly staff, services and location will certainly appeal to you! Read the rest of our Away Bali Camakila Legian hotel review to know more.



All 117 rooms and suites come with fine bedding and state-of-the-art home entertainment systems

Away Bali Camakila Legian Deluxe Room

Deluxe Room

Sometimes, all you want to do is to chill in your own space. We were in for a treat with the Deluxe Room which was spacious and had a flat-inch screen television, perfect for catching up on movies in high definition. Close the curtains, turn the volume up and you will be enveloped into your own world! We also took the opportunity to enjoy the cool breeze on our balcony that overlooked the hotel’s gardens.

Away Bali Camakila Legian Deluxe Garden Terrace

Deluxe Garden Terrace

Interested in taking that romantic stroll through the gardens with your significant other? With a private terrace, you will have a corner of the garden in front of your room. We can’t forget to mention that the room also comes with an ensuite bathroom and an enormous king-sized bed, ensuring you will have more than enough space with your partner.

Away Bali Camakila Legian Deluxe Poolside

Deluxe Poolside

Have your own lounge chair by the pool on your private terrace. This is especially convenient when you are with kids. You can watch them from the comfort of your own room as they take their leisurely swims. Taking a snooze by the water is also particularly soothing (but not while you are watching the kids, of course!).

Away Bali Camakila Legian Suite

We love cooking, and having the option of doing so while on holiday at Away Bali Camakila Legian was a plus. The spacious 50-sqm suite features a stove, microwave and a fridge, which was a nice touch for storing cold desserts and other goodies that we love to indulge in. The kids stayed in the adjoining deluxe room with twin beds, so we got our own privacy and did not have to worry about their safety.

Away Bali Camakila Legian The Camakila Suite

The Camakila Suite

For the ultimate luxurious experience, we highly recommend staying in the Camakila Suite. Not only does it have a state-of-the-art kitchen with a fridge, oven, stove top, and microwave, it also has an enormous four-poster bed so soft that you will loathe getting up in the mornings! You also won’t be able to resist having dinner on your own private balcony overlooking the ocean. If you start early enough, you can watch the sunset engulf the skies with stunning warm colours while waiting for your meals to be served. To top it off, enjoy a nice, long soak in the marble-clad tub in your ensuite bathroom after a long day of surfing, shopping and sightseeing.


Things To Do

At Away Bali Camakila Legian, there is something for everyone — even the kids!

X2 Bali Breakers Reception X2 Bali Breakers Reception

Have a gastronomic exploration

We feasted on different types of cuisines, from the original Balinese delicacies to Asian and Western fare. Besides hearty food options, there are also drinks available at the hotel’s poolside bar.

We started our day with a delicious buffet breakfast at Azaa Restaurant. We had a hard time choosing from a variety of Asian and Western dishes. When we saw that the restaurant was also open for lunch, we decided to come back to try out some local Balinese dishes. The satay (skewered meat) were cooked thoroughly, making the meat sweet and tender.

Closer to dusk, we headed to The Beach House to order some cocktails and relax by the infinity pool. With our drinks in hand, we sat down at an area overlooking the sea and enjoyed the view of the sun setting over the horizon.

X2 Bali Breakers Reception

Let your children have some fun and games at the Kids Club

The Kids Club is open daily and provides a wide selection of activities to keep the young ones entertained. Some activities include interactive games, arts and crafts sessions, and a resort tour which highly amused our kids. They were taken to see the pools and spotted us swimming! Do note that if your child is below four years old, you will have to stay and supervise them for the activities. The kids also brought hand-made kites and paintings from one of their sessions at the club. Furthermore, the hotel provides a kids menu. Not only can you save on food costs, but you save on food wastage!

Salila Spa
Away Bali Camakila Legian Infinity Pool

Have a gastronomic exploration

In our busy work lives, it can be quite a struggle to carve out some time for self-pampering. After leaving the kids at the Kids Club, we decided to get some treatments at the hotel’s spa and it definitely made us feel refreshed. From scrubbing the dead skin cells of our weary bodies to having an Indonesian massage, we felt cleansed from the outside in. We topped off the session by chilling out in the warm sauna and sweating out all our toxins. We had one of the best naps after!

Then, we took the kids to the pools for a relaxing swim. The Infinity pool, in particular, was surrounded by palm trees and had a drinks bar for us to indulge in as we watched the kids.

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Fun Facts

Away Bali Camakila Legian Pool
Themed parties every night

We found ourselves enjoying all-you-can-eat Asian BBQ meat at The Beach House on a Wednesday night. It turns out that this facility has themed nights regularly, where each day of the week has a different theme. On Asian BBQ buffet nights, we enjoyed a live acoustic band performance while having our fill. We also found out that there’s a traditional Balinese dance performance on Friday nights, so we are looking forward to it the next time we visit Away Bali Camakila Legian.

Away Bali Camakila Legian Facade
Fuss-free sightseeing tours

Bali can be quite difficult to explore alone, so we were glad that Away Bali Camakila Legian provides tour services to make it easier. From understanding the local culture to trying out the local cuisine, there were so many packages for us to choose from. Each tour also came with an experienced local guide and a fluent English speaker. This made all communication more convenient!

Away Bali Camakila Legian Rooftop Bar
A rooftop bar for sports enthusiasts

As avid sports fans, we were able to catch up on the latest action even if we’re far away from home. If you’re desperate to know what is going on the latest Premier League or Wimbledon, Away Bali Camakila Legian has a sports bar right on the rooftop of The Beach House. A live screening of sports matches is regularly shown here. So gather around and support your favourite teams over a pint of beer!

Away Bali Camakila Legian VIP Lounge
Experience full VIP treatment

Esteemed hotel guests can stay in an exclusive VIP Lounge while waiting to check in or depart for the airport. The lounge comes equipped with air-conditioning, complimentary W-Fi and electric sockets. Delicious refreshments (e.g. coffee, tea, etc.) and standing showers with hot and cold water are also available. Remember to ask for clean towels before heading to one of them!


Necessary Travel

One of the biggest concerns that parents have when travelling with their children is getting to the accommodation, especially in faraway destinations. Good thing Away Bali Camakila Legian is less than half an hour away from Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport if you go by taxi.

When taking a regular taxi, negotiate with the driver on a set price of not more than Rp100,000. Blue Bird taxis have a metre and drivers have an official driver I.D. displayed. It can be difficult to tell the official taxi cars from the imitations as they look the same on the outside. So be sure to check!

That said, your best option would be to avail the private shuttle service of Away Bali Camakila Legian at a set additional charge, which was what we did.

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The Area

Legian Beach
Away Bali Camakila Legian Pool

We like how Away Bali Camakila Legian is situated right between Legian Beach and the Legian shopping district. During the day, we would head out to Legian Beach to surf. We would then get some rest back at the hotel, before heading out at night to shop!

The nightlife in Legian is quite chill compared to other neighbouring districts. The beach lounges, sports bars and nightclubs are not as crowded, making it the best district for intimate gatherings. Even then, Away Bali Camakila Legian is just minutes away from the popular beaches of Kuta and Seminyak.

Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach is Bali’s most popular beach, and it was easy to see why when we arrived. Known for its beautiful waters, Kuta Beach is perfect for swimming and enjoying the sunset. Nearby, Kuta town is also worth a trip. Explore the marketplaces and shopping streets for souvenirs. They’re relatively cheaper here than the rest of Bali.

For those interested in checking out some waves in Bali, make your way to Seminyak Beach. With its big waves and golden-white sand, this beach provides the perfect condition for surfing along Bali’s coast. If it’s your first time surfing, you can take beginner lessons by one of the professional surf instructors in the area.





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